Kouyouya LLC Collaboration event between NFT digital media protocol “VWBL” and web3 engineer community “ UNCHAIN”!

GK Kouya
Collaboration event between NFT digital media protocol “VWBL” and web3 engineer community “UNCHAIN”!

The NFT digital media protocol “VWBL (viewable)” developed by Kodoya (headquartered in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, representative: Yuki Shichiku) that can only be seen by those who have it, and the web3 engineer community operated by shiftbase Inc. A collaboration event with UNCHAIN ​​will be held on 1/29 (Sun).
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This event will be a workshop event on the NFT media protocol “VWBL (viewable)” developed by Kouyouya, which will be held at the web3 engineer community “UNCHAIN” operated by shiftbase. VWBL released the development kit “VWBL SDK” as an open source in October last year, and anyone can use VWBL for a wide range of purposes, such as digital content distribution, personal data trading, and intellectual property management in DAO. I was. At this event, not only can you learn VWBL at UNCHAIN ​​and learn development using the VWBL SDK, but it will also be an initiative to grow together with VWBL and UNCHAIN, such as assignments to future development projects. We are aiming for, so please join us.
■ UNCHAIN ​​x VWBL Workshop
Date: 2023/1/29 14:00~17:00 (3h)
Location: UNCHAIN ​​Discord Server
Completion Benefit: Priority invitation to VWBL paid projects via UNCHAIN UNCHAIN ​​Discord: https://discord.gg/SuQuHcPk
■ How to participate
1. Enter UNCHAIN
2. Download the document in advance
3. Waiting in seiza until the day of the event
■ Event details
https://ango-ya.notion.site/UNCHAIN-x-VWBL-Workshop-92a9c4c512c24c399ceb6d595eedd4c5 ■ About VWBL
[Image 2d62107-21-353b769fddd90224818a-2.png&s3=62107-21-4c5975204afce6ee45136a1ec509cbef-1388x642.png
VWBL is a decentralized access control NFT that allows only people with NFTs to view content. As a data package on the Internet, it is possible to hide data that you do not want to show only to specific people, such as digital content and personal data, like putting a letter in an envelope, making it possible to use it in various businesses. can.
You can check the VWBL developer documentation from the following URL. https://docs.vwbl-protocol.org/
■ VWBL Demo app
With the release of the “VWBL SDK”, we have released a demo app on our website that allows you to experience minting your files as VWBL NFTs on the Polygon network.
URL: https://demo-app.vwbl-protocol.org
[Image 3d62107-21-04102631732492169fea-1.png&s3=62107-21-10a5ee24a936f582c4b3be90f933abc2-3900x3900.png
UNCHAIN ​​learns web3 through project development such as creating NFTs and building dApps,
A community for engineers who acquire the ability to shape their own ideas while gaining practical experience.
Enter the UNCHAIN ​​Discord Server from the official website! Official website: https://unchain.tech/
■ About Kouyouya LLC.
[Image 4d62107-21-a17df566a9baa5522f9a-3.png&s3=62107-21-5d13b20a265d998eea5c333f62ebe15f-2000x700.png
Based in Fukuoka and Tokyo, Kodoya is a technical organization created to create new economic activities and implement them in society, pioneered by blockchain technology. We are enthusiastic about the arrival of the “new Internet age” due to the spread of blockchain technology, and are focusing on solving various problems. In order to create a product that maximizes the merits of blockchain, it is essential to understand the concept and knowledge of a wide range of technology selection. We formulate hypotheses for these issues and work to create new value while conducting experiments.
【Company Profile】
Name: GK Kouya
Location: Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Yuki Shichiku
Established: February 2019

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