Kobe City Confirmation of Omicron strain XBB.1.5 strain of new coronavirus in Kobe City

Kobe City
Confirmation of Omicron strain XBB.1.5 strain of new coronavirus in Kobe City
Regarding the positive patients confirmed in Kobe City, as a result of genome analysis, on Thursday, January 5, 2023, one case of infection with the Omicron strain XBB.1.5 strain was confirmed for the first time in the city. increase.
1. About the patient
Onset date: Saturday, December 17, 2022
Age/gender: 80s, male
Medical condition: mild
Travel history within 14 days before onset: none
Close contact: Yes
2. About the background
Since the patient had symptoms, he visited a medical institution and performed a PCR test.
The patient’s positive specimen was collected at the public health center, and genome analysis was performed at the Kobe City Health Science Research Institute.
In addition, the patient has been recuperating at home and has finished recuperation.
3. Future measures
The Kobe City Institute of Health Sciences has its own surveillance system that can quickly and accurately detect mutant strains, and will continue to strive to identify mutant strains at an early stage. The XBB.1.5 strain is a substrain of the Omicron strain, and infection control can be prevented by implementing conventional infection control measures.
(Reference) About XBB.1.5 strain of Omicron strain
・The XBB.1.5 strain is one of the substrains of the XBB strain designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a “substrain of the Omicron strain under surveillance” (there are multiple substrains derived from the XBB strain). increase).
・The detection rate is increasing in the United States, and the number of new infections in the United States is slightly increasing. In addition, the detection rate of the XBB.1.5 lineage in European countries is slightly increasing.
*Detection rate of XBB.1.5 strain in the United States: November 27-December 3, 2022: 2.3%
⇒ December 18th to December 24th: 11.5% ⇒ January 1st to January 7th, 2023: 27.6%
・Four cases have been confirmed in Japan.
・There is currently no epidemiological or clinical evidence regarding the severity of the disease, although it has been suggested that there is an advantage in the increase in the number of infected people.

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