Libran Co., Ltd. New wooden soundproof rental in Suginami Ward, more than double the number of apartments ava ilable within 1 minute of accepting applications Thank you for full occupancy at “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa”, a rental facility that

Libran Co., Ltd.
[New wooden soundproof rental in Suginami Ward, more than double the number of apartments available within 1 minute of accepting
applications] Thank you for full occupancy of rental “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa” where you can play musical instruments
Approximately 60% of applicants are musicians. DTM, mixing, and game distribution

Libran Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuji Suzuki), a condominium developer that handles the “Musion” series (hereinafter referred to as “Musion”), rental housing recommended for music lovers 24 hours a day, announced January 8, 2023. Recruitment for “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa”, which started accepting applications from 14:00 on Sunday (Sunday), is now closed. The move-in reception for this property started at 14:00 on Sunday, January 8th. By 2:01 p.m., 7 applications had been submitted, most of which were performed by players of musical instruments such as grand pianos. There were also applicants.
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Exterior of the Music Terrace Suginami Igusa
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Percentage of applicants for “Museum Suginami Igusa” by use
In June 2022, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 311 people who were waiting to move into the museum as a whole, regarding the purpose of use and the instruments used after moving in. Various usage scenarios were clarified, such as the use of
[Image 3d87206-13-9681fa68e39f567b4f8a-5.png&s3=87206-13-91086992fa96fb4bcb0cae8e1ca88203-2080x1242.png
June 2022 Libran survey

[Image 4d87206-13-c8cb379e23b81a0dbe84-6.png&s3=87206-13-d4a518be649afcf9ee3a3ec3e3203eec-2076x1265.png
June 2022 Libran survey
[Image 5d87206-13-994afe84f36bb4ae5c36-2.jpg&s3=87206-13-493a414461d6e449618ed804323e6e68-720x720.jpg
Sales Fumiko Oguma
◇Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa
Libran Mind Co., Ltd.: Comment from Fumiko Oguma, Sales
Since the recruitment information was posted on the website, “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa” has been open to people looking for a rental property where they can bring in a grand piano, people who are in trouble due to complaints about the sound from the neighbors at their current residence, and other people. We have received many inquiries from people who wish to move to a museum with a spacious floor plan so that they can live with their musical instruments even after their family grows.
As a pianist myself, I strongly feel that being able to make sounds when I feel like it, and being able to devote myself to my favorite music with peace of mind is essential to enriching my life.
We apologize for not being able to let you know, but we are planning to open new properties in the future, so please let us know about the sound. I would be happy if I could help those who have troubles. The secret of the success of “music”
The soundproof rental housing series “Musion” supplies a total of 28 buildings/681 units in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, with an average occupancy rate of 99.4% for all properties in FY2021. As of January 2023, there are approximately 3,200 active registrants in the waiting list system for properties, and the property has gained strong support, especially among music lovers.
In addition to the sound insulation (soundproofing) performance that allows various musical instruments to be played all day long, the “hard” aspects of living include ventilation and natural lighting, as well as sales and management by “musicians” such as band members and music college graduates. By being in charge, we are close to the residents and suggest how to choose a room that suits the instruments they own, their favorite music genres, and the purpose of use. One of the features is the generous support after move-in, and the “soft” aspect is also enhanced, such as support for purchasing musical instruments at preferential prices and gifts through partnerships with musical instrument stores. We are devising ways to enjoy the sound life after moving in.
By using DX, applications for applicants can be completed in a short time with a single smartphone. A virtual preview is also available. At our company, we are promoting DX so that applicants can complete the application with a single smartphone. For the application for this property, we received the application data for all units within 1 hour after sending the URL of the special form after receiving the request. As a result, inspections by guarantee companies and building owners can be carried out smoothly, and the response time of staff tends to decrease.
In addition, we created a new 3D walk-through video of the local area that can be viewed from the property website from the recruitment of this property. We made it possible to see the room virtually and consider moving in without having to visit the site.
You can check it on the “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa homepage” ↓
[Image 6d87206-13-be65b8760e09d49781a7-1.jpg&s3=87206-13-be45c6724bcaa9061229a7d1117b8184-3900x2600.jpg
1F independent soundproof room
Overview of “Museum Terrace Suginami Igusa”
Location: 3-29-13 Igusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Two-story wooden building
Number of residential units: 3 units (2LDK: 64.04 square meters) Transportation: 4-minute walk from Iogi Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line Rent: 169,000 to 177,000 yen
Scheduled completion of future family-type wooden soundproof rental “Musion Terrace”
In 2023, a wooden terrace house type is under construction in Nakano (5 units, 2LDK/3LDK) in February. As symbolized by “Nakano Broadway”, this is the first time that the music will be held near Nakano Station, where subcultures are thriving. We hope that those who want to make sounds and distribute videos will be pleased.
Company Profile
Name: Libran Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuji Suzuki, Representative Director
Head office location: 17-4 Oyamacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3972-0072 (representative)
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: December 18, 1968 (Established: March 2, 1969)
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