KOMPEITO Co., Ltd. Equipped with a patented technology dynamic pricing function! Next-generation vending machine “SALAD STAND by OFFICE DE YASAI” that realizes food loss reduction appears at Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station

Equipped with a patented technology dynamic pricing function! Next-generation vending machine “SALAD STAND by OFFICE DE YASAI” that realizes food loss reduction appears at Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station

“SALAD STAND by OFFICE DE YASAI” operated by KOMPEITO Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO Shun Watanabe), Keio Corporation (Tama-shi, Tokyo, President Satoshi Tsumura) and Adopted for the “KEIO OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM” jointly implemented by ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director Koichi Naruse). As a result, from January 16, 2023 (Monday), a “SALAD STAND” will be installed at Shibuya Station on the Keio Inokashira Line, and a demonstration experiment will be started to sell a wide variety of healthy products such as salads. I will.
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SALAD STAND is based on the concept of “delicious, safe and secure anywhere”. A vending machine where you can buy healthy salads, etc. at any time.
Features of SALAD STAND
1. Equipped with patented technology “dynamic pricing function” It is a function that combines the data obtained from the AI ​​camera with data such as purchase history, expiration date, time, weather, etc., and uses AI to derive the optimal price and change the price. 2.Reduce food loss
By utilizing the “dynamic pricing function”, we will improve the efficiency of inventory management and reduce food loss.
3. Healthy product lineup
You can easily pick up healthy products such as salads and cold-pressed juices. -Information and Purpose Acquired by AI Camera-
・Information to be acquired: Gender, age, purchase data, traffic data in front of the salad vending machine
・Purpose: Building an appropriate product lineup and sales method * We obtain statistical data that cannot identify individuals. Start of the service
From 10:00 on Monday, January 16, 2023
* Cold press juice will be on sale from 13:00 on Tuesday, January 17th. available time
From first train to last train
Installation location
Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station Concourse outside the central exit ticket gate
[Image 2d15058-51-a8677253ea5bc0ef7cb4-4.png&s3=15058-51-05878f91dfb5fff52628c0347864bb6c-730x473.png
Main product lineup
・ Salad (3 types out of 7 types are always on sale) ¥ 880 (tax included) [Image 3d15058-51-228d697e670ba6a81336-1.png&s3=15058-51-32755cbdd552377f59e6e5d1fda2274b-733x340.png
・Cold-pressed juice (6 types available at all times) ¥1,200 (tax included) [Image 4d15058-51-0af4849be4f380122875-2.png&s3=15058-51-303664ef1d152df0fca2d9257e2bd6a8-671x372.png
・ Handy soup (2 out of 3 types are always on sale) ¥ 500 (tax included) [Image 5d15058-51-484bf0443af4cfb0635d-3.png&s3=15058-51-c8262666f623d9ca690f2ec77c131b8e-738x369.png
*Products and prices are subject to change.
Available payment methods
・Transportation electronic money
・ Electronic payment application “YASAI PAY”
·credit card
・ Various QR code payments (PayPay, Rakuten Pay, d payment, au PAY, etc.) * About “YASAI PAY”
It is an electronic payment application operated by our company. It can be used by linking with various electronic payment services and credit cards.
Payment can be completed simply by reading the QR code displayed on the vending machine with a smartphone or tablet that has downloaded YASAI PAY. In addition, there are regular campaigns where you can purchase products at great prices.
(Currently available electronic payment services: PayPay, Merpay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay)
*Cannot be purchased with cash.
Customer contact
(1) Inquiries about SALAD STAND and sales products
Kompeito Co., Ltd. Inquiry Form
(2) Inquiries regarding this demonstration experiment
Keio Customer Center TEL: 042-357-6161
Weekdays/Saturdays/Holidays 9:00-18:00
Other SALADSTAND (salad stand) installation locations
[Image 6d15058-51-f5c2e6a5e9619990a76f-5.png&s3=15058-51-ebc11256ab1fb2d37c545bb70ddb8c63-974x803.png
*Some items sold may have different prices.
[Image 7d15058-51-06e1b338855d0bea5fa8-6.png&s3=15058-51-9c97581825ed50d64c93a9dd19865ff5-1770x629.png
OFFICE DE YASAI (Vegetables in the office) is a “placement type healthy company cafeteria” service that started in 2014. Currently, it has been installed in more than 5,000 locations nationwide. (as of January 2023)
This is a food welfare service that regularly delivers healthy and delicious salads, fruits, side dishes, etc. simply by installing a refrigerator or freezer in the office.
Since it is possible to easily eat healthy meals while staying in the office, an increasing number of companies are introducing it as part of health management, improving employee satisfaction, activating internal communication, and strengthening recruitment.
Operating company: KOMPEITO Co., Ltd. https://www.officedeyasai.jp/ [Image 8d15058-51-074ab9da078ec80e8727-7.png&s3=15058-51-05cbe8e7ba5260307707cb0d4da3fe91-2000x738.png
A venture company established in September 2012 with the mission of “enriching creators and users”.
In 2014, we started the “OFFICE DE YASAI” service, a “placement type healthy company meal” service that promotes the health of workers and companies and prepares the dining environment in the office. We are taking on the challenge of reforming the distribution of agricultural products through new channels that connect consumers and producers.
Currently, it has been introduced at more than 5,000 locations nationwide, from ventures to major companies and medical institutions. 【Company Profile】
Location: Second Okura Building 5F, 2-28-5 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: September 3, 2012
Representative: Shun Watanabe, Representative Director and CEO Capital: 1,073,080,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description:
・Planning and operation of “OFFICE DE YASAI”, a “placement type healthy cafeteria” service
・Planning and operation of office promotion sampling “OFFICE DE MEDIA” ・Equipped with dynamic pricing function! Planning and operation of salad vending machine “SALAD STAND by OFFICE DE YASAI”
Inquiries regarding this release
Kompeito Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Sayuri Shirai
TEL: 03-6419-7144 E-Mail: info@officedeyasai.jp
Details about this release:



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