Kokyo Co., Ltd. GreenValley International backpack-type LiDAR “DGC50” / Notice of rental service start

Kokyo Co., Ltd.
GreenValley International’s backpack-type LiDAR “DGC50” / Notice of rental service start

Kokyo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) is pleased to announce that the “optical product rental service” currently being provided Mobile 3D mapping system backpack type LiDAR manufactured by GreenValley International
“DGC50 (*2)” will be newly added to expand the service (*3). DGC50 measures the reflection time from an object by irradiating a pulsed laser beam, finds the distance to the object, acquires a real-time point cloud, and at the same time estimates its own position and creates an environment map. The LiDAR sensor has two directions, horizontal and vertical, so it can easily scan tall objects such as forests and buildings, and the RGB camera can accurately add color information. By giving absolute coordinates using GNSS, optimal information can be obtained for formulating evacuation plans for disaster prevention. When acquiring point clouds with other companies’ products, there were cases where errors occurred in self-position estimation in forests and mountainous areas with many slopes. . In addition to this “optical product rental service”, Kokyo Co., Ltd. offers “LaaS (Laser as a Service) ( *4)” is being developed. LaaS is a service that makes it possible to use the required product (number of units) at the required timing without purchasing or owning the product, and to satisfy the user’s laser demand.
*1: https://www.symphotony.com/rental/
*2: https://www.symphotony.com/lidar/greenvalley/
*3: https://www.symphotony.com/rental/dgc50/
*4: https://www.symphotony.com/laas/
■ Product image:
[Image 1d49537-85-0d700ea72181779d0480-0.png&s3=49537-85-b9b211d059b4bd951a6a0e825d5715d4-137x288.png
■ Mapping data image:
[Image 2d49537-85-327d55efcad7780a3fa0-1.png&s3=49537-85-065726bbf526268c35478b893f3088f7-390x296.png
mapping data
■ Features:
・ 3D mapping LiDAR that can measure the structure of surrounding buildings simply by carrying it on your back and walking
・A product that combines a LiDAR system and SLAM based on GreenValley International’s proprietary technology
・Equipped with a GNSS module for high-precision mapping
■ Assumed use:
・Tunnel shape survey
・Forest survey
・Historical site survey
・Terrain survey
■ Specifications:
[Image 3d49537-85-f8d055574292114675da-2.png&s3=49537-85-089547a1dbb634c40a850087059f21eb-662x426.png
■ Rental service overview (service image):
[Image 4d49537-85-3c788cdb75df03a7eb04-3.png&s3=49537-85-ad9b006b8914846739e0cd9f358ecdf5-811x396.png
Rental service
 Kokyo Co., Ltd. will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the laser industry and bring about five major revolutions (information revolution,
We will support the promotion of the medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, and energy revolution.

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