Loved by professional chefs! Pre-orders for the integrated kitchen knife CHUKANOTE “Kiwami” series with customizable handles have started at CAMPFIRE!

Backer Founder Co., Ltd.
Loved by professional chefs! Pre-orders for the integrated kitchen knife CHUKANOTE “Kiwami” series with customizable handles have started at CAMPFIRE!
A kitchen knife finished with high-hardness powdered high-speed steel that cuts even the most difficult ingredients with ease.

Backer Founder Co., Ltd. will start pre-order sales of the one-piece kitchen knife CHUKANOTE “Kiwame” series, which will act as a pre-sale agent in Japan, on the crowdfunding site “Campfire” from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). The handle of the eco-friendly “Kiwami” series can be changed freely, so you can use it as a kitchen knife for a lifetime. The sophisticated design blends well with the interior. Campfire Project Page:
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What is the “Kiwami” series that combines eco-friendly ideas? Not wasting resources is also the first step towards being
“environmentally friendly”. Conventional kitchen knives had no choice but to throw them away when the handle broke. Replacing the handle is quite difficult, so it was common to buy a new one. Recovering and reusing discarded knives is also expensive, so most of the knives become waste. Minimal design kitchen knife “Kiwami” was born to solve such problems. Using powdered high-speed steel with high hardness, it is integrally molded from the blade to the handle with outstanding sharpness and durability. The handle can be easily replaced with high maintainability, fundamentally solving the problem of “replacement”. The reason why professional chefs love it
1. Assembled handle
With conventional knives, the handle cannot be changed freely, so even if the knife is sharp, if the handle breaks, you have to throw it away. “Kiwame” is a dedicated part that anyone can easily replace, which solves the problem of knife disposal.
[Image 2:] * Customize the handle! With your favorite pattern, it matches the interior. (Handles with other colors and patterns will be released after the crowdfunding ends.)
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2.Best class sharpness
Kitchen knives finished with high-hardness powdered high-speed steel are an excellent type of steel. Furthermore, because it is processed by heat treatment three times, the sharpness is the highest class. Not only basic home cooking ingredients, but also difficult ingredients can be easily cut.
[Image 4:] 3. Integrated kitchen knife that can be used for a lifetime
The center of gravity is perfectly adjusted with the integrally molded design from the handle to the blade and the assembled handle. We have achieved a perfect balance that is easy to hold regardless of gender. Moreover, unlike general one-piece knives, there are no welded joints, so it is more durable and can be used for a long time.
[Image 5d86726-11-917479156bbbbc650e54-2.jpg&s3=86726-11-65cdf4d4797a1f80a8a35387aca966cd-3900x2600.jpg
Aluminum handles that are more durable than regular knives
The handles of kitchen knives currently on the market are generally made of wood or resin. Handles often crack or break. Repairing at a specialty store is a high hurdle, so in most cases you end up buying a new one. The “Kiwami” series uses an aircraft-grade aluminum handle, so it can be used semi-permanently.
[Image 6d86726-11-921af5e62f63afa33dce-8.jpg&s3=86726-11-380c30df630b1329cb77379e876ebe02-1200x1300.jpg
Modern kitchen knife with minimal design
The fusion of knives and modern design blends well with interiors and brings out the original charm of steel. The refined minimal design matches the interior of the kitchen. Adding an eco-friendly concept, our “Minimal Design Kitchen Knife” was born.
[Image 7d86726-11-fc75069218ba5cd872db-4.jpg&s3=86726-11-9f120a051edf4dd913cdf7c06fd032c6-3900x2601.jpg
Product details
■ “Kiwami” PLUS set: Santoku knife, chef knife, petty knife
List price: Early bird price 36,000 yen (single item purchase is also possible) Comes with three knives that can handle any dish. It is possible to use different special knives depending on the type of food. You should be able to enjoy cooking even more!
[Image 8d86726-11-cebb2c9188db394ad5aa-5.jpg&s3=86726-11-857ff88e7dcd50978700db3e0ac2c0d0-3900x2600.jpg
■ “Kiwami” MAX set: Santoku knife, chef knife, petty knife, kitchen scissors, knife stand
List price: Early bird price 60,000 yen (single item purchase is also possible) In addition to the three knives, it is also equipped with kitchen scissors and a knife stand. The stand is also ideal for interior decoration.
[Image 9d86726-11-8fcf4b6005f029b7f0a9-6.jpg&s3=86726-11-b8ca74d5b25d0559fea57f09e714fee6-3900x2926.jpg
[Image 10d86726-11-7c2a7cf585b3cdb74ed3-7.jpg&s3=86726-11-47111cbfc41af35542a110721352904e-3900x2600.jpg
■ Product name: “Pole” series kitchen knife
Material: Powdered high-speed steel
Assembly handle material: Aircraft aluminum
Color: Space Black
■ Product lineup:
Santoku knife: length: 319mm, weight: 196.7g, list price: 13,000 yen Chef’s knife: length: 319mm, weight: 240g, list price: 14,000 yen Petty Knife: Length: 231mm, Weight: 124.9g, Price: Sold as a set Kitchen scissors: length: 218mm, weight: 265.3g, list price: 14,000 yen Knife stand: Length: 140mm, Width: 102mm, Height: 248mm, List price: Sold as a set
*Early bird price for a limited quantity at Campfire
■ “Campfire” project page:
Project period: January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00 to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59.
■ “Kiwami” series kitchen knife official SNS:

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