Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Formulation and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world 13th “T ransferable Skills Training” service for doctoral students

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
[Development and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world] 13th “Transferable Skills Training” service for doctoral students

Since its founding, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. has set the philosophy of “developing science and technology and contributing to the earth” as its philosophy. We have proceeded as a business.
Based on the projects developed by the seven development divisions that promote all Leave a Nest projects, we have formulated 28 core services that will change the world, and we will announce them one by one.
The 13th Transferable Skills Training Service is a specialized training service for doctoral course students with the aim of “cultivating leaders who can transfer their skills and knowledge to different fields based on individual passion.” We develop and implement programs.
What is Transferable Skills Training Service?
Since its founding, Leave a Nest has aimed to create opportunities for researchers to play an active role, launching Leave a Nest research funds that do not require explanations about their use, building a system to support entrepreneurship by researchers, developing human resource development programs specialized for researchers, etc. Through these efforts, we have focused on the career development of doctoral human resources.
Human resources who can create fusion research projects that are not bound by existing frameworks, who can conduct research and development to utilize research results to solve social issues, and who can also be active in the business world, in response to the recent social background. As such, the roles expected of researchers are expanding. National measures such as the “Distinguished Graduate Program,” “University Fellowship Foundation Program,” and “Challenging Research Program for Next-Generation Researchers” are increasing, and they demonstrate leadership and install their own skills and knowledge in different fields to contribute to society. There is a demand for the development and implementation of human resource development that can However, in many cases, it is not possible to transfer the expertise and knowledge you currently have as it is. If you can change yourself into a state that can be diverted and acquire a “way of thinking” for processing knowledge, you will be able to make use of your own knowledge and skills in various fields. Through short-term workshops and practice, this program fosters the most important basic concepts in order to make the skills cultivated in research transferable. From January 2023, we are looking for schools that wish to implement the program in 2023. First of all, we will introduce the details, so please contact us.
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-Outline of Training-
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/113897/table/17_1_a6e4ad39fef7189714a41b1cf042a4b3.jpg ]

Training content that can be used in both academia and industry 1There is a “place of practice” that cannot be done at a university, and program design that does not end with classroom lectures Super Interdisciplinary Society https://hic.lne.st/
Utilize the know-how of human resource development originally developed by Leave a Nest, where half of the employees have doctoral degrees
-Case study-
University of Yamanashi https://lne.st/2023/01/10/yamanashi-1202/ Tokyo University of Agriculture https://lne.st/2022/09/30/transfarablenodai2022/ Tokyo City University https://lne.st/2023/01/05/transferable2022-3/ Tsukuba University of Technology https://lne.st/2022/11/10/tsukuba-tech/ Hokkaido University https://lne.st/2022/02/23/hokudai/
-Those who wish to interview or tour-
In 2022, students participating in this training will “practice” at the following competitions. If you are interested, please come to interview or visit.
Interdisciplinary Society Tokyo Conference 2023
Date: March 3rd (Friday) and 4th (Saturday), 2023
Venue: Kudan Kaikan Terrace Conference & Banquet
Details: https://hic.lne.st/conference/tokyo2023/
If you would like to interview or observe, please contact the following contact information with [Transferable skills training tour request].
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Human Resources Development Division (Contact: Kusunoki, Tachibana) info@Lne.st
About Human Resources Development Division https://lne.st/about/division/hd/ The Human Resources Development Division is working on organizational development and human resource development with the mission of “creating a place to challenge problems and developing unprecedented human resources”. At Leave a Nest, in order to create an organization that creates technologies and businesses that solve global issues, we create businesses that have an impact on society from the passion of researchers. We have developed unique concepts such as “Science Bridge Communication”. While utilizing these concepts and a knowledge platform that gathers a lot of scientific and technological knowledge, we will develop a human resource development curriculum that creates an organizational culture that can create new businesses from research, and educate human resources who will create businesses through co-creation inside and outside the company. We are doing “Leave a Nest University” etc.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Human Resources Development Division (Person in charge: Kusunoki, Tachibana)

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