Kose Co., Ltd. Commemorating the release of COSME DECORTE “Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum”. Held “LIPO SOME Planetarium” to “relieve eye fatigue” focusing on eye fatigue and eye care for modern people

Kose Co., Ltd.
Commemorating the release of COSME DECORTE “Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum”. Held “LIPOSOME Planetarium” to “relieve eye fatigue” focusing on eye fatigue and eye care for modern people
Kenkoba’s beautiful voice navigation envelops the planetarium
Kose Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) is a signature item of the high-prestige brand “COSME DECORTE”. , The latest eye serum “Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum” will be released on March 16, 2023 (Thursday). To commemorate the release, on January 25th (Wednesday) and 26th (Thursday), “LIPOSOME Planetarium” was held at Planetaria TOKYO with the theme of eye care and troubles that modern people face.
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Providing a healing space that will make you fall asleep
This event will be held at the planetarium for the purpose of thinking about the importance of eye care while relieving daily eye fatigue under the sky full of stars. We have prepared a space that is a little different from usual, such as watching original programs, lectures on massage methods to heal the eyes, and exercises.
A special planetarium video led by Mr. Kendo Kobayashi, an entertainer with a good voice
First of all, in line with the theme of this event, “relieve eye fatigue”, the content will be enjoyed with all five senses without straining the eyes. In the planetarium, Mr. Kendo Kobayashi, who has a reputation as an entertainer with a deep and calm bass voice, served as a navigator.
After looking back on the history of the “Liposome” series, which began with the first liposome beauty essence “Moisture Liposome” released in 1992, along with the constellations that modeled the product, the unique prescription of “Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum” to be released this time. Introduced with floating CG and illustrations, I conveyed my desire to make my eyes shine beautifully now and in the future with daily care.
 Visitors did not know who the navigator was, and at the end of the program, it was a surprise that they realized that Mr. Kendo Kobayashi was the person with the beautiful voice.
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Immediate care 24 hours a day. The secret is the brand’s first double capsule prescription!
Next, Asuka Fujinaga, Brand Manager of COSME DECORTE, introduced her commitment to this new product. “Liposomal Advanced Repair Eye Serum” is the first product of the brand to achieve a double capsule formulation, and as the name suggests, it contains two
skin-beautifying capsules. One is “multilayered bioliposome” which is also included in liposome beauty essence, and the other is
“nanobicelle”, a new capsule technology that COSME DECORTE has arrived at. Each drop of “Liposomal Advanced Repair Eye Serum” contains 1.6 trillion*1 high concentration*2 of these two capsules. approach the problem.
In the second half of the program, we had the participants actually try out the “Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum” and massaged their eyes using the product according to the image projected on the planetarium.
*1 Calculated as 1 drop of 0.1 mL (approximate value)
*2 Compared to conventional products
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Exercise to chase shooting stars and rest your eyes!
After the explanation of the new product was over, Mr. Kendo Kobayashi guided us again, following the shooting stars in the sky full of stars with our eyes, and experienced a special exercise to loosen the tight muscles around our eyes. We followed the shooting stars running across the ceiling with our eyes, and by moving our eyeballs, we stretched the muscles around our eyes as well as our face, neck, and shoulders. While lying down, you can follow the shooting stars with your eyes and relieve your fatigue.
“LIPOSOME Planetarium” Event Overview
・ Dates: January 25 (Wednesday) and 26 (Thursday)
・ Venue: Planetaria TOKYO (Yurakucho Marion 9th floor)
2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Guests: Press influencers
Interview with Kendo Kobayashi after recording the narration Q: Please tell us your thoughts on today’s recording.
A: It was only a response, I felt like “I did it”.
Q: Please tell us what you were particular about in this recording and what you want us to pay attention to.
A: Since it’s a planetarium, I was conscious of making everyone fall asleep. If you ask me all the way to the end, it’s okay to say that it’s my loss. Q: The newly released liposome series is a product that cares for the eye area. A: I feel tired eyes every day. I’ve heard that it’s good to see something green, so I’m watching a match I recorded a long time ago with Mitsuharu Misawa (professional wrestler), because he was wearing a green costume. I just try to think that it will be healed, but I’m excited and tired.
Q: COSME DECORTE’s liposome cosmetics were launched in 1992, and this year marks the 31st anniversary of the release of new products. Mr. Kenkoba, who also started performing arts activities in 1992, would like to try something new this year in his 31st year of acting. A: Scandals… well, surprisingly not. It’s sad that I’ve never had one when I’ve finished my entertainment career, so I’d like to wear a tie and hold an apology press conference at least once.
Q: You served as a navigator for the “planetarium that relieves eye fatigue” this time. What is “healing” for you?
A: For those of you who know me, I’m sure you know, but it’s the smell of gasoline. I like cars and motorcycles, so when I see an old car, I go over to it and whine. I wonder if it has a healing effect. I think that the person who likes it likes it.
Q: In this program, a shooting star will fall. If Kenkoba were to make a wish upon a shooting star, what would it be?
A: Is it okay if I wished for the meteor shower the other day? At that time, I hoped that all children in the world would receive an equal education. It’s true! ?
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■ Profile of Kendo Kobayashi
Born July 4, 1972 in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Type O. His hobbies include watching professional wrestling and martial arts and manga. In 1992, entered NSC Osaka school as the 11th student.
Since then, he has been active in many fields, not only in variety shows, but also in many movies and dramas as an actor.
*Please refrain from using promotional photos on TV or print media.

Product Summary
Released on March 16, 2023 New product
COSME DECORTE Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum
20mL 8,250 yen (7,500 yen without tax)
About Cosme de Corte
“COSME DECORTE”, which debuted in 1970, is a high-value-added brand that brings together the best of our cutting-edge technology. Since the birth of the brand, we have inherited the craftsmanship and true elegance (“elegance” = KIHIN) that has pursued unique beauty without compromise, and provide “beauty with pride” to customers around the world. Centered on department stores and cosmetics specialty stores that conduct counseling sales, it is available in a limited number of stores around the world, and features skin diagnosis and detailed advice by dedicated advisors. “COSME DECORTE” is one of KOSÉ’s key global brands, and has been distributed in 15 countries and regions around the world (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia).
◇DECORTE Official Online Boutique: https://www.decorte.com/
◇ Maison Decorte: https://www.cosmedecorte.com/maison

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