Kobe City Formulation of “KOBE Satoyama SDGs Strategy” – To protect and nurture biodiversity –

Kobe City
Formulation of “KOBE Satoyama SDGs Strategy” – To protect and nurture biodiversity –

 Kobe is a city rich in nature with satoyama spreading in the suburbs, and this rich natural environment is a proud asset of Kobe. However, due to socio-economic changes, the use of satoyama in people’s lives has decreased, the number of abandoned farmlands and unmaintained forests has increased, the spread of thickets and bamboo forests, and the lack of management of waterways and reservoirs. Biodiversity is being lost, as evidenced by the disappearance of common creatures such as red dragonflies and bellflowers.
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In order to enjoy the rich natural blessings of satoyama and to pass them on to the next generation, it is important to sustainably protect and nurture biodiversity while taking into account the perspective of the SDGs. Kobe City has formulated the “KOBE Satoyama SDGs Strategy” to indicate policies for realizing the satoyama that should be pursued in cooperation with citizens, companies, schools, NPOs, and
governments, and to develop specific measures. I will continue. 1. Satoyama to aim for
The value of satoyama, which nurtures a wide variety of animals and plants and coexists with nature, should be widely shared by many people. satoyama that can be enjoyed in
2. Main issues of satoyama
(1) Devastation of satoyama forests
(2) Increase in Abandoned Cultivated Land and Deterioration of Reservoirs (3) Increase in damage from alien species and harmful wildlife 3. strategy
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(1) “Knowing” Satoyama: Learning that protecting Satoyama is important for biodiversity. Also, actively disseminate, connect and spread. (2) “Protecting” Satoyama: Protecting the rich biodiversity of Satoyama, where diverse organisms live and grow.
(3) “Connecting and expanding” satoyama activities: In order for satoyama activities to connect with various actors such as citizens, companies, schools, NPOs, and governments, expand, and become sustainable activities, we will promote the participation of citizens and the cooperation of industry, academia, and government. Promote through cooperation.
4. Examples of specific measures
(1) “Know” Satoyama
○Dissemination of charm of Satoyama
We will communicate the charm of satoyama, such as the beautiful scenery of satoyama’s paddy fields, fields, reservoirs, grasslands, forests, etc., and the environment where various animals and plants live and grow.
(2) “Protecting” Satoyama
○Certification of Satoyama Conservation Area
Areas where the biodiversity of satoyama is richly maintained and where a wide variety of flora and fauna inhabit and grow, including symbolic species such as the Japanese pond turtle, Beni damselfly, white-tailed bear, and bellflower, are designated as satoyama conservation areas, and priority is given to their conservation. proceed.
(3) “Connecting and expanding” satoyama activities
○Human resource development for satoyama conservation
Private companies, volunteers, and other groups that are motivated to conserve satoyama will be linked with landowners and conservation groups in satoyama conservation areas to make satoyama conservation activities sustainable. We will develop a mechanism that will lead to public support, etc.
5. How to browse
The “KOBE Satoyama SDGs Strategy” is posted on the Kobe City website below.

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