Limited Liability Company Oblivion LINE Mini App x Smart Lock The entry/exit management function has started linking with “RemoteLOCK”. – Digital membership card “L Member’s Card”

Oblivion Limited Liability Company
[LINE Mini App x Smart Lock] The entry/exit management function has started linking with “RemoteLOCK”. – Digital membership card “L Member’s Card”
-Everything from facility check-in to issuance of a key (PIN) at the time of entry is completed on LINE-

The entry/exit management function of the LINE digital membership card system “L Member’s Card” provided by Oblivion LLC (Location: 1-6-15 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideki Sato) is now a cloud management function. We have started cooperation with the smart lock “RemoteLOCK (remote lock)” equipped with. Through this collaboration, room entry management, from facility check-in to issuance of keys (PINs) when entering rooms, can be handled completely
non-face-to-face, strongly promoting store DX such as labor saving, unmanned operation, and operational efficiency. .
[Image 1d52385-84-6b54e992d59d6fd82dd0-8.png&s3=52385-84-af3d4c561f5de9d3e8acd6ef59a49494-2400x1260.png
Background of cooperation
There is demand for “non-contact/non-face-to-face” services, the need for IoT technology, and labor-saving/unmanned operations and improved operational efficiency due to the labor shortage. In modern times, the way stores and facilities are managed has come to be reviewed. Therefore, in order to further strengthen store and facility DX, save labor, and promote operational efficiency, we have developed a smart lock that can manage entry and exit on the cloud, as well as the entrance / exit management function of the LINE digital membership card “L Member’s Card”. We have started cooperation with “RemoteLOCK”. Content of cooperation
With this collaboration, a room entry key (PIN) linked to your check-in information will be automatically issued in a timely manner on your LINE.
The PIN is only valid for 30 minutes after check-in, and there is no need to hand over or contact the key at the facility. is possible. 1. Automatically issue a PIN that is valid for 30 minutes after check-in at LINE check-in
2. You can check your PIN at any time on the check-in completion screen and history screen
3. Compatible with L Member’s Card’s entry/exit management function ■ Flow from check-in to PIN entry
[Image 2d52385-84-d2f902a0d9abec44d0f0-7.png&s3=52385-84-91565e9d02bcee8b56b5ad4af4fd4f4f-2240x1260.png
1. “Check-in” on the LINE mini app of the service / store
2. Customers read the QR code at the store
3. At the same time as check-in is completed, the password for entering the room will be displayed
4. Unlock by entering the PIN number on the RemoteLOCK device installed on the door
About “RemoteLOCK”

[Image 3d52385-84-8d40ba9f99dfe048329d-9.jpg&s3=52385-84-1fdea5432ca231e245901aa927527dd6-1110x587.jpg
RemoteLOCK is a business smart lock product and access control system provided by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. You can manage and issue unlocking keys with different expiration dates for each user in the cloud system.
It is used for the entrances and doors of various facilities, such as rental spaces such as unmanned salons, rental conference rooms, rental studios, and gyms, accommodation facilities such as hotels, inns, private lodgings, offices, and public facilities.
An open platform for access control that can reduce the hassle of handing over facility keys and the complexity of counter operations by automatically issuing and notifying unlock keys linked to various reservation services, business systems, and hardware via APIs. am. ▶ Service site:
Digital membership card “L Member’s Card” completed on LINE
[Image 4d52385-84-d9047c2af2e12d306ee0-2.png&s3=52385-84-336157eb000ef0277311d575aca3d4e1-1200x628.png
L Member’s Card is a digital membership card service that is complete on LINE and has a wealth of extended functions that support many industries. By introducing the L Member’s Card to stores and companies, there is no need to install a smartphone app or troublesome login work, and you can present your membership card and point card as soon as you have LINE.
The L Member’s Card has 4 types of “basic functions” and more than 15 “extended functions” for various industries, all of which can be used at no additional charge.
■ 4 types of basic functions
[Image 5d52385-84-9bd983ac49771abcebfc-3.png&s3=52385-84-42624bee08a03d04d7a80f20a1d48846-1600x900.png
(1) Membership card function
(2) Customer management and analysis
(3) Optimization of LINE message delivery
(4) Repeat measures
■ More than 15 types of extended functions for various industries [Image 6d52385-84-8a1d95bdd3ae6d2fb352-4.png&s3=52385-84-ad565990646d8ded8ab0740cade780ab-1600x900.png
With the L Member’s Card, you can use extended functions for various industries at no additional charge.
By selecting only the apps that suit your company from the app market in the management screen, you can increase the number of things you can do on LINE.
(Example) More than 15 types in total, including subscription function, event reservation function, entry/exit management function, etc.
Details: ▽ Experience a demo account on LINE
L Member’s Card Price Plan
[Image 7d52385-84-1ae33fb4ccb5a6f6bfc2-6.png&s3=52385-84-7425d45908a9ab7c492b4cb30c735c38-2240x732.png
The monthly fee for the L Member’s Card is 9,800 yen, the lowest in the industry. In addition, we offer a one-month free trial period from the initial contract, so please feel free to try this service first. *There is no minimum contract period limit and no cancellation fee. *There is no additional cost for the number of LINE friends or messages sent. ▽ Click here for account registration and application
Flow until introduction of L Member’s Card
[Image 8d52385-84-dc6facc1ecc026850db8-1.png&s3=52385-84-afe6115b67c123f883f3fb28a5aaca8e-2312x1095.png
By registering an account on the website, you can immediately use the management screen.
Please fill out the application form and we will submit the LINE MINI App application.
As soon as the application for the LINE MINI App is approved, the release will be completed and all functions will be available. ▽ Click here to open an account
“L Member’s Card”
Service overview Service name: L Member’s Card
Service start date: November 2021
Owned media “L Members Card MAGAZINE”: Document download: Corporate information
■ Oblivion Limited Liability Company
Location: 1-6-15 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2019
Representative: Representative Director Hideki Sato
Business: Development and operation of chatbot services
■ Kozo Keikaku Engineering Co., Ltd.
Location: Japan Holstein Hall, 4-38-13 Honmachi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo Established: May 1959
Representative: Shota Hattori, Chairman and Representative Executive Officer Business: Information and communication
■ Contact information
Details about this release:


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