Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Formulation and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world 20th “I nvestment strategy development service” for effective and efficient deep tech venture investment

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
[Development and announcement of 28 core services that will change the world] 20th “Investment strategy development service” for effective and efficient deep tech venture investment

Since its founding, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. has set the philosophy of “developing science and technology and contributing to the earth” as its philosophy. We have proceeded as a business.
Based on the projects developed by the seven development divisions that promote all Leave a Nest projects, we have formulated 28 core services that will change the world, and we will announce them one by one.
The 20th installment, the “Investment Strategy Development Service” for effective and efficient deep tech venture investment, maximizes the projects, know-how, and platforms related to the discovery and development of deep tech ventures that Leave a Nest has been doing so far. By maximizing its use, we will promote opportunities for investment and financing by VCs, CVCs, and banks, and also support the launch of CVCs by major companies.
What kind of service is “investment strategy development service”? Since the start of Tech Planter in 2014, Leave a Nest has developed initiatives to discover and nurture deep tech ventures by area, region, and country. Among them, we have supported a wide range of teams from the research and development stage before establishing a venture, and from angel rounds to laters.
Furthermore, on December 15, 2022, as a new challenge, we will specialize in investing in entrepreneurs in the founding stage and launch the “Jermination No. 1 Fund” with an “indefinite” lifespan together with Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd. composed.
Deep tech ventures often require a long R&D period and large-scale funding compared to IT, software, and service-based businesses. System design becomes difficult. As a result, it tends to be difficult to reflect such changes in investments, loans, and portfolios.
Evaluate not only the business feasibility and business model, but also the enthusiasm and team strength of the representative as well as the technical capabilities. A small investment starting from around 5 million yen and an evaluation are repeated at high speed to examine the possibility of commercialization. In addition, while providing decentralized support to venture teams with different phases and technical approaches, we will take a multifaceted approach to the target area. By providing Leave a Nest’s know-how to support deep tech ventures, we aim to update the role of VC, CVC, and banks, expand their contact points, and maximize the results after collaboration. service aim.

We would like to consider support including investment in deep tech ventures, but we do not have the know-how
There is no partner who understands the company’s assets and considers a joint venture with a venture company, rather than a financial return.
I am thinking of launching a new CVC, but I would like guidance and design know-how
Inability to properly evaluate R&D projects brought in
For each institution with the above issues, this service can support the following programs and policies. Some services are provided in cooperation with Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/113897/table/27_1_815d4b1dd7772c1d7b3a88a99ab70fac.jpg ]
-Representative venture investment vehicle owned by Leave a Nest- Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd.: https://go.lne.st/capital
Grokalink Co., Ltd.: https://go.lne.st/GL
Realtech Holdings Co., Ltd.: https://go.lne.st/realtechHD
-Venture platform owned by Leave a Nest-
Tech planters by area (7 areas in total): https://go.lne.st/techplanter Regional tech planters (12 regions nationwide): https://go.lne.st/LD_TP Tech Planter GLOBAL (6 countries): https://go.lne.st/GLOBAL_TP ◆ Service features
The investment strategies developed and supported by this service differ greatly from conventional investment and loan-related policies, particularly in the following points.
Be a support policy that specializes in deep tech ventures
Rather than searching for venture companies to invest in and finance, we build relationships and grow into ventures that contribute to investment and finance while providing support, so we can expect high collaboration synergies.
◆ What is the Strategic Development Division?
The Strategic Development Division’s mission is to “promote
organizational change and create sustainable businesses”. We design projects that go beyond existing frameworks and contribute to global contribution.
◆Please contact us first
First of all, please tell us about the challenges and hopes your company has through a web / face-to-face individual interview of about 60 minutes. Through discussions, we will move on to examining the possibility of cooperation with Leave a Nest and the materialization of strategies.
◆Contact us
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Strategic Development Division (Responsible: Ishizawa and Nakajima)
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