KLab Co., Ltd. Sanrio designed and produced “Aopera -aoppella!?-”! Released at Sanrio Anime Store from Feb ruary 24 (Friday)

KLab Co., Ltd.
Sanrio designs and produces “Aopera -aoppella!?-“! Released at Sanrio Anime Store from February 24 (Friday)

KLab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidekatsu Morita, hereinafter referred to as “KLab”), a music original project with the theme of “youth” x “acappella” “Aopera -aoppella!?-” (hereinafter referred to as “Aopera”) will release design-produced goods at Sanrio’s permanent specialty store “Sanrio animestore” for anime and game-related content goods from February 24, 2023 (Friday). To do.
In addition, prior to the release from Friday, January 13, pre-orders have started on the official Sanrio Anime Store online shopping site. [Image 1

Sanrio designs and produces “Aopera”! The students are cute and makeover! ! [Image 2

This time, it has been decided that special design goods for “Aopera” produced by Sanrio Design will be released at the Sanrio Anime Store from February 24 (Friday).
Appearing this time are Lil Hapi and the students of FYA’M’. There are many items that you can enjoy as you like, such as can badges and figures, by arranging cute transformed students in groups, arranging them with your favorite members, and so on.
Prior to the release, pre-orders have started on the Sanrio Anime Store official mail order site from today, January 13 (Friday). Please check it.
◆ About “A Opera” Sanrio Design Produce Goods
【release date】
Scheduled for Friday, February 24, 2023
[Reservation start]
January 13 (Friday) to January 23 (Monday), 2023
[Reservation site]
Sanrio Anime Store Official Mail Order Site
[Purchase privilege]
For every 2,200 yen (tax included) purchase of a new product, you will receive a random postcard (2 types in total).
◆Introduction of recommended goods produced by Sanrio Design of “Aopera” [Can badge (blind)]
Price: Single item: 528 yen (tax included), complete box: 2,640 yen (tax included)
Standard goods can badges are designed for each character, with a total of 11 types in the lineup.
The large size of about 65mm makes it easier to see the facial expressions of each character.
It is recommended not only to attach it to your bag, but also to display it in your room and collect it ♪
[Character acrylic figure]
Price: 1,760 yen each (tax included)
Character acrylic figures with a maximum length and width of 150mm will have an outstanding presence when displayed on your table or rack at home, or on your desk at work! The background is transparent for parts other than characters and motifs.
Because it is designed for each group, it is a luxurious item that you can enjoy the recommended group at once.
[Character clear case]
Price: 880 yen (tax included)
A character clear case that can store paper up to A5 size is a practical item that can be used at home or at work!
It can be used to store and carry tickets, postcards, receipts, etc., so it is recommended for those who want items that can be used everyday.
[Image 3d6348-680-3a60fe7cb8976350bd6c-2.jpg&s3=6348-680-4c491024d66a662f7d9b9f7a884c97d3-1911x2700.jpg

Outline of “Aopera -aoppella!?-”
“Aopera -aoppella!?-” is a music original project by KLab, which will be developed in a media mix with the theme of “youth” x “acappella”. [Image 4d6348-680-76a2d5b4e9d0ee3f44b8-3.png&s3=6348-680-1003fb907684cd5c490b6e276964cde1-1280x730.png


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