Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Formulation and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world 15th “Knowledge manufacturing process installation service” to produce concrete results for achieving the medium- to long-term vision

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
[Development and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world] 15th “Knowledge manufacturing process installation service” to produce concrete results for achieving the medium- to long-term vision
Since its founding, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. has set the philosophy of “developing science and technology and contributing to the earth” as its philosophy. We have proceeded as a business.
Based on the projects developed by the seven development divisions that promote all Leave a Nest projects, we have formulated 28 core services that will change the world, and we will announce them one by one.
The 15th project, the “Knowledge manufacturing process installation service” aimed at achieving medium- to long-term visions, provides support for leading large and medium-sized companies to steadily advance the concepts set forth in their medium- to long-term business plans and achieve results. carry out. Specifically, we will promote the efforts of each company by installing the concept and know-how of “knowledge manufacturing”, which is the core of Leave a Nest, which continues to create more than 200 new projects annually by combining diverse knowledge with vectors. To do.

Regional tech planters: Tech planters operated by this corporation have been implementing programs in each region since 2016. A total of 1,154 teams entered (including 345 established companies). From here, 66 new companies were founded, and the total amount of external funding for joint research and subsidies was over 1.3 billion yen, and the total amount of funding was over 3.1 billion yen. It also has strong networks with local companies and financial institutions in each region. https://go.lne.st/l/66312/2023-01-06/2hqh4m5
Researcher network
Leave a Nest Research Grant: A research grant system that subsidizes young researchers who are passionate about their own research and carry out original research in order to “realize the development of science and technology and contribute to the earth.” It has long-term relationships with 330 Japanese research institutes. As of March 2022, 91 companies and 201 research grants have been established for young researchers aged 40 and under, and 404 researchers have received research grants totaling more than 100 million yen. Through this recruitment and adoption process, our foundation has a rich network of promising young researchers in academia.
Medium-sized core company network
Strategic Fundamental Technology Enhancement/Collaboration Support Project (Value Creation Challenge Project): In order to support collaboration between medium-sized core companies, mainly selected companies of Supportin, and ventures, we conduct hearings on the needs of both parties, present a temporary structure by our staff, and match them. carried out. We promoted specific collaborations such as non-disclosure agreements, material provision agreements, conclusion of basic agreements on technical partnerships, joint research and development, small-scale PoCs, and capital alliances.

◆ Service features
This service differs from other new business creation support services and so-called open innovation services in the following points. It consists of members with doctoral and master’s degrees and high expertise in the field of science and technology, and can proceed with discussions based on an extremely high level of understanding of the client’s technology.
We have the experience of launching the world’s first business (Tech Planter, Leave a Nest Research Fund) at our company, and we can promote concrete and steady business construction that does not become a desk theory.
◆ What is the Strategic Development Division?
The Strategic Development Division’s mission is to “promote
organizational change and create sustainable businesses”. We design projects that go beyond existing frameworks and contribute to global contribution.
◆Please contact us first
First of all, please tell us about the challenges and hopes your company has through a web / face-to-face individual interview of about 60 minutes. Through discussions, we move on to examining the specifics of our vision and medium- to long-term strategies.
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Strategic Development Division (Responsible: Ishizawa and Nakajima)
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