Kobe City starts recruiting “Creative Director” at en-japan!

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Kobe City starts recruiting “Creative Director” at en-japan! – Work 3 days a week, side job OK! Responsible for improving the design literacy of the entire city hall

en-Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Suzuki) has started the “Social Impact Recruitment Project” in Kobe City from January 10, 2023 (Tuesday). We will openly recruit “Creative Directors” through the recruitment support service operated by our company. Below is an overview of this project and comments from Mr. Okuda, Public Relations Strategy Department, Kobe City Mayor’s Office. [Image 1d725-607-a23e77a4a381525ab665-0.png&s3=725-607-5d8670dc39f11a2ede50090f7287ce1f-1200x630.png
Click here for the special page ⇒ https://www.enjapan.com/project/kobe_2301/ project overview
Kobe is one of Japan’s leading port cities. Located between the mountains and the sea, it is a city where nature and life coexist. We are also continuously focusing on recruiting human resources in the “design and creative frame”, and recently we have successfully recruited and hired copywriters and video creators from the private sector.
Among them, the position of “Creative Director” was established early on and has played an important role in Kobe City. Until now, creators who have strengths in graphic design have been appointed for generations, and have worked hard to improve the quality of public relations materials. And this time, with the expiration of the current creative director’s term of office, we decided to openly recruit new external talent through en-japan.
In order to collect applications from human resources with excellent abilities and experience, we are recruiting with a work style of “working 3 days a week, side jobs OK”. In addition to working on their own designs, they are expected to demonstrate their communication skills and appropriately collaborate with a wide range of human resources, including city officials. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who are willing to take on the challenge of “enriching the lives of citizens through design.” Application Requirements
・ Recruitment type: Creative director
・ Application reception site: “en career change” “AMBI” “middle career change” ・ Application period: January 10 (Tuesday) to February 5 (Sunday), 2023 ・Special page: https://www.enjapan.com/project/kobe_2301/
Kobe City Mayor’s Office Public Relations Strategy Department Recruitment Manager Yudai Okuda Comment
[Image 2d725-607-1ca0c71d427ee14cfa2e-1.jpg&s3=725-607-1dadfe1c9e64551c2840478e940f2394-1000x872.jpg
Kobe City has hired a creative director since 2015, and is working to raise the basic power of administrative design and promote the resolution of administrative issues through the power of design. Starting this year, the “Public Relations Creative Unit” was established with the aim of effectively “transmitting” publicity to the target audience.
This unit will serve as a control tower, and we are in the process of transforming public relations tools within the agency into strategic and unified ones. Within the unit, staff, video creators, copywriters, specialists in the IT field, and graphic designers who are the core of design production and planning are active.
This time, due to the expiry of the term of the graphic designer, we are looking for a new creative director in the graphic field. Our support services for this project
In addition to press releases, special pages, creation of recruitment websites, and announcements using web advertisements, we will provide support for attracting customers on each recruitment site. By utilizing three recruitment sites with different targets, “en Tenshoku”, “AMBI”, and “Middle Tenshoku”, we will comprehensively deliver jobs to the target.
[Image 3d725-607-ef071881bb41e8210e84-2.png&s3=725-607-c8025ac53127bb63f521669535a4bd10-1041x578.png
“Social Impact Recruitment Project” to Solve Social Issues through Recruitment https://www.enjapan.com/
[Image 4d725-607-d88c9f2cd01fefefd5b4-3.jpg&s3=725-607-4d7c1c693134ff7197ba0e30510d75cd-900x473.jpg
This is a large-scale project that provides company-wide support for hiring that has a large social impact. We are contributing to solving social issues through various recruitment such as executive candidates for central government agencies, deputy mayors of local governments, digital human resources responsible for DX, and staff of international NGOs.
▼Press Release Download 20230110_Social Impact Recruitment Support Project (Kobe City)
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d725-20230110-802e0007c2328260b09e4bc10d9fd1ef.pdf Details about this release:


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