Largest domestic hotel An event venue equipped with an overwhelmingly immersive “curved LED wall” is born in Hilton Tokyo

Vega Project K.K.
[Largest domestic hotel] An event venue equipped with an
overwhelmingly immersive “curved LED wall” is born in Hilton Tokyo Vega Project, an AV/IT solution provider, has launched the largest curved LED wall for hotels in Japan at Hilton Tokyo.

Vega Project K.K. (Representative Director Johns Richard) has launched the largest curved LED wall for hotels in Japan at Hilton Tokyo. [Image 1

AV/IT solution provider “Vega Project K.K.” (Representative Director Johns Richard) has launched one of the largest curved LED walls in a domestic hotel in the “Kiku no Ma” room on the 4th floor of Hilton Tokyo. The world’s highest standard LED wall and audio equipment are fully equipped in a luxury hotel in a good location, just a 3-minute walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Station and directly connected to the underground passage. It is an event venue with a high level of attention even in Japan, which has already been covered by many media from home and abroad.
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An event venue that integrates the world’s highest standard [large LED wall x sound equipment x hospitality]
The LED video walls are made by Barco, a Belgian technology company with world-class quality. The screen size of the LED wall is approximately 15m wide x 3m high, and the display resolution is 6,720 pixels wide x 1,215 pixels high, making it one of the largest curved LED walls in a hotel in Japan. It enables visual production that maximizes the content.
The venue is fully equipped with speakers made by Martin Audio, an international speaker audio equipment manufacturer from England. Speakers with complete technical performance based on a unique design philosophy captivate the auditory sense of the audience.
Hilton Hotels is a global luxury hotel chain with more than 7,000 hotels and resorts in 123 countries around the world. Hilton Tokyo is located in the skyscraper district of Shinjuku subcenter and offers a complete experience of space, service and dining that only a luxury hotel can provide.
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Live streaming from the virtual studio to the LED wall is possible A virtual studio is installed on the third floor of the hotel. A hybrid event (live video distribution, live music distribution, online conference, online presentation, etc.) using the live streaming function and an XR studio that can create VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) content are fused. Video distribution to the LED wall is possible. You can also create your own content using videos and photos taken at the venue.
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An event venue that maximizes its potential
At the main venue, “video”, “sound”, “latest technology”,
“hospitality”, and “pre/post-production” are completed in one place, so any kind of event can be held.
Small to large scale events (up to 1200 people)
concert, live music
exhibition, exhibition
panel discussion
Live streaming from the venue
presentation, recital
Conference using video conferencing system
virtual event
virtual wedding etc.
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Contents of event support using LED walls
Order-made design of the background screen projected on the LED Content design (movies, etc.) to be displayed on the LED wall LED operator
speaker system
acoustic engineer
lighting design for events
lighting operator
Video/photo editing
The hotel will handle the set-up of meals and venues. We can support other than the above, so please feel free to contact us.
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Support in multiple languages ​​such as Japanese and English The Vega Project Team is a bilingual staff who can speak Japanese and English. Therefore, even international projects and events involving both Japanese and English can be handled perfectly. *As of January 2023, in addition to Japanese and English, Chinese and French are also available.
Large loading dock and elevator
The hotel has a large dock and elevator, so you can carry your luggage from the doorway and parking lot to the studio. The equipment used for events and photography can be used smoothly and effortlessly in the studio.
safe and private place
The main venue and the LED wall are located on the 4th floor of Hilton Tokyo, so you can use it with peace of mind in terms of security, such as using the exclusive entrance for VIPs.
Good access
Nishi-Shinjuku Station and Tochomae Station are directly connected by an underground passage, and it is a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, the number one terminal station in Japan, so you can access anywhere in Tokyo.
Inquiries about LED walls are received via website or email. Website:
You can see the LED wall on YouTube.
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