LeanGo Co., Ltd. Free webinar for web marketers Tips for improving CVR and marketing measures to dramatically improve sales in 2023 | LeanGo co-hosted with Piece to Peace

LeanGo Co., Ltd.
[Free webinar for web marketers] Tips for CVR improvement & marketing measures to dramatically improve sales in 2023 | LeanGo co-hosted with Piece to Peace
Approach from both sides of marketing and recruitment!

LeanGo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shoji Hirai) and Piece to Peace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryo Osawa) and February 1 (Wednesday) 12:00 We will hold a free online seminar at 13:00. https://carryme.jp/lp002/webinar/20220104leango_webinar/
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Program content
■ Webinar overview
12023, what is the first thing you can do to dramatically improve your company’s sales?
LeanGo Co., Ltd. will introduce the knowledge of “maximizing CV by improving CVR”, which is also a marketing proposition, and Carry Me will introduce effective marketing measures and team building. Please feel free to listen to it at lunch time.
■ Lecture content
▼Piece to Peace Co., Ltd.
[40 times sales in 4 years! Marketing and PR measures starting from scratch] From Carry Me, we have released a marketing lead measure that increased sales by 40 times in 4 years from the launch of a business with no people, goods, and money, and the creation of a team of professional human resources and regular employees. Specifically, we will introduce the measures to achieve the following results and the assigned professional human resources!
– How to surpass 10,000 registered professionals with zero advertising costs – Creating a team that generates 100 business negotiations per month through tele appointments for young employees and interns
– A conference that gathered 53 supporting companies and had a media coverage effect of over 100 million yen
– How to reduce the CPA of video ads to 1/10 and the number of leads acquired by more than 3.5 times in 4 months
– How to hire excellent sales and marketers even for companies that are not well known
▼LeanGo Co., Ltd.
[CVR improvement rate 140%! The rational site improvement knowledge tool for sales is open to the public! ]
The theme introduced by LeanGo Co., Ltd. is “CVR improvement”. “Maximizing CV by improving CVR”, which is also a marketing
proposition, may slow down the speed of PDCA for improvement due to various problems such as “high verification cost”. Therefore, this time, we will explain the rational and practical “model measures that should be taken first”, including the arrangement of elements in the first view, EFO (form improvement measures), and effective use of web service tools. We will release the knowledge that leads to sales improvement obtained from 1500 site improvement consultations. ■ Recommended for people like this
– I don’t know what to start with in web marketing and PR strategy – You spend a lot of money on advertising, but the number of visitors to your site does not increase
– Struggling to get leads and quality appointments
– The number of customers has increased, but it does not lead to business negotiations and orders
– Design proposals are intuitive and do not understand strategic LPO – Post-corona sales methods and lead acquisition methods have not been established
– Interested in strategies for marketing human resources utilization ▼Click here to apply▼
Overview of the event
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Lecturer introduction
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■ Yuko Mohri
Carry Me (Piece to Peace Co., Ltd.)
Piece to Peace Co., Ltd. Director CMO
Married and gave birth to her eldest son while attending Rikkyo University, and joined EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC after
graduating. Responsible for the Japan area PM in the Global Chairman’s Award selection and employee survey projects conducted in EY140 countries. After that, he changed jobs to an IT venture company with no experience. Planning a site that supports working mothers from scratch, and is in charge of all content writing and SEO. Succeeded in monetization of 100,000 PV per month and received MVP award. After becoming independent, she publishes information on women’s careers and work styles in books and media, and also gives lectures at companies. He has been in charge of marketing since the founding of the Carry Me business, attracting 10,000 professional human resources with zero advertising costs, and operates a public relations marketing team with 90% professional human resources.
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Keito Kimura
LeanGo Co., Ltd.
PR & Marketing Officer
Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. as a new graduate in 2017. After working in sales for Car Sensor and Zexy, moved to LeanGo Co., Ltd. in 2022. I am studying every day to launch my own company.
What is “dejam”
[Image 4d55676-81-f6af05cd609f49aaf92b-3.png&s3=55676-81-218292d455ba9f577a369919da43db60-1920x1005.png
“dejam” introduced companies
“dejam” is a free automatic optimization tool for websites and landing pages. Even beginners of web marketing can achieve results in as little as 5 minutes. It has functions such as “competitor research”, “heat map function and automatic analysis of Google Analytics”, and “acquisition of site improvement proposals”, aiming to be a necessity for web marketing operations.
It is used by a large number of companies regardless of the type of business. Among them, business companies are using it to analyze and acquire measures for improving their own service sites and LPs, and advertising agencies and consulting companies are using it as a means to easily expand the range of support to increase client sales. increase.
For this reason, the number of adoptions by advertising agencies and consulting companies has increased rapidly in recent years.
▼Official HP
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 ▼ Free account registration form
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 ▼Free tool “LPO Checker ‘Website Improvement Diagnosis'”
https://leango.co.jp/dejam/tools/lpochecker/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 About LeanGo Inc.
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With the vision of “making society more comfortable”, LeanGo operates a platform “dejam” to speed up the PDCA cycle of web marketing. It is a startup with a majority of members from Recruit Co., Ltd. and CyberAgent Co., Ltd., who are familiar with web marketing operations. -Company Profile-
Company name: LeanGo Co., Ltd. (Reading: Leango)
Representative: Representative Director Shoji Hirai
Established: April 1, 2020
Location: 3-20-9 Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://leango.co.jp/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 Dejam blog, a media for web marketers operated by LeanGo
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https://blog.leango.co.jp/article0216/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 ▼ What are the 8 steps to make an LP? Explanation of the elements of the configuration and points to be noted
https://blog.leango.co.jp/article0180/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 ▼ EFO tools for each company that are useful for EFO Trial available EFO tools
https://blog.leango.co.jp/article0019/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 ▼ How to become a growth hacker? | What are essential skills, knowledge, and study methods?
https://blog.leango.co.jp/article0091/?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=20230124 Details about this release:



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