Krypton Distribution information of Vocaloid music label “KARENT” Distribution of 6 works will start from January 19 (Thursday) to January 25 (Wednesday)!

Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd.
[Distribution information of Vocaloid music label “KARENT”]
Distribution of 6 works will start from Thursday, January 19 to Wednesday, January 25!

We would like to inform you about the latest distribution information of “KARENT”, a vocaloid music label operated by Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; Representative Director: Hiroyuki Ito). This time, we will introduce the information of 6 new works that started distribution from January 19th (Thursday) to January 25th (Wednesday) along with comments from the creators. Please pay attention!
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“KARENT” Official Website:
Released on Friday, January 20
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■Distribution album: “Marrying at Orifice”
■ Creators: Healthy Cathedral / Vocals: KAITO, Kagamine Len
■KARENT distribution page:
A song that evokes a new sensation with a solemn view of the world like a myth and a beat with a sense of speed.
The beautiful harmony by KAITO and Kagamine Len is also a must-listen. [Creator comment]
I asked KAITO and Len to sing about how sharp and delicate I can express myself now, using an hourglass as a theme.
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■ Delivery album: “I can’t take it”
■ Creator: MINO-U / Vocals: Kagamine Len
■KARENT distribution page:
An impressive song with an upper rock sound and an unexpected development. Also pay attention to the lyrics that spell out the passionate feeling of “I want to take my feelings for my favorite to the other world.” [Creator comment]
No matter how much wealth and fame you have in this world, you cannot take it with you.
But at least I want to keep my feelings towards the endorser. Ren sang an up-tempo rock song that sang such a cry of the heart. [Image 4

Distribution album: “Iiko and Inu”
■ Creator: Kikuo
■KARENT distribution page:
An attractive song with a unique world view that coexists with fear and cuteness, like playing with someone other than this world. You will be fascinated by the fusion of nursery rhyme-like melody and fantastic sound.
[Creator comment]
Good, good, very good, this is the story of a good inu.
Released on Wednesday, January 25
[Image 5

Distribution album: “Southern Cross-Miracle and Illusion, Brilliance of Life-” ■ Creator: Udon Timer P / Vocals: Hatsune Miku
■ KARENT distribution page:
A pop number that gives you hope with a glittering sound like twinkling stars. It’s a song that makes you want to look up at the sky.
[Creator comment]
My name is Udon Timer P.
With the theme of a distant star called the Southern Cross, I created it with the image of encounters and partings.
Please enjoy the sparkling band sound and the heartrending melody! [Image 6

■ Delivery album: “Σ”
■ Creator: forute / Vocals: Hatsune Miku
■KARENT distribution page:
While maintaining the appeal of forute’s characteristic transparent piano arrangement, the addition of an electronic approach has made this song even more exhilarating.
I am fascinated by the development of the last that repeats the modulation. [Creator comment]
Hatsune Miku’s voice is a dialogue, and it’s a song where you can enjoy the feeling of running.
I wrote a refreshing sound and lyrics that reminded me of the clear sky at dawn. If you like summer songs, this song is especially recommended. [Image 7

■ Delivery album: “Core”
■ Creator: forute / Vocals: Hatsune Miku
■KARENT distribution page:
A song with beautiful harmony between piano and strings.
Also pay attention to the heartbreaking lyrics.
[Creator comment]
A song written for gay and non-gay people.
Knowing that it’s a fixed future that won’t pay off even if you make an effort, Still, I wrote about the pain of continuing to seek something. [Image 8

“KARENT” will inform you about the newly released songs together with comments from the creators every Wednesday. Stay tuned for next week! “KARENT” Official Website:
“KARENT” Official Twitter: [Contact]
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