Limited company VOICE Matt becomes QUUN official ambassador! “QUUN LAUNCH PARTY” to enjoy music and chill at a club in Shibuya

Matt becomes QUUN official ambassador! “QUUN LAUNCH PARTY” to enjoy music and chill at a club in Shibuya
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VOICE LLC (head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo), which manufactures and sells the topical disposable pocket shisha “QUUN” that embodies the concept of “chill anytime, anywhere”, has decided to introduce the talent Matt. With the official brand ambassador, we will develop the creative of “Matt x QUUN” at stores such as Don Quijote nationwide and online stores. Also, to commemorate the appointment as an ambassador, “QUUN LAUNCH PARTY” will be held on January 25 (Wednesday) at Shibuya club BAIA.
QUUN is a popular pocket shisha on SNS with 0 nicotine and 0 tar. One bottle can be sucked 500 times, which is equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes, and you can enjoy all 12 flavors that are particular about the taste. In addition, since it is a disposable type, you can enjoy chill time anytime, anywhere without troublesome charging.
This time, Matt was enjoying QUUN even in his private life, so I sympathized with his desire to let as many people as possible know about QUUN, and he was appointed as an official ambassador. We will develop a new brand visual of “Matt x QUUN” widely at Don Quijote stores nationwide, restaurants nationwide that carry QUUN, and online such as Amazon and Rakuten.
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[Image 2d102347-7-6bccb02b5d77f88136c7-1.jpg&s3=102347-7-ae9c5ad8bc5d69b9ecb528232288d5c3-1145x1431.jpg
In addition, at the “QUUN LAUNCH PARTY” to be held this time, not only can you try QUUN, but special guests such as ambassador Matt will participate. It is an event where you can enjoy the finest music and chill experience with everyone who comes to the venue.
QUUN official ambassador information
Matt / QUUN Official Ambassador
[Image 3d102347-7-519d1441d6a38cbaafe9-2.jpg&s3=102347-7-8c2366f4f29246f341faa3047d31fbaa-3900x2595.jpg
Active as an artist in various fields such as singer, songwriter, talent, model, retoucher makeup, bridal tuxedo and Japanese clothing designer.
■Please tell us how you feel about becoming a QUUN official ambassador. I’m happy because I always smoked in private.
■Please tell us how you started smoking QUUN.
When I went to a bar, it was on the counter and I tried it. There were various flavors and it was delicious and I liked it!
■QUUN’s favorite flavor?
There are a lot of them out there, but I recently tried cola, and it’s delicious.
■What do you like about QUUN?
I can’t smoke and I don’t like the scent, but QUUN smells good and tastes good, and I like that everyone can enjoy smoking.
■What kind of person would you like to recommend QUUN to?
It’s genderless and doesn’t contain nicotine or tar, so I think everyone can enjoy it!
■Please give a message to your fans.
We want you to enjoy QUUN as an item that makes drinking parties fun with its pop design! There is a lot of gloomy news right now, but I would like to contribute to a brighter world with QUUN.
Event overview
This is a club event where you can experience the best music and chill in commemoration of Matt’s inauguration as an official QUUN
ambassador. At the venue, you can try the popular flavors of QUUN. Matt will also participate as a guest. Other popular artists will perform. You can enjoy the venue as one.
[Image 4d102347-7-e6b103bdba178adaf9f3-3.jpg&s3=102347-7-4fb6570c5ed47f0c74fda7f1b868eb10-1925x2700.jpg
■ Event name: QUUN LAUNCH PARTY presented by QUUN
■ Date and time: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) Open at 20:30 (Start at 21:00) ■ Venue: BAIA 〒150-0042 16-17 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ■ Admission fee: 2,000 yen for men / 1,000 yen for women
■ Ambassador: Matt
Special guest information
September 22, 1994 / RAPPER / KOREA
[Image 5d102347-7-fc0ca773400f85b1e89b-4.jpg&s3=102347-7-4b3cdd5623fea612dc5f1be4078ee6f5-1440x1800.jpg
An artist who sticks to his height of 193 cm, which is rare in the hip-hop scene, and his unique hairstyle, and constantly tries to collaborate with various genres.
May 28, 1994 / DJ / KOREA
[Image 6d102347-7-98de11b2f7b3ad5e495d-5.jpg&s3=102347-7-c09b2285562aa1cde262bc9d3b4e2952-2025x2700.jpg
A Korean-based DJ, he manipulates various genres based on hip-hop and R&B. A pop pin dance performance was also shown.
Singer & Song Writer / CANADA
[Image 7d102347-7-7e8879fb1b6265081356-6.jpg&s3=102347-7-612f9ab4c0a01e206f19d49b3acf58f1-1929x2700.jpg
Even before their official debut, the single album “Thank You” ranked 17th on the Apple Music R&B chart. The recently released “nostalgia” topped three countries: Argentina, Estonia, and Fiji.
Product information
■ Product name: QUUN
■ Sales destination: Official site
■Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Number of times that can be sucked: about 500 times (there are individual differences)
[Image 8d102347-7-da2d441c0195042bb864-7.png&s3=102347-7-cea4e8f080457d3027cce15a41bf2069-500x500.png
◎A total of 12 flavors with a focus on flavor and texture
◎Nicotine 0, tar 0, cigarette smell 0
◎ Troublesome liquid filling & charging unnecessary
◎ Don Quijote Deployed at about 250 stores nationwide
◎Rakuten Ichiba real-time ranking No. 1
Details about this release:


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