knewit Co., Ltd. Knewit, which provides tools for inter-company logistics supply chains, has raised 53 million yen in funding and announced the official service start date.

knowit Co., Ltd.
Knewit, which provides tools for inter-company logistics supply chains, has raised 53 million yen in funding and announced the official service start date.
~ Announcing the release of “Newit”, a tool that solves the problems of carriers and shippers with data ~

knewit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Branch: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director Naoya Ogawa, hereinafter referred to as knewit) will release delivery information management SaaS “newit” for shipper companies and transportation companies in February 2023. announced that it will Prior to the release, we will exhibit at the 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 25th (Wednesday) to 27th (Friday). At the same time, we would like to inform you that we have raised a total of 53 million yen in a seed round through a third-party allocation of shares
underwritten by mint and MTG Ventures and a loan from the Japan Finance Corporation.

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Overview of knowit business
knewit Co., Ltd. is a company that provides cloud-based services (SaaS) for shippers and transportation companies involved in inter-company logistics. The SaaS “Newit” provided by our company is a tool that solves problems from the carrier to the shipper with data from the perspective of logistics. The biggest feature is to “eliminate driver’s ignorance” by easily creating “destination information = delivery chart” in logistics between companies with high accuracy. We will develop a tool that allows drivers to easily view information on their smartphones that describes different entry methods and waiting areas for each site when loading and unloading cargo at factories and other places.
■ Service background
Efforts to improve efficiency in consumer logistics, such as the use of drones, are progressing, but in inter-company logistics, the shape and size of cargo, such as machines and steel plates, vary, and collection work must also respond to the needs of individual business establishments. It is highly complex and lags in efficiency. Another issue is the shortage of workers in the logistics industry, which is called the “2024 problem.”
The scope of work style reform will expand, and in 2024, regulations on working hours for drivers will be strengthened. As the number of drivers is also aging and a labor shortage is expected, it is necessary to promote efficiency. The 2024 problem has been
increasingly covered by the media, but compared to the last one mile area of ​​delivery to individual homes, the area of ​​logistics between companies such as procurement logistics is not familiar to consumers, so consumers are conscious of it. difficult. However, it is essential to improve the efficiency of the inter-company logistics area, which is located upstream in the supply chain, as an area where it is necessary to secure transportation capacity. In particular, in the procurement logistics area, which is the most upstream area, the demand for transportation of items to be transported is becoming more sophisticated, and it is becoming more dependent on individual skills. knewit provides delivery management SaaS “Newit” as a first step to sustainably maintain the supply chain maintained by the efforts of personal drivers and transportation companies by utilizing data. With “newit” as the first step, we aim to realize knowit’s vision of “creating a world that everyone can deliver”.
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From the left, Mr. Tajima of mint, Mr. Ogawa of knewit, Mr. Sakaniwa, Mr. Yamamoto of MTG Ventures
■ Use of funds
1. Expansion of introduction and support system
2.Employment of engineers
■ Future development
After the release of “Newit” in February 2011 to solve the problems of carriers and shippers with data, management tools are scheduled to be released around the summer of the same year.
Aiming to adopt the service at 60 offices in two years for shippers and transportation companies.
Through the creation of delivery charts, we aim to become a foundation for inter-company logistics by carrying out knowit’s mission of “creating the destination of the address”.
■Exhibition Exhibition
[Exhibition name] 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO
[Date] January 25 (Wednesday) to January 27 (Friday), 2023 10:00-17:00 [Venue] Tokyo Big Sight
[Organizer] RX Japan Co., Ltd.
■ Comments from underwriters
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Hikaru Tajima, mint Investment Manager
Hikaru Tajima, mint Investment Manager
“Among the logistics that support the Japanese economy, inter-company logistics requires skill in delivery and delivery because it carries special packages. The shipper has fixed the transportation company, and the driver has become an individual. After visiting the site several times, I witnessed the depth of the issues, the expectations of the users, the tenacity of the team, and the ability to build relationships with customers. As a member of the team, mint will work hard to realize the vision for the transformation of the logistics supply chain that Knewit is aiming for. 』

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MTG Ventures Co., Ltd. Representative Director Go Fujita
MTG Ventures Co., Ltd. Representative Director Go Fujita
Representative Partner Hitoshi Ito
“This time, we have invested from the Central Japan Seed Fund, which supports seed startups that realize solutions to regional issues. The young management team’s energetic daily actions, overwhelming on-site resolution and enthusiasm for procurement logistics, etc., are a promising team that can promote DX in the logistics industry where the management environment will change dramatically in the future. We will do our best to support the fund together with the investors. 』

■ Recruitment information
knowit is actively recruiting.
We employ CXOs, full-time employees, side jobs, and interns, so we apply the optimal employment system after mutual consultation. Currently, we have opened a recruitment page for front-end engineers and back-end engineers.
We also accept inquiries about positions not listed, so please contact us from the link below.
Employment page:
■Company profile
Company name: knewit Co., Ltd.


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