Limited company Up to 20% point reduction! Nearly all titles are eligible. A great deal campaign for both new and topical titles will start on January 16th!

Up to 20% point reduction! Nearly all titles are eligible. A great deal campaign for both new and topical titles will start on January 16th!
From January 16th to April 19th, female comics, BL, TL works 20%, other 15% point reduction

The e-book service “DMM Books” ( developed by the joint company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter “DMM”) will open in 2023. From January 16th (Monday) to April 19th (Wednesday) of the same year, we will hold a campaign to return up to 20% points. During the period, women’s comics, boys love (BL) works, teens love (TL) works will receive 20% points, and almost all other genres will receive 15% points.
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New works and topical works are also eligible! Up to 20% point reduction campaign
Announcing the sales ranking of “DMM Books Super Sale 2022-23 Winter” held until January 12th (Thursday) this year! In addition to the popular works that ranked in, almost all works such as new works and works that are talked about on SNS are eligible for the campaign. Enjoy your reading time with “DMM Books” that are always great value. [DMM Books Super Sale 2022-23 Winter Sales Ranking]
1st place: Blue Rock
2nd Place: Chainsaw Man
3rd place: HUNTER x HUNTER monochrome version
4th place: ONE PIECE monochrome version
5th place: Bocchi the Rock!
6th place: Weekly pre-PHOTO BOOK
7th place: Magic round battle
8th place: BLEACH monochrome version
9th: My Hero Academia
10th place: When I was reincarnated as a slime
[Campaign overview]
Period: January 16, 2023 (Monday) 15:00 to April 19 (Wednesday) 23:59 Target genre: Male comics / Female comics / BL / TL / Literature / Light novel / Business / Practical book / Photo collection
Target: Approximately 800,000 works
Target works:
Only when you purchase the target work, points will be awarded for the purchase amount excluding tax.
Purchases made with points are also eligible for points.
The point grant amount is calculated by truncating the first decimal place. The expiration date of the distributed points will be 30 days. Acquired points can be used on and DMM GAMES services (with some exceptions).
Subject works may change without notice.
Access may be concentrated immediately after the campaign update. If the page is not displayed properly, please try again later.
Works with [Daily ¥ 0] are not eligible for reduction.
In addition, there are some works that are not covered.
First-time buyers of DMM Books will receive a 70% OFF coupon! [Image 2

Acquisition conditions: Those who have never purchased paid works on DMM Books Discount details: 70% OFF (*Up to 3,000 yen)
Expiration date: Within 7 days after obtaining the coupon, until the first purchase is completed
Applied timing: Applied automatically during the purchase process. Important points: Some products are not eligible. If a discount has been applied to some of the items in your order, you will be able to see the applicable items in your basket and on the purchase details confirmation screen.
[Inquiries about DMM Books]
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