kintone customization × freee collaboration service “Kinfuri” started to be provided FCC Techno Co., Ltd.

FCC Techno Co., Ltd.
kintone customization × freee collaboration service “Kinfuri” started to be provided [FCC Techno Co., Ltd.]
Released two types of low-cost plug-ins and custom-made services that reach the itch

“Kinfuri” is a service that integrates customer management, quotation, delivery, billing processing, and accounting work by linking kintone customization and freee. We graduate from disparate sales and accounting tool management, EXCEL management, and support operational efficiency.
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FCC Techno Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Shusei Nishimura, hereinafter referred to as FCC) has announced that “kintone” provided by Cybozu, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihisa Aono) and freee stock We will release “Kinfuri” that links “freee accounting (freee invoice)” provided by the company (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daisuke Sasaki).
It features low-cost plug-ins and custom-made customization for individual companies. The purpose is to increase the spread and utilization of kintone x freee collaboration and to boost operational efficiency.
Background of Kinfuri Service
As an official partner of kintone, FCC Techno has provided
customization development support for kintone customization such as project management and sales management that incorporates individual company requests, and accounting software linkage such as freee. Among them, the following opinions and requests were especially received. ・I want to use an existing plug-in that links kintone and accounting software, but I can’t afford it in terms of running costs.
・I want to realize project / sales management (complex customization including JS) construction with kintone and accounting software linkage at the same time
・I would like support including migration and introduction from expensive customer/project management tools
In order to respond to such opinions, FCC has started offering “Kinfuri” as a kintone customization × freee collaboration service that can reach the itch.
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《Service introduction》
We have prepared an introduction video of the kintone x freee linkage plug-in “Kinfuri”.
I will introduce what you can do at Kinfuri in about 3 minutes. ▼ Click here to see the video.
[Video 2:]

Kinfri low cost plugin
kintone/freee linkage plug-in
This is a plug-in that allows you to create invoices by linking billing data (sales results) managed by kintone with freee.
By simply setting up a simple plug-in yourself, you can link billing data and create bills with a single click.
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Plug-in usage fee: 79,800 yen per year (excluding tax) *6,650 yen per month (excluding tax)
Initial cost: Free
・It will be a limited annual payment plan with an annual contract. ・A contract with kintone/freee is a prerequisite. However, it is possible to consult from the introduction.
・If you need development support such as kintone customization, please use the “custom-made system construction plan”.
Kinfuri custom-made system construction plan
Reference) kintone core system construction

This is a service that builds a data-linked core system that covers a wide range of operations such as CRM (customer management), SFA (project management), ordering and accounting. It is possible to construct a custom-made system according to the customer’s unique requirements.
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Service fee: Quote from ¥100,000 depending on the scale of kintone customized development
Running cost: Usage fee for kintone/freee linkage plug-in (¥79,800) Reference) Billing automation
We will build a system that automates the amount calculation and aggregation process in billing operations and allows you to easily create invoices. It reduces work that depends on individual skills such as manual calculations and EXCEL, leading to operational efficiency and error reduction.
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Service fee: Estimate from ¥300,000 based on kintone customized development scale
Running cost: Usage fee for kintone/freee linkage plug-in (¥79,800) On January 26th, “Freee and kintone collaborate to solve all problems! ~ Invoice system correspondence and efficiency of estimation / billing work ~” held
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\ A must-see for sales and accounting departments! /
This is the information about the seminar “Comprehensive solution by linking freee and kintone! ~Compatibility with invoice system and streamlining of estimation/billing operations~”.
What kind of response is required in the invoice system?
・What is the best service to introduce?
What should I do to improve the efficiency of my daily work? We are holding an online seminar to solve the above questions! Title: Combined solution with freee and kintone cooperation! ~Support for invoice system and streamlining of quotation/invoicing~
Date: January 26, 2023 (Thursday) 14:00-15:00
Capacity: 100 people
Participation fee: free
・Company executives, information systems, and those in charge of other back-office operations
・Those who are considering the correspondence policy of the invoice system Organizer:
freee Inc.
Cybozu, Inc.
FCC Techno Co., Ltd.
Location: Online (held via zoom)
[Click here for inquiries regarding this matter]
Please feel free to contact us from the URL below.
Inquiry form: [FCC Techno Co., Ltd.]
Location: 4-25-30 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Bell Air Bridge 2F
Established: July 18, 1962 (60th anniversary, in-house DX in progress) Representative Director: Shusei Nishimura
Main business: System development
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