Kousho Co., Ltd. New release of “Tendan Special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Ehomaki that Calls Koutofuku” on February 2nd (Thursday) and 3rd (Friday)

Kohsho Co., Ltd.
New release of “Tendan Special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Ehomaki Calling Koutofuku” on February 2nd (Thursday) and 3rd (Friday)
-Sold at all 8 Tendan Group Kansai stores and online reservations available-
Since its founding in 1965, “ Yakiniku no Meimon Tendan ” (operated by Kosho Co., Ltd., President and CEO Yoshiatsu Arai), which provides “ Kyoto yakiniku that you can eat with soup stock ”, will open on February 2nd (Thursday) and 3rd ( For two days on Friday), we will sell “Tendan Special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Ehomaki, which calls for Koutofuku” at all 8 stores in Kansai. Along with that, we will start accepting reservations from January 13 (Friday).
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At Tendan, we have been selling ehomaki on Setsubun since 2017, and the number of sales is increasing year by year. This year, we have prepared ehomaki using domestic Japanese black beef to make it more delicious and more convenient. Also, from this year, you can now make a reservation from the web so that you can order 24 hours a day. We use 100g of Japanese black beef shoulder loin, and the amount of meat has been increased by 1.4 times compared to last year.
The rice that wraps the ingredients is Korean seaweed flavored with sesame oil and rock salt, and it is served wrapped in grilled seaweed. Since the surface of common Korean seaweed is coated with sesame oil, your hands will get dirty when you roll it like Ehomaki. , adopts such a method. It has the same seasoning as Korean seaweed, so it is an ehomaki that is very easy for children to eat.
Tendan’s special ehomaki is a popular seasonal product every year. This is a takeout limited product, and reservations are accepted until the day before the receipt.
[Overview of sales of Tendan special Japanese black beef ehomaki that calls for good fortune]
Sale date: February 2nd (Wednesday) and 3rd (Thursday), 2022 Reservation period: January 13, 2022 (Friday) to the day before receipt Reservation method: 1. Reservation reception by phone at the store / pick-up store * Reservation is within the business hours of each store, delivery time is from 11:30 each day
     2. Reservation accepted from the WEB
      ※Reservations accepted 24 hours a day
■ Product overview
Tendan’s special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Ehomaki
Price: 1,500 JPY (incl. tax) per bottle
100g of Japanese black beef shoulder loin, thick grilled egg, spinach namul, boiled carrots, rice seasoned with rock salt, sesame oil and sesame, and rolled up with roasted seaweed.
The shoulder loin has just the right amount of marbling near the rib loin, giving it a smooth texture and juiciness.
By changing the way it is cut, you can enjoy the different textures of the meat by increasing its volume.
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Tendan’s special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Ehomaki
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Enlarged cross-sectional image
■Available stores: 8 stores in Kansai
Famous yakiniku Tendan Gion main store (075-551-4129)
Yakiniku restaurant Tendan Saiin (075-321-4129)
Renowned yakiniku restaurant Tendan Katsura Gojo (075-392-4129) Yakiniku restaurant Tendan The Dining Yamashina (075-501-4129) Famous yakiniku Tendan Kitayama store (075-707-4129)
Yakiniku restaurant Tendan Kusatsu (077-565-4129)
Yakiniku TENDAN New Style Buffet Takeda (075-645-4129)
Yakiniku TENDAN New Style Buffet Uji Kokura (0774-24-4129)
[Introduction to Tendan, a famous yakiniku restaurant]
[Foundation] January 1965
[Characteristics] Founded in Gion, Kyoto. Kyoto is a city that loves beef so much that the amount of beef consumed per capita is the highest in Japan*1. In Kyoto, where the meat culture is developing, Tendan has long been patronized as a well-known local yakiniku restaurant. The secret is high-quality beef and secret sauce. Tendan’s “Tsuke Sauce” is based on beef bone soup, and has a clear, golden color that tastes like soup stock. As the origin of Kyoto Yakiniku, Tendan has continued to offer the same taste since its establishment. *1 From the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Household Survey (average from 2015 to 2017) [Store list Tendan Group All 10 stores]
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Kyoto Gion Main Store
1) 8 locations of “Tendan, a famous yakiniku restaurant”
Gion Main Store/Saiin Store/Katsura Gojo Store/The Dining Yamashina Store/Kitayama Store
Kusatsu store
Ginza store/Akasaka store
2) “Yakiniku TENDAN New Style Buffet” 2 stores
Takeda store/Ujikokura store
URL https://www.tendan.co.jp/
Operating company Kosho Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-221 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Representative: Yoshiatsu Arai, President and CEO
Capital 30 million yen
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