LIG Co., Ltd. At Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG, a new course “Leaders Course” where you can learn from d esign professionals has started!

LIG Co., Ltd.
At Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG, a new course “Leaders Course” where you can learn from design professionals has started!

At the creator school “Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG” operated by LIG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomohiro Oyama, hereinafter LIG), you can learn design from
professionals with over 10 years of industry experience. The course “Leaders course” will start. We will provide opportunities to learn the know-how cultivated by professionals and support the growth of fledgling creators.
Course overview
Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG utilizes its strengths as a school directly operated by a web production company to provide real-world production sites and the latest know-how, while supporting career changes from inexperienced students. From this spring, we will start a “Leaders’ Course” inviting outside professionals who have been active in the web design industry for over 10 years. Active creators who work as representatives or planners at different companies will give special lectures on the theme of their respective fields of expertise. period
From March 2023, a special lecture by a professional instructor will be held once every one to two months.
How to take
This course is for students of Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG. Detailed URL
About the speakers
[Image 1d14783-57-dc1eeb3239fbc667cda4-1.jpg&s3=14783-57-6e4412a241b0d89eb1235404f20d1de0-400x400.jpg

Mr. Kosuke Kawabata
Nanocolor Co., Ltd. President and CEO
In 2004, he participated in an EC business startup. Self-taught with knowledge and skills in design/advertising/product development, established nanocolor Co., Ltd. in 2010. Focusing on BtoC, we support the digital marketing area of ​​our customers, focusing on advertising / EC sites / LP / CRM / branding.
[Image 2d14783-57-141f4e5f1ad571baa88b-5.jpg&s3=14783-57-029c2fc1c7aa4fcb25df04d4a84b11f0-1044x1044.jpg
Mr. Hideki Muramatsu
Quoteworks Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director
President of Tokyo design company QUOITWORKS. Operated by
MUUUUU.ORG/MUUUUU.TV. Since 2007, he has worked for 3 commissioned design companies in Tokyo, became independent in 2013, and was incorporated in 2015. Many publications in specialized journals. Many book contributions. Many events (NHK high school lecture, CSS Nite, etc.). He also serves as a judge for the global web design award AWWWWARDS. Recently, he is also active as a Youtuber. Main areas of expertise are production, direction, and design.
[Image 3d14783-57-3b146a707cd2c7974be1-2.jpg&s3=14783-57-a1228d1761e0127a5612f9c8bf4052cb-1080x1080.jpg
Mr. Wataru Urakawa
Shiftbrain Co., Ltd. Planner / Copywriter
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art. After working at an advertising production company, joined Shift Brain Co., Ltd. Engaged in outer/inner branding, promotion concept design, and communication design for various companies, driven by curiosity and meddling. Recent projects include Study Sapuri, Jikoricai, and the knitwear brand cucumu. Red Dot Award: Communication Design Communication Design, AWWWARDS SOD / SOM, etc.
[Image 4d14783-57-f324b89dba6d5d46fa27-3.jpg&s3=14783-57-c3b3fe7f7ca2905e8190dccecbb1c583-1283x1283.jpg
Mr. Genki Imamura
BEES&HONEY Co., Ltd. President
After graduating from high school, he moved to the United States and started an IT company while in college. After returning to Japan, he worked at a consulting firm and became independent in half a year. Although engaged in marketing and design consulting in the digital domain, he began to question modern rationalism and consumerism, and changed his business to a brand consulting company. Responsible for brand strategy planning, organization of philosophy system, CI formulation, CM production, product design, architecture, R&D, service development, etc. based on business administration and philosophy. Research how companies should incorporate cultural roles such as anthropology, humanities, folklore, literature, and aesthetics, in addition to economics, sociology, and psychology, which are the research areas of management theory.・Practicing Consulting for more than 50 managers from startups to listed companies.
Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG
A creator training school established through a business alliance between Digital Hollywood, a vocational school that has produced many creators, and LIG, a web production company. You can learn various skills necessary for the web industry, such as web design, editing, shooting, and video production.
Company Profile
Company name: LIG Co., Ltd. (English: LIG inc.)
Representative: Tomohiro Oyama, President and CEO
Established: June 2007
Location: 2-20-11 Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0056
Number of employees: 273 (consolidated as of April 1, 2022)
Main business:
・DX support business (consulting, UI/UX design, development) ・Marketing business (planning, marketing, branding, design, media, production) ・Operation of Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG
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