LINE RECORDS KAHOH releases a new song “my type” based on his own experiences today A love song that expresses the honest feelings of a girl who becomes “melomel”

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KAHOH releases new song “my type” based on his own experiences today Overseas track makers WD, Boran, and DitchDavid, who work on ENHYPEN’s songs, participated in the song.

LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Idezawa) is an artist belonging to the music label “LINE RECORDS” operated by the company. We are pleased to announce that the new song “my type” will be distributed on each music distribution service from today.
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21-year-old R&B singer-songwriter KAHOH, known for streaming hits such as “Summer Time” and “Rendezvous” and the TikTok blockbuster of “GIRLS TALK”, will deliver a new song “my type” today on January 18th. is decided.
Overseas track makers WD, Boran, and DitchDavid, who also work on ENHYPEN’s songs, participated in the track of the new song “my type”. It is said that he used Google Translate to create the lyrics and created the song in one day. Based on her own experience, it is a song that realistically expresses the honest feelings of a girl who falls in love with someone she likes.
The sound engineer is Kin-chan, who has also participated in works by Macaroni Enpitsu and Kodai Matsuura. While valuing the sound of Western music, we are particular about the presence of the vocal mix, and we would like you to pay attention to the three-dimensional sound makeup that is worth listening to.
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I know you’re playing with me, so I try not to get addicted to it, but every time I wake up, I still think I like it. My type is this kind of person after all… I’m amazed at myself. At times like that, there was a time when I thought it was “melomero”, and I wanted to use that word for a long time, so I started writing this song lol
Isn’t “melomero” really cute? lol
I always write songs that sound like a brawler, so at first I wrote, “When you wake up, you’re already falling in love with me,” but somehow it didn’t feel right…
It’s a song that I tried to be very honest, saying that my true feelings are “I’m falling in love with you”, which is rare lol I hope that the lyrics will sympathize with the true feelings of various girls. I think the chorus is also a catchy melody, so try singing it to your heart’s content.
Everyone, please fall in love with this song! smile
Music information
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Title: “my type”
Lyricist: KAHOH
Composer: KAHOH, WD, Boran, Ditch David
Release date: Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Tracklist: my type
Genre: R&B
Song URL:
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21 year old R&B singer-songwriter. Started dancing at the age of 4 in her hometown of Wakayama, and woke up to singing in earnest when she was a junior high school student. The collaboration singles “Summer Time” and “Rendezvous” released in 2020 are all streaming hits, and “GIRLSTALK” continues to be a big hit on TikTok. In 2021, he became the most noticed in the scene by participating in topical songs such as siki “Ame remix” and BANTY FOOT “BlueEyes”, and released the single “Everything is over” in June of the same year. In May 2022, he released “Luv Password”, inspired by a love consultation corner in his radio program. Her unique singing voice, which combines power and transparency, and realistic lyrics, fascinates listeners.
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With the aim of further activating communication through music and expanding contact points with users, we will produce records related to music and manage music.

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