Koji Yamamoto appears in the EC platform “W2” CM!

W2 Co., Ltd.
Koji Yamamoto appears in the EC platform “W2” CM!
If you say it, you can hear it for sure “EC empty ears”! “Konjac simmered in salt” is that word! ? Released from Monday, January 23, 2023

W2 Co., Ltd., which provides a high-performance EC platform that supports a wide range of business sizes and product categories, will launch W2’s first commercial “Ideas are coming” starring Koji Yamamoto from January 23 (Monday). The broadcast of Hen will start on the display in the taxi. https://www.w2solution.co.jp/
W2 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Daiki Yamada, hereinafter: W2), which develops a cutting-edge EC platform that is particular about the “success” of the EC business, will announce Koji Yamamoto from January 23 (Monday). W2’s first CM “Idea ga Falling” will be broadcast on the display in the taxi. Prior to the broadcast, the commercial video will be released on YouTube from today. It is a story in which a troubled EC person played by Mr. Yamamoto comes up with an idea triggered by “EC Kurahi”. Please pay attention to the mysterious words that you can definitely hear if you try to say it. [W2 YouTube Official Channel] https://www.youtube.com/@W2Co_Ltd [W2 Official Website] https://www.w2solution.co.jp/
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■ “EC W2 where you can’t stop doing what you want to do” is expressed with “EC empty space”
W2 provides an EC platform with over 1000 functions. It is a service that has many functions and can be implemented as soon as you come up with an idea to increase EC sales. In order to convey the message “EC W2 where you can never stop doing what you want to do”, Mr. Koji Yamamoto played the role of the person in charge of EC. I made a story called. The highlights are “EC Kugami”, who comes up with unexpected ideas from unexpected opportunities, and Mr. Yamamoto’s realistic acting.
CM story
■ “Ideas are coming” 30 seconds
Koji Yamamoto will play the role of an e-commerce manager at a certain company. What should I do to increase the sales of my own e-commerce site at the izakaya after work? As I was thinking about this, I heard a conversation of a certain couple. In response to her boyfriend’s question, “Go here!”, she replies, “Trouble!” Mr. Yamamoto came up with an idea while whispering, “Let’s go… I’m sorry…”! Mr. Yamamoto, who entered the zone with that as a trigger, repeatedly fired “EC blanks” in response to various events that occurred at the izakaya…!
■ Full version of “Ideas Fall”
We also have a full version that includes all “EC airspace”. Please pay attention to Yamamoto-san’s impactful performance, as well as the conversation that can be heard in the pub and the unexpected idea that comes up from the mysterious situation that arises!
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shooting episode
 Mr. Yamamoto, who entered the scene, received an explanation from the director, and started acting with an idea of ​​kagami! When he hits on an idea, his acting is so realistic that many people on set can’t help but laugh at the gap between him and his puns! In the end, even the director laughed before making a cut. The performances of the sub-casts are also full of impact. Among them, Mr. Yamamoto couldn’t help laughing at the performances of the master who applied the technique in Takekusu and the audience who applied the technique. In the office scene, W2’s president and employees also participated as extras. The shooting progressed smoothly with laughter from beginning to end.
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You can see the shooting scene in the making.
[Making video] https://youtu.be/vey1T0NPIIw
Key Visual
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Promotion overview
-Taxi CM-
Title: “Ideas Fall”
Broadcast start date: Monday, January 23, 2023
Broadcast location: Display in taxis nationwide Tokyo Prime, GROWTH -YouTube-
“Ideas Fall” Full Version https://youtu.be/0fVzRgYUTgc
“Ideas are coming” version 30 seconds https://youtu.be/x_WUjvkEsSc “Ideas are coming” version 15 seconds https://youtu.be/yFd2ZkYdPec “Choke technique using Takeku” version 6 seconds https://youtu.be/FCa6FVNn7yg 6 seconds https://youtu.be/v36VK_S-u08
“High-speed typing” version 6 seconds https://youtu.be/ofj7CXqrTfI Broadcast start date: Monday, January 23, 2023
Performer profile
Koji Yamamoto / Yamamoto Koji
[Image 6d53488-49-ff11fd3863bf2cdcfe41-4.jpg&s3=53488-49-af7b3d960c10e42648f3f25096a21412-550x678.jpg
Date of birth: October 31, 1976
Birthplace: Tokyo
actor. In 1987, he made his stage debut at the Japanese premiere of “Les Miserables.” In 1993, he gained attention in the TV drama “Under the One Roof”, and in 2004, his popularity increased in the Taiga drama “Shinsengumi!”. In 2022, he will appear in topical works such as the Taiga drama “13 people in Kamakura” and the movie “Shin Ultraman”.

Company/Service Overview
■Company profile
Company name: W2 Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Hiroki Yamada
Location: 7F 77 Ginza Building, 4-14-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo URL: https://www.w2solution.co.jp/corporate/
About W2 Co., Ltd.
W2 Co., Ltd. is a system company that develops a cutting-edge EC platform that focuses on the “success” of the EC business. More than 70% of employees are engineers, and an elite company that leads technology. In addition to 100% in-house development, all processes of “sales → introduction → development → customer success” are also done in-house. We have systems in place to guide your business success. Our business brand “W2 Unified Commerce”, which realizes a smoother shopping experience through EC and stores, has developed the EC platform “W2 Repaet” for D2C repeat mail order and the comprehensive EC platform “W2 Unified” compatible with OMO / omni-channel. I’m here. We have achieved the industry’s top class “average sales growth rate”, and the group also has “consulting”, “design production” and “operation agency”, and is a company that can create the largest EC value as a W2 group.
About “W2 Repeat”, an EC platform for D2C and repeat mail order A cloud-based mail order system that specializes in subscription commerce such as regular purchases. We handle the management work required for subscription commerce, such as step mail, page-integrated purchase form, affiliate advertisement management, telephone order system, and online/offline order integration. In addition, “W2 Repeat” not only has the functions necessary for subscription commerce, but also comes standard with marketing tools with an average sales growth rate of 354%, and a full range of operation tools that achieve a 60% cost reduction. service.
About OMO/omni-channel compatible comprehensive EC platform “W2 Unified” “W2 Unified” is an all-in-one OMO/omni-channel compatible
comprehensive EC platform that comes standard with front screen management, back office management, CRM marketing, and CRM. While realizing stable EC site operation with the industry’s No. 1 security, it also has functions for the latest marketing, such as sales promotions such as sales and coupons, and linkage with SNS posting. “W2 Unified” has a plan “W2 Unified Value5” that supports free version upgrades on the cloud commerce platform, and a plan “W2 Unified EP” that allows each customer to customize the platform independently. It is an EC platform that can respond flexibly.
■ Inquiries regarding this service
W2 Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5148-9633
production staff list
Advertising agency: ADEX Nihon Keizai Advertisement Inc. CD: Tomo Kanno CD/CW/PL: Tomoki Kadokawa CW: Shohei Yukimoto AD: Yusuke Hatakeyama D: Hiroko Sato CP: Yasuhiro Otsuki/Tetsuya Uramatsu AE: Naohiro Ushida Production company: Dance Not Act Pr: Yudai Nakamura, CP: Arata Nishida, Pm: Funan Kuriyama, Dir: Satoshi Tanaka, Cam: Kosuke Matsuishi, Li: Katsuyuki Takemoto, Art: Tsutomu Takahashi, Mixer: Yuji Murakami, STY: Tomomi Okano, HM: Kazuhiko Nishioka, STY (sub): Tanaka Suki HM (sub): Natsumi Sato, Offline ed: You Sakai, Online ed: Jun Kitajima, Sound logo: Taro Yoshikawa, GR cam: Shinpei Iwasaki, Retoucher: Naoyuki Ogawa, Cast: Koji Yamamoto

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