Limited company EXNOA Pre-registration for Heroic RPG “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/San” starts today! Live broadcast with Emiri Suyama, Hina Tachibana, and Iori Saeki as guests!

Heroic RPG “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/San” Pre-registration starts today! A live broadcast with Emiri Suyama, Hina Tachibana, and Iori Saeki as guests has been decided!

DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: is a heroic RPG for smartphones / PCs scheduled to be released this winter “BLUE REFLECTION SUN”. We are pleased to announce that pre-registration has started on the App Store / Google Play / PC (DMM GAME PLAYER version) of / san, and the official live broadcast has been decided.
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▼ Click here for pre-registration: ■Pre-registration for “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/san” starts today! Follow & RT campaign is also held!
Pre-registration for the heroic RPG “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/San”, which depicts the story of girls fighting against the “destruction of ash”, started today.
Along with that, we will hold a pre-registration reward that will increase the number of items distributed after the release according to the number of pre-registrants, and a follow-up & RT campaign where 500 people will receive an Amazon gift code worth up to 10,000 yen. [Pre-registration reward]
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[Follow & RT campaign]
-Application method-
1. Follow the official Twitter account (@BRSUN_game)
2. Retweet the corresponding tweet
3. Check results from Four. Pre-register to prepare for the release
-Application period-
January 6, 2023 (Friday) to January 12 (Thursday) 23:59
■Full renewal of the official website! Game introduction PV 1st and key visual 3rd released
The official website of “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/san” has been completely renewed. At the same time, the first game introduction PV that conveys the charm of this work and the third key visual of eight characters snuggling up in the ruins have been released.
Official website:
Game introduction PV 1st:
[Video 3:] [Image 3

■”BLUE REFLECTION SUN/san” official live broadcast has been decided! The official live broadcast of “BLUE REFLECTION SUN/san” has been decided on January 19th (Thursday).
We welcomed Emiri Suyama (role of Shiho Kasuga), Hina Tachibana (role of Miki Oki), Iori Saeki (role of Yukiko Takaoka), and Mel Kishida as guests to discuss the results of the CBT questionnaire and the release of this work. We will deliver a lot of content such as response policies and the latest information. Do not miss it!
Broadcast date and time: January 19, 2023 (Thursday) 19:00-
Viewing URL:
[Video 4:] -Performer-
[Image 4d32953-3852-f1a23e18b9cfaf35be48-3.jpg&s3=32953-3852-16678a2188e6dfede41d8f1a5c97e8ed-600x900.jpg
Emiri Suyama (role of Shiho Kasuga)
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Hina Tachibana (role of Miki Kou)
[Image 6d32953-3852-d5f02b75bc143969f1dc-5.jpg&s3=32953-3852-0aa7bdbfec594b0b7ba23d286a1c4b5e-600x900.jpg
Iori Saeki (as Yukiko Takaoka)
[Image 7d32953-3852-ec28dcd7f503375321ad-6.jpg&s3=32953-3852-525fa87c89f59ede36b5fb1d1a78332a-750x1000.jpg
Mel Kishida (“BLUE REFLECTION” series general supervisor/character design) Akira Tsuchiya (Koei Tecmo Games “BLUE REFLECTION SUN” Director) -MC-
Hyakka Ryoran-san
Koei Tecmo Games “Gust Brand”, which worked on the “Atelier” series, presents a group of works in the same world line depicting the life-size youth patterns of girls.
So far, two games (“BLUE REFLECTION: The Sword of the Girl Dancing in Illusion” and “BLUE REFLECTION TIE/Emperor”) and one anime (“BLUE REFLECTION RAY/Mio”) have been released. SUN/San” is a completely new app game drawn in the same world line as the past work.
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■ Product information
Genre: Heroic RPG
Delivery time: Scheduled to be released this winter
Platform: App Store / Google Play / PC (DMM GAME PLAYER version) Price: Basic play free (with item charge)
Rights notation: (C) 2021 EXNOA LLC / Koei Tecmo Games All rights reserved. ▼ Official website:
▼ Official Twitter:
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Details about this release:


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