Kyowa Co., Ltd. Fracola “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted Solution LP” 3 years after launch, cumulative sales exceeded 1 million units

Kyowa Co., Ltd.
3 years since the launch of Fracola “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted Solution LP” Cumulative sales exceeded 1 million units Undiluted beauty essence born from cutting-edge (*2) research
Pursuing cutting-edge technology, the No. 1 (* 1) aging care serum brand “fracora” celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the release of the undiluted essence “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted LP”. We are pleased to inform you that the total number of sales has exceeded 1 million.
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“Human stem cell culture extract undiluted solution LP” introduction website
About “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted Solution LP” “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted Solution LP” was launched on January 25, 2020 as the predecessor product. It has been evaluated by many customers and is now the most popular product in Fracora. “Human stem cell culture extract” born from cutting-edge (*2) research is used as an ingredient. It is a beauty ingredient that is attracting attention because it is derived from humans and has a high affinity with the skin. In addition, Fracora achieves high permeability (*3) and freshness (stability) by confining the ingredients in nanocapsules that have a structure similar to that of human skin.
Model Yuka Maeda appeared! Held a commemorative live
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Model Yuka Maeda
In commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted Solution LP” and the achievement of 1 million units, we will deliver a live performance inviting model Yuka Maeda. Introducing the charm of “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Undiluted LP” with Yuka Maeda! There are also limited benefits. Please take a look.
Date and time: February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) from 14:00
Participation method: Please watch from the following URL on the day of the live distribution.
New service “Aging Care 3.0 Service”

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In 2022, Fracola will launch the “Aging Care 3.0 Service”, a flat-rate service that allows you to freely select aging care items using cutting-edge (*2) life science technology.
Not only will you receive monthly items that you can freely combine according to your concerns and desires, but you can also watch live content such as professional skin counseling, yoga, and makeup and hair lessons.
 We will support your health and beauty from the inside of your body from a multifaceted perspective.
Click here for “Aging Care 3.0 Service”
Fracora brand statement “Aging Care 3.0”
From “aging is unavoidable” to “delaying aging”, we are now entering a new phase called “aging care 3.0” that rewinds age.
A healthy body, a beautiful face, beautiful hair, and a beautiful body are born from healthy cells.
With the power of life science, Fracola takes that step ahead of anyone else. ■ Aging care serum brand share No. 1 * 1
■ Certified as a “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company” for 8 consecutive years in 2022: Bureau of Life, Culture and Sports, Tokyo Metropolitan Government *1 Cosmetics Marketing Handbook 2022 No.1 Serum Anti-Aging 2021 Results Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. *2 In-house *3 Penetrates up to the stratum corneum
Company Profile
Company name: Kyowa Co., Ltd.
Founded: 1960
Address: Shinjuku Sanei Building 9F, 1-22-2 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Representative Director: Taiji Horiuchi
Business description: Beauty and health business
    Brand name “Fracora”
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