Loft Ahead of spring with fragrance! Loft cherry blossom items

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[Loft] Ahead of spring with fragrance! Loft cherry blossom items Approximately 650 types of hair oils, softeners, etc.

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Loft Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/President and CEO Koki Ando) is developing items with the scent of cherry blossoms and cherry blossom motifs ahead of the arrival of spring.
Due to the growing interest in scents, the response to limited edition products focusing on “scents” that are released each season is increasing year by year, and inquiries are increasing even before the release date. Osmanthus scented items, which were expanded in August last year, performed well, with sales exceeding 350% compared to the previous year.
Every year, cherry blossoms are an annual scent that will be available for a limited time from around December, which is waiting for the arrival of spring, and is popular not only with domestic tourists but also with tourists visiting Japan. In addition to hair care and body care products in limited quantities, we have about 650 types of cherry blossom items such as message cards.
Deployment locations: Lofts nationwide such as Ginza Loft, Shibuya Loft, and loft net stores (
■ Number of products: Approximately 650 types *Items handled and scale vary by store
[Spring mood with cherry blossoms]
● ululis Water Conch Sakura Pair Set 2023ver (H2O) … 3,080 yen [Image 2

More than 90% is composed of water-soluble moisturizing ingredients. Shampoo and treatment set with gentle scent of someiyoshino. Comes with a hair care trial pack.
*Excluding base, including water
● Eight The Thalasso Gentle Repair & Moist Charge Serum Hair Milk Pink Relax 2022 (STELLA SEED) … 1,540 yen
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A water-retaining hair milk that is used on towel-dried hair. The scent of aqua blossom.
● FUN AZUM Moist & Damage Repair Hair Oil Pink Sparkle (JPSLABO) … 1,595 yen [Image 4

A fruity fragrance oil blended with cherry blossoms, lemon and cassis. Moisturizes and protects against damage caused by heat and friction. ● THERATIS Dreamy Sakura Matte Makeup Stick (Vicrea) … 1,320 yen [Image 5

Combining someiyoshino leaf extract (fragrance and moisturizing ingredients), this hair styling stick can be used to care for dryness while keeping your hair straight.
[Wrapped in the scent of cherry blossoms]
● Becure Honey Fun Fun Toile Sakura Urara (Styling Life Holdings BCL Company) … 1,540 yen
[Image 6

Eau de toilette with a scent inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom. The slim bottle design makes it easy to carry on the go. ● KNEIPP Hand Cream Sakura Fragrance 75ml (KNEIPP JAPAN) … 825 yen [Image 7

Contains wild cherry blossom extract (moisturizing ingredient) and almond oil (moisturizing ingredient) for fresh hands.
● John’s Blend Musk Blossom Softener (Nor Corporation) … 1,650 yen [Image 8

A liquid fabric softener that leaves your clothes softly scented. A gorgeous musk blossom scent.
*Scheduled to arrive in mid-January
● LE VOILE FLORAL SOLA FLOWER DIFFUSER Cerisier (Art Lab) … 2,200 yen [Image 9

By sucking up the oil, the sola flower will be dyed in cherry blossom color and the scent will spread throughout the room. The fragrance period is about 1 month.
[Admire the cherry blossoms]
● Spring Card Hakuou and Mejiro (Japan Hallmark)…572 yen
[Image 10d18324-1170-78322aab94954cbe519d-6.jpg&s3=18324-1170-f78ea6b61fc65e2467c9ab443bbacede-600x600.jpg
A three-dimensional card with a design of cherry blossoms and white-eyes, which are spring traditions, on a background like a gold folding screen.
● Spring Round fence cherry blossoms and rabbit (Sanrio) … 495 yen [Image 11d18324-1170-aeaf68492adec65e13cd-5.jpg&s3=18324-1170-662b552c360ec26de9bf663a1e630716-483x500.jpg
A three-dimensional card with a rabbit looking up at the cherry blossoms in a round shelf. The cherry blossoms have a sparkling lame finish.
● Sua + elier sticker blooming (S&C Corporation) … 275 yen
[Image 12d18324-1170-57c8ad38078b15fa7c36-10.jpg&s3=18324-1170-97bc4966a3ba7b2ab193fa6824c31aa3-1093x2225.jpg
[Image 13d18324-1170-4cbf2aeae8d3d0f3913b-9.jpg&s3=18324-1170-909ac18b70daa6b2d1a0f455203f3289-695x456.jpg
-Sticker usage example-
A cherry blossom motif sticker from the Korean brand “Sua+elier” series based on the concept of “stylish and cute”.
*All prices include tax. *All products are limited in quantity and will end as soon as they run out.
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