Launched “DX Concierge” service, a foot support essential for business DX

Launched “DX Concierge” service, a foot support essential for business DX Realize a one-stop service from IT experts to support business DX promotion such as back office / front office, risk avoidance by visualizing PC / network health status, and support for help desk function!

Until now, IT specialists have faced challenges in providing support for IT and digital utilization, such as the fact that many operations are stagnant due to problems with PCs and network peripherals. This service makes it possible to minimize stagnant work and stabilize production by avoiding risks by visualizing the health status of PCs and network equipment and by utilizing a toll-free help desk service that leads to smooth resolution when problems occur. and improve operational efficiency.
General Incorporated Association IT Advisory Association
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuya Homma, hereinafter “eCIO”) is a “DX Concier” service to solve various problems related to PCs and IT that small and medium-sized companies have. Supports work efficiency by visualizing the health status of PCs and networks and supporting the help desk.
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Common problems with PCs and IT equipment
-Suddenly lost internet connection
・I’m having trouble with slow startup and behavior of my PC. ・I don’t know how to use Excel.
In some cases, conventional maintenance services may not be able to respond on the same day when visiting the site for such “problems that need to be resolved immediately”. In addition, there are a certain number of people who have solved the problem but would like to be taught how to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future, or how to operate a PC or how to use Excel.

What DX Concierge can do
“DX Concier” is provided by an IT expert (business DX promoter expert) belonging to our association to provide a wide range of one-stop solutions to issues such as IT, cloud utilization, PC and network equipment.
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[PC chart]
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The diagnosis screen is easy to understand visually at a glance, and all the following items are “visualized”.
・Comprehensive diagnosis chart
・Improvement advice
・Measures against information leaks and information security In addition, you can check the OS support period, security status, PC age, and network status on your own PC, so you can prevent problems with your PC and the Internet.
[Help desk service]
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Cooperate with a call center in Kyushu that handles more than 23,000 calls per month with about 145 people. With an average time of about 18 minutes and a resolution rate of about 83% or higher, supporters will guide you to a solution by telephone or remote support for inquiries about email, the Internet, Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint, and questions about PC operations such as Windows.
By responding to all problems online and solving problems and worries, we can reduce the waiting time until the problem is resolved and improve the work efficiency.
About the IT Advisory Association (eCIO)
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Name: General Incorporated Association IT Consulting Association Representative Director: Takuya Homma
Location: Air-Era, 6-15-4-2F Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Established: October 2015
Purpose of establishment:
(1) Developing IT advisory human resources and forming a network of IT utilization experts who will serve as a bridge to increase corporate profits by utilizing IT in management.
(2) Encourage companies to use IT optimally from a neutral standpoint, and contribute to improving performance and productivity
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