Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. Half of the people who requested materials during the year / 70% of parents want to use school bags

Kodomo Living Co., Ltd.
Half of the people who requested materials during the year / 70% of parents who want to use randoseru
Conducting a survey on the purchase of school bags for children enrolled in 2023
Information magazines for kindergarten and nursery school children and moms and dads “Enfan” and “Gyutte” (published by Kodomo Living Co., Ltd. / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuhiro Nakajima) have children who are scheduled to enter elementary school in 2023. We conducted a survey on the purchase of school bags for moms and dads. ■Most of the requests for materials are from before December to May. More than half of people prepare during the year
 As of December 2022, when the survey was conducted, 57.0% of the 349 people who had already purchased school bags had requested materials. 53.4% ​​of those who requested materials before December 2021 (year-round / 4-year-old class) to March 2022 (year-round / 4-year-old class).
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■May is the month with the most purchases. 80% of those who have already purchased have purchased/reserved by August
84.7% of respondents had already purchased (reserved) a school bag at the time of the survey. May 2022 was the most frequent purchase period, followed by April and August 2022.
While many people answered that they were “satisfied with the selection of school bags,” there were also comments such as “parents were dissatisfied with what the child chose” and “I don’t know if the child chose something that satisfied them.”
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[Failure in choosing a school bag]
・As a parent, I liked the simpler, timeless colors. (Aichi Prefecture, female) ・As a mother, I thought that any color would be fine as long as she chose it, but my father only recommended colors for girls. My daughter felt like she was choosing “because her father recommended it…”, so she regretted it. It’s a little disappointing that I really wanted to let him choose. (Aichi Prefecture, female)
・I am dissatisfied with the lack of reflection on the main body of the school bag. I bought a school bag cover with reflection. (Saitama prefecture, woman)
■ As for the price range, the 60,000 yen range is the most common at 26.9%. The price range of purchased school bags is the 60,000 yen range, at 27.1%, followed by the 50,000 yen range (19.9%) and the 70,000 yen range (16.1%). The main investors were “papa and mom”, “papa’s grandparents”, and “mom’s grandparents”.
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■70% of people “know” “school bags” other than school bags. More than 70% of moms and dads want to use randoseru
There are various opinions about randoseru, such as some local governments starting to introduce “school bags” other than randoseru. reached 48.3%.
When asked, “Do you know that there are school bags made of nylon or polyester instead of leather?”, 73.0% answered “I know.” Also, when asked, “Do you want your child to use a school bag (rather than a school bag)?”, 72.3% of the respondents answered “yes.” As for the opinions “I want you to use randoseru”, “Because I think it is one of Japanese culture”, “Because it is a symbol of elementary school students”, “Because it will be used for 6 years, I want it to last a long time”. Those who answered “no” said, “The school bag is lighter and doesn’t seem to put a strain on the body.” Randoseru is expected to reduce the burden on children’s bodies, and there are many concerns about the durability of school bags, so future evolution is likely to attract attention.
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[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/57067/table/256_1_abee6b29e943c75d09f5e71d1e4df052.jpg ]
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“Enfan” is a free magazine about “moms, dads, and children are the main characters” based on actual experiences and reviews of moms and dads.
Issue area/12 editions (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shizuoka, Kansai, Tokai
・Hiroshima/Kyushu *Tohoku/Hiroshima/Tochigi issues five times a year, Shizuoka issues four times a year)
Number of copies / 12 areas total about 752,500 copies
Distribution form: Handed from the teacher to the children and mothers via the kindergarten
Enfant Web https://enfant.living.jp
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“Gyutte” is a free magazine that is close to the feelings of dual-income families.
Issuing area / all 3 editions
(Metropolitan area, Kansai, Tokai * However, Tokai is issued four times a year) Number of copies/three areas total about 386,700 copies
Distribution form: Handed from the teacher to the mother via the nursery school, or delivered in a contact box or bag
Gyutte Web https://gyutte.jp/

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