Komeri Co., Ltd. Announcement of the new opening of the Komeri Hard & Green Kamikawa store, the 33rd store in Saitama Prefecture

Komeri Co., Ltd.
Information on the new opening of the Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store, the 33rd store in Saitama Prefecture
February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) Open at 9:00 am

Komeri Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Yuichiro Deku) will open the Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store (hereinafter referred to as “Kamigawa store”) in Kangawa-cho, Saitama Prefecture, which will be the 33rd store in the prefecture. . We have been operating the Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store (opened in September 1995) in Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture. , We will move and open near the old store, so we will guide you as follows. [Image 1

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Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store (33rd store in Saitama Prefecture) The former Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store will be closed on Saturday, December 31, 2022. Thank you very much for your patronage for 27 years. We appreciate your continued patronage of the new Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store.
With the opening of the above stores, the number of our stores will be 88 Power stores, 1,120 Hard & Green stores, 10 PRO stores, and 7 Athena stores, for a total of 1,215 stores. The outline of the new store is as follows.
[Overview of Komeri Hard & Green Kamikawa store]
Location: 669-1 Motoabo, Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama 367-0247 Phone number: 0495-74-1070
Fax: 0495-74-1071
Opening date: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 9:00 am
business hours:
(Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
9:00 am to 7:30 pm
*Irregular holidays
Land area: 2,916 square meters
Total floor area: 1,177 square meters
Sales area: 999 square meters
Parking number: 22
Store details: https://www.komeri.com/disp/CKmSfShopSearchDtlInfo.jsp?ID=1860 With the opening of the above stores, the number of Komeri Hard & Green stores in Saitama Prefecture will be 33.
Introduction of sales floor
The Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store offers a wide range of home convenience items, from products necessary for work such as tools, hardware, building materials, and agricultural materials, to household items, pet supplies, gardening supplies, and more. We will work to become a store that is necessary for our customers’ lives as a nearby and convenient store.
(1) More fulfilling materials, building materials and agricultural goods sales floor
We have expanded the sales floor for building materials and repair materials that can be used by both professionals and DIYers, and have enriched our product lineup. We also have a wide selection of fertilizers and agricultural materials, and support everything from home gardens to full-scale agriculture.
[Image 2d79052-207-38a4338d48b627955b01-1.jpg&s3=79052-207-9df03a930c0544745acffa845d9455dc-588x393.jpg
Lumber and material sales floor
[Image 3d79052-207-63e6b9b96499ab725d85-0.jpg&s3=79052-207-10fda6bcf554b8097a00884d86e15e64-903x599.jpg
tool shop
[Image 4d79052-207-0192abcae98c347b83a4-3.png&s3=79052-207-c6e0471ac6c0336c104c812f15505ad9-501x337.png
Fertilizer and pesticide sales floor
(2) Expansion of renovation services
At the Komeri Hard & Green Kangawa store, we have expanded the sales floor for home equipment such as built-in stoves, bathroom vanities, and toilets. We will continue to listen to your inquiries and requests regarding your home more than ever before.
[Image 5d79052-207-8e49154d7a5e5ac693cd-2.jpg&s3=79052-207-108ff26045449fdcaf73a0fa7d25b01b-1600x1200.jpg
Reform sales floor
-About Komeri-
Let’s support local pros.
There are things that come into view when you walk more slowly than usual. That there are so many professionals in my hometown.
Komeri, who wants to be a lifeline for the community,
We will continue to support local professionals.
Because the activities of local professionals will revitalize Japan’s regions. We are a home center chain that develops stores with a wide product lineup centered on materials, building materials, gardening and agricultural supplies, from professionals to homeowners. With our unique system and know-how, we are taking on the challenge of modernizing distribution with the goal of stably providing the products our customers need at affordable prices. Going forward, we will continue to strive to create stores that are customer-oriented, offer product lineups that reflect customer feedback, and provide customer service that pleases our customers, so that we can contribute to a rich and comfortable life.
Online shopping site Komeri.com https://www.komeri.com/top/CSfTop.jsp Official website: https://www.komeri.bit.or.jp/
-Company Profile-
Company name: Komeri Co., Ltd.
Established: July 1962
Capital: 18,802 million yen
Representative: Yuichiro Nobu, President and Representative Director Head office location: 45011 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Business description: Chain store management such as Power and Hard & Green Stock listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Number of stores: 1215 stores (as of December 31, 2022)
Hokkaido 25, Aomori 20, Iwate 39, Miyagi 36, Akita 38, Yamagata 27, Fukushima 53, Ibaraki 46, Tochigi 40, Gunma 41, Saitama 33, Chiba 52, Tokyo 10 , Kanagawa Prefecture 7, Niigata Prefecture 84, Toyama Prefecture 24, Ishikawa Prefecture 19, Fukui Prefecture 20, Yamanashi Prefecture 19, Nagano Prefecture 53, Gifu Prefecture 39, Shizuoka Prefecture 22, Aichi Prefecture 10, Mie Prefecture 48, Shiga Prefecture 28, Kyoto Prefecture 19, Osaka Prefecture 7, Hyogo Prefecture 30, Nara Prefecture 14, Wakayama Prefecture 20, Tottori Prefecture 12, Shimane Prefecture 8, Okayama Prefecture 29, Hiroshima Prefecture 21, Prefecture 16, Tokushima Prefecture 17, Kagawa Prefecture 10, Ehime Prefecture 10 , Kochi Prefecture 11, Fukuoka Prefecture 27, Saga Prefecture 14, Nagasaki Prefecture 16, Kumamoto Prefecture 40, Oita Prefecture 15, Miyazaki Prefecture 21, Kagoshima Prefecture 25
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