Lab Network Co., Ltd. A “free” online seminar for those engaged in the photo business will be held from Fe bruary 14th to February 16th.

Lab Network Co., Ltd.
A “free” online seminar for those engaged in the photo business will be held from February 14th to February 16th
“PBS Online 2023 Vol.1” ~ Solve your photo business worries ~
Lab Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Tanaka) Web seminar event “PBS Online 2023 Vol.1” for businesses involved in the photo business
It will be held for 4 days from February 14th (Tuesday) to 16th (Thursday), 2023.

What is PBS Online?
Labo Network Co., Ltd. introduces new services and products, market trends, etc. in the form of web seminars titled “PBS (Photo Business Solutions) Online” for businesses involved in the photo business. . In this “PBS Online 2023 Vol.1”, in addition to a special lecture by Mr. Rei Kinoshita, who won the silver prize in the 2022 Fujifilm business photo contest, a seminar on the “invoice system” by a tax accountant, We have prepared a total of 11 themes centered on topics that are of current concern, such as “ICT services in education”. All seminars are free to attend. Please join us for this opportunity! ◆ Held program
-Special Lecture A-
Working recipe from shooting to award winning
Speaker: Mr. Rei Kinoshita, Decorte Co., Ltd.
Comment “I have won three consecutive top prizes in the album division of the Fujifilm Business Photo Contest. I will unravel the thoughts and work processes from before the shooting of the latest
award-winning work to the entry.”
-Special Lecture B-
Snap Snap “Photo Cloud Management Screen” has been greatly renewed! Realize labor saving for business operators!
Speaker: Mr. Atsushi Maeno, Photo Create Co., Ltd.
Scheduled to be renewed in the spring of 2023!
In advance of this webinar, the purpose and concept will be introduced by the person in charge of development.
-Special Lecture C-
What kindergarten and nursery school ICT services do school
photographers want to know?
Speaker: Mr. Shingo Nishio, VISH Co., Ltd.
Don’t you often hear about ICT services? What kind of approach can be taken to solve the problems in kindergartens? What is your
relationship with the photographer?
We invite Mr. Shingo Nishio of VISH Co., Ltd., which operates the “Kindergarten Support System + Bus Catch”, to introduce you to everyone.
-Special Lecture D-
Your accountant will explain! ! Invoice system that I often hear recently. Do you understand the content?
Speaker: Mr. Takayuki Shiono, tax accountant
Do you understand the “invoice system”?
In October 2023, the system will finally begin!
Mr. Shiono, a tax accountant, will explain the invoice system for photo studios and photographers.
-Program 1-
Proposal of “photobase”, a new customer acquisition service that leads to Shichi-Go-San photography
I would like to talk about “photobase” that can acquire new customers. Children aged 0-2 will visit your studio after a cute photo session. New customer rate of over 70%
-Program 2-
Equipped with new functions! Moovin studio, a smartphone-based select app that evolves further
Moovin studio, which has been well received for delivering smartphone data via QR code, has become even more convenient.
New functions “Download only selected data” and “Email notification function” are released at once!
-Program 3-
A track record of 3,000 companies that have introduced it! Total support for photographers with school photo service
Are you satisfied with the current web sales service?
Introducing the charm of school services such as ID photos and Andy photo books, focusing on snap snaps!
-Program 4-
Low-cost and labor-saving method for improving customer unit price and customer satisfaction
After overcoming the busy season, do you have any worries that “sales were difficult only with data sales…”?
It is a must-see for photographers who want to improve customer unit price and customer satisfaction with “low cost” and “less tasks” as much as possible.
-Program 5-
Growing demand for photo weddings and new developments in product needs What is the trend of resort marriage that has seen signs of a revival with separate shooting / location shooting that is growing?
Introducing albums and set proposals that meet new needs.
-Program 6-
For busy individual photographers! Leave all the work other than shooting to Snap Snap
Do you spend a lot of time doing work other than shooting in web sales? What is the charm of snap snap that can increase sales while shortening work time?
-Program 7-
Semi-automatic photo selection with AI function! Photo Select New Normal Matching people using face recognition by AI!
When producing graduation albums or selling snapshots, we can help you sort photos and count the number of times they appear, which used to be done by hand!
◆ Outline of implementation
Event name: PBS Online 2023 Vol.1
Date: February 14 (Tue)-February 16 (Thu), 2023
Venue: All held online (ZOOM)
Application method: From the application form posted on our website Participation fee: Free
◆ About Lab Network Co., Ltd.
Labo Network Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kitamura Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nobu Takeda), a photo life company that owns “Camera Kitamura”, mainly for corporate customers. We do printing and photo album manufacturing.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Lab Network Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-7-1 Pal Road 3 10th Floor, Akabane Nishi, Kita-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yusuke Tanaka, President and Representative Director Established: March 1985
[Business description]
Design album output, wholesale
Professional print output for photo studios, wholesale
School/event photo output, wholesale
Lab Network Co., Ltd. Customer Support Center

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