Kyusai Co., Ltd. Limited to 2 weeks Started selling kale leaves, especially sweet in a year! Fresh seasonal kale delivered directly from Q’sai Farm Shimane

Q’SAI Co., Ltd.
[Limited to 2 weeks] Started selling kale leaves that are particularly sweet in a year! Fresh seasonal kale delivered directly from Q’sai Farm Shimane

Q’sai Farm Shimane Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture; President: Hirota Eiji) will sell “Kale” leaves, which are the raw materials for green juice, from January 23, 2023 (Monday) at “Eat Choku” and “Pocket Marche” for a limited period of two weeks. Please enjoy kale during the sweetest season of the year.
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About kale
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Kale, which is the raw material for our green juice, is a bright green vegetable that has been growing naturally since BC. Also known as a superfood, it contains various nutrients that are good for health and beauty.
Kale becomes sweeter when it gets cold to prevent itself from freezing. Among them, we will sell raw kale leaves only for two weeks when it becomes particularly sweet. First of all, when it arrives, please take a bite of the sweet and juicy stem and taste the deliciousness of kale. In addition, you can enjoy delicious seasonal kale in a variety of dishes, such as salads, stir-fries, and stews. ● Product points
・ Kale contains more than 60 types of nutrients such as vitamins and polyphenols *
・ “Portuguese kale” with large leaves
・ The size of one kale leaf is about 40 cm!
・ Cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers ・ Delivering kale at a particularly sweet time of the year!
・ Fresh kale delivered directly from the farm!
・ Frozen storage is also possible. Enjoy the taste of the season for a long time!
* From the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2020 Edition (8th revision)
How to buy
Available at “Eat Choku” and “Pocket Marche”.
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Product for sale: Kale leaves 1kg
Sales period: January 23 (Monday) to February 5 (Sunday), 2023 Price: 2,160 yen (tax included), shipping fee not included
Privilege: “Original recipe book” gift
▼ Click here to purchase
Eat choku:
Pocket Marche:
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Recommended recipes using fresh kale leaves
Kale Caesar Salad
The chopped kale goes well with the cream-based dressing.
Kale peperoncino
A quick stir-fry brings out the sweetness even more.
● “Roll kale” wrapped in kale
You can also use it for stewed dishes that are perfect for the cold winter. [Image 5d3705-291-365ddfc261ccb91e9215-4.jpg&s3=3705-291-990e67bd5ee00be72ae48ecaab3d2315-3787x1211.jpg
▼ Other recommended recipes are being introduced on Instagram! sales background
Our company aims to realize a “well-aging” world where you can nurture a healthy body and mind and age positively. develops and sells various products.
This time, we have decided to sell kale for two weeks only, with the desire that even first-timers can enjoy it, especially when it is sweet. We believe that the surprisingly sweet taste of kale will be a “first in life” experience that will remain in the hearts of many people.
We would appreciate it if you could incorporate the powerful and large kale leaves into your life and experience the charm of kale. Details about this release:


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