Kokuryudo Co., Ltd. Achieve impressive drawing comfort with original brushes! Kingdom Liquid Eyeliner R1 3 new colors have been added for a major renewal.

Kokuryudo Co., Ltd.
Realize the sensation of drawing with an original brush! [Kingdom Liquid Eyeliner R1] 3 new colors have been added for a major renewal.
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“I want to be very particular about makeup.”
For example, I want to stick to the finish of one eyelash and a line of 1mm until I’m satisfied…!
Kingdom, a point makeup brand aimed at people who love makeup and are particular about it, has significantly renewed the popular kingdom liquid eyeliner WP, which has good color and doesn’t smear.
The new “Kingdom Liquid Eyeliner R1″ will be released from February 1, 2023 at variety shops and variety drugs nationwide.
Product Features
・”Original brush” that blends 3 types of hair and pursues ease of drawing A unique blend of 3 types of hair. Realizing the ease of drawing emotions. With an extra-fine brush with a bristle tip of 0.1 mm, you can freely and neatly draw between the eyelashes and the splash on the corner of the eye.
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・Increase color development and bleeding resistance
Kingdom Liquid Eyeliner WP’s greatest feature, beautiful coloring, has been further improved.
Formulated with DEEP color pigments that produce vivid colors to make your eyes look beautiful.
In addition, with a waterproof, smudge-proof, W-proof formula that is resistant to water and sebum,
Keeps a clean line without bleeding for a long time.
Formulated with 4 types of eyelash serum ingredients that moisturize the roots of the eyelashes even during makeup. *
(*Moisturizing ingredients: burdock root extract, ceramide NP, hydrolyzed collagen, kelp extract)
・Eco-friendly paper packaging
We changed the plastic packaging to paper packaging.
The package paper uses FSC-certified paper that supports responsible forest management.
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3 new colors
“Rouge Brown”, “Natural Black”, and “Ash Gray” have been added as new colors. ・Rouge Brown
A reddish brown that adds a complexion to your eyes.
A rouge brown that makes your eyes look flawless just by adding it to your everyday makeup.
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・Natural black
A gentle black blended with brown.
“I want to emphasize my eyes, but I’m not good at doing it too strongly.” Natural black is recommended for such people.
[Image 5d74502-15-74ecc9211c09020df361-6.jpg&s3=74502-15-8cc92d0d96aba6e23ce325f0bad3afef-900x500.jpg
・Ash gray
A soothing nuanced color with less redness.
An ash gray that gives a soft and transparent look to your eyes. [Image 6d74502-15-0aad72151244d429a09f-7.jpg&s3=74502-15-4f584ae0aa54556347daa6a3a680a4a1-900x500.jpg
Product line-up
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Kingdom liquid eyeliner R1
Price: 1,400 yen (excluding tax) 1,540 yen (including tax)
5 colors (deep brown, orange brown, rouge brown, natural black, ash gray) ■ Sales method
From February 1st, it will be sold at variety shops nationwide, variety drugs, Kokuryudo official online shop, and Amazon.
Available at drugstores starting March 1st.
*The release date is the manufacturer’s shipping date. Available dates vary by store.
*Some stores may not be available.
■ Product introduction page
Kokuryudo group official online shop
■ Cutis official website
■ Distributor
Cutis Co., Ltd.
■Manufacturing and sales agency
Kokuryudo Co., Ltd.
■ Kokuryudo Co., Ltd. Company Information
Trade name: Kokuryudo Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-6-15 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shuhei Miyazaki, President and Representative Director Founded year: 1907
Established: March 26, 1949
Capital: 31.5 million yen
Closing date: March 31
Number of employees: 150
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