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Limited time Special chocolate made with carefully selected ingredients such as strawberries and champagne. Chocolate collection of “La Maison Shirokane” that colors Valentine’s Day!

J Works Co., Ltd.
[Limited time] Special chocolate made with carefully selected ingredients such as strawberries and champagne. Chocolate collection of “La Maison Shirokane” that colors Valentine’s Day!
Available from January 12th (Thursday) at La Maison Shirokane Grand Main Store and other permanent stores and online shops.

Tokyo’s Shirokane confectionery brand “La Maison Shirokane” will release a limited-time chocolate collection perfect for Valentine’s Day. We will deliver a lineup that focuses on materials and finishes, such as luxurious truffles using champagne and strawberries, and truffles that enjoy the combination of strawberries and chocolate. We will start handling it sequentially at Valentine’s event spaces in department stores nationwide.
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Valentine’s season is here, when chocolate rubbers are exciting. From “La Maison Shirokane”, a limited-time chocolate collection will be available to brighten up Valentine’s Day.
We will deliver a variety of cute and delicious chocolates, such as strawberries and champagne, that are particular about choosing chocolate and ingredients.
Please use La Maison Shirokane’s chocolate to accompany your precious time as a reward for yourself who worked hard every day, or as a gift for your loved ones and those who took care of you.
[Table 7: ]
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Smooth truffle chocolate that melts in your mouth with champagne and strawberries.
The cream of Amaou strawberry and champagne is confined in the chocolate. A happy melt-in-your-mouth truffle with chocolate that melts in your mouth and soft cream overflows.
[Table 8: ]
Amaou Strawberry Champagne Truffle: ¥1,080 (tax included)
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A smooth creamy truffle made with Amaou strawberries.
A cream made with Amaou strawberries, which has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, is enclosed in chocolate.
The mellow mixture of chocolate and cream brings out the rich flavor and aroma of Amaou strawberries.
You can enjoy eating and comparing three types of Amaou strawberry cream: vanilla flavor, milk, and white.
Amao Strawberry Truffle: ¥918 (tax included)
[Table 10: ]
[Image 4

A well-balanced selection of assorted nuts and fruits that go well with chocolate.
I was particular about the combination of chocolate and ingredients such as ganache and cream.
We offer 12 different flavors such as raspberry flavor, milk praline flavor, earl gray flavor and more.
The gorgeousness of chocolate, such as toppings such as nuts and fruits, lines, and logos, is also a point.
Platinum chocolate: 4 ¥756 / 6 ¥1,080 / 8 ¥1,404 / 12 ¥2,052 (both tax included)
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[Image 5

The popular tablet is now in an easy-to-eat bite size!
It is a mini-sized chocolate bar where you can enjoy the texture, color, and aroma of whole almonds, orange peel, and black tea leaves, including the new pistachio.
Add toppings such as pistachio, strawberry dice, and black tea leaves to create an exciting finish just by looking at it.
We have 8 pieces of “Care Chocolat” and “Care & Assortment” which is a set of 4 pieces of platinum chocolate and 6 pieces of Carre Chocolat. Carre Chocolat: ¥1,188 (tax included)
Carre & Assortment: ¥1,620 (tax included)
*Some stores may not be available.
[Table 12: ]
[Image 6d36932-236-96bf6c10bdd7e4c648f2-12.jpg&s3=36932-236-3d8b5ed5bd0ab82448d269a39fabeadc-2000x1333.jpg
A two-tier box set with a basic platinum chocolate, a truffle with Amaou strawberry filling, a truffle with Amaou strawberry and champagne cream, and a carre chocolate.
It is a luxurious box where you can fully enjoy the chocolate collection of “La Maison Shirokane” with 8 carre chocolates and 8 chocolates!
Assorted chocolate BOX: ¥ 2,808 (tax included)
[Image 7d36932-236-a71541566dfd225c54e2-11.jpg&s3=36932-236-9f8d55eaf5e402070d939e5bbce1a244-2000x1050.jpg
“La Maison Shirokin” is a pastry shop in Shirokin, Tokyo, a town where luxury houses and restaurants and Japanese and Western are fused. Treat yourself and various gifts with the theme of “high quality casual” such as chocolates and baked goods that are particular about ingredients and seasonality.
We will deliver with a lineup that can correspond to Toshin. [Image 8d36932-236-71ddb8e17aa0ad1b4b6d-10.jpg&s3=36932-236-b828c40c9fc4d00c18c5d7fa0bd034ff-2000x1342.jpg
◆Permanent store◆
Grand Main Store (Shirokane Takanawa), Grand Denenchofu Store, Grand Chidori Store, Grand Isetan Shinjuku Store, Grand Hanshin Umeda Main Store,
Shibuya Hikarie Shinqs Toyoko Noren Street Store, Atré Kichijoji Store *Products handled may differ depending on the store.
◆Special event stall◆
Please see the following page for event stall information.
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