Kirin Renewal of “Kirin Greens Free”, which is selling well! In addition, newly released small bottles for restaurants nationwide

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
Renewal of “Kirin Greens Free”, which is selling well! In addition, newly released small bottles for restaurants nationwide

Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (President Hideki Horiguchi) has renewed the content and packaging of the non-alcoholic, beer-flavored beverage “Kirin Greens Free,” and will gradually switch over nationwide from January. In addition, small bottles of “Kirin Greens Free” for restaurants will be released from February 21 (Tuesday). The annual sales target for Kirin Greens Free in 2023 is approximately 2.1 million cases, which is approximately double the previous year’s level.
The non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage market is growing. Since the renewal release in April 2022, Kirin Greens Free has sold over 38 million bottles*1, which is about 2.7 times more than the same period of the previous year*2.・Compared to beer-taste beverage products, we have acquired more “non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage users for the first time and those who have not drunk non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages for a while (non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage users)”*3. It contributes to the revitalization of the whole.
*1 Converted to 350ml
*2 Sales volume after renewal from April to December 2022
*3 Intage SCI (April-October 2022)
With the spread of COVID-19 taking hold and people’s desire to save money increasing, customers’ desire to improve the quality of their daily lives with simple things and live a brighter life is growing stronger. This product satisfies the basic needs for non-alcoholic, beer-taste beverages such as “delicious” and “high quality”, and it also has value such as “good for meals”, “uplifting” and “refreshing”. is the reason for the good performance. Going forward, we believe there will be opportunities to revitalize the market by proposing Kirin Greens Free’s “refreshing feeling that makes you feel happy” to customers as a “drink that easily colors your daily life.” increase. In this renewal, we have further improved the refreshing feeling and texture, and further refined the “refreshing taste similar to beer”. In addition, by promoting the “joy” of actively incorporating non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages into life through advertisements, not only existing users but also people who are drinking non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages for the first time and those who have been drinking for a while. We will work to expand the drinking experience to those who have not experienced it before. In addition, we will launch a new small bottle for restaurants nationwide, and while linking it with cans sold to mass retailers, we will work to increase awareness and encourage drinking through drinking experiences at restaurants.
By strengthening sales of “Kirin Greens Free,” we will continue to shift away from the passive consumption of non-alcoholic, beer-taste beverages as “a substitute for when you can’t drink alcohol” to “as a beverage of choice when you want to refresh yourself.” We will evolve into a category of active drinking, such as “I like to drink as one”. Contents


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