LuckyFM Summer festival “LuckyFes” will be held again in 2023! 3 consecutive holidays from July 15th to 17th, the venue is Hitachi Seaside Park. With the slogan “Connect the lights of Ibaraki’s festival culture!” Early bird discount tickets are now

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The summer festival “LuckyFes” will be held again in 2023! 3 consecutive holidays from July 15th to 17th, the venue is Hitachi Seaside Park. With the slogan “Connect the lights of Ibaraki’s festival culture!” Early bird discount tickets are now on sale
Ibaraki Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) will hold the summer festival “LuckyFes2023” on July 15th (Sat), 16th (Sun), and 17th (Mon/holiday), 2023. The venue is Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture).
Also, from 12:00 on February 1st (Wednesday), the first 300 tickets will be sold on the Ibaraki Broadcasting ticket sales system “Iba Ticket” [Early discount ticket for 3 days (29,800 yen *tax included)]. increase.
[Video 2:] LuckyFes, which was held for the first time on July 23rd and 24th, 2022, featured a total of 67 artists on 3 stages over 2 days with the slogan “Don’t turn off the festival culture of Ibaraki!” An attractive crossover of music such as rock, pops, and hip-hop was produced, and about 20,000 friends (visitors) from all over the country, mainly from Ibaraki Prefecture and the Kanto area, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, participated. It ended successfully on an unusual scale for an event. [Image 1

LuckyFes2022 enthusiastic venue
In the summer of 2023, the second year, the slogan will be “Connect the lights of Ibaraki’s festival culture!” Hitachi Seaside Park. We will proceed with preparations with the goal of mobilizing 60,000 friends (visitors) in 3 days.
LuckyFes2023 will continue to follow last year’s five concepts as a “music, food and art festival” and will be further enhanced. [Five concepts of LuckyFes]
1 Green: Thorough consideration for the global environment
2 Crossover: Offers a wide variety of music genres.
3 Theme park: Enjoy local Ibaraki food and domestic and international art 4 Family: Children and families can enjoy safely
5 Safety and security: Take thorough measures against corona and heat stroke The producer system will be almost the same as the first time. Yoshihito Hori, the owner of Ibaraki Broadcasting and an entrepreneur from Ibaraki Prefecture, was appointed as general producer, Hideki Yazawa was in charge of operation, and DJ DRAGON was in charge of planning.
We have also decided to officially change the name to “LuckyFes”. Along with this, the logo mark will also be a simple version. Please look forward to LuckyFes, which has come back with even more power. [Image 2

Message from Yoshito Hori, General Producer of LuckyFes
[Image 3

LuckyFes will be further enhanced and will be held this summer On January 5, 2022, just two hours after the shocking announcement of the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL moving to Chiba, they announced the opening of their own festival with the slogan “Don’t turn off the festival culture of Ibaraki!” . The cultural and mental impact of the people of Ibaraki Prefecture on not being the venue for Japan’s largest festival is huge, and the damage to the local economy is enormous. I don’t want to disappoint the people of Ibaraki, I want them to have hope. With that in mind, we decided to launch LuckyFes, and although it was the first time last year, 20,000 friends (spectators) participated in 3 stages over 2 days, and we were able to successfully conclude it. And in 2023, the second year, we will be even more powerful than last year with the slogan “Connect the lights of Ibaraki’s festival culture!” LuckyFes2023 aims to have 60,000 friends participate in 3 stages over 3 days from July 15th (Sat) to 17th (Mon/holiday). I would like to realize To all the friends who participated in LuckyFes last year, we would appreciate it if you could cooperate with us to convey the excitement to many people as friends who will make LuckyFes together.
We are making preparations to reflect the opinions and requests of our friends and make it a festival that even more people can enjoy. We are looking forward to seeing many of you at LuckyFes.
See you at LuckyFes this summer (^^)/
General Producer of LuckyFes
Yoshito Hori
From 12:00 on February 1st, the first-come-first-served “Iba Ticket” limited 3-day early bird sale will start!
-Early Bird Overview-
・ Sales period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 24 (Friday) ・Limited to the first 300
・Early bird price: 3-day ticket 29,800 yen (tax included)
■ Ibaraki Broadcasting Ticket Sales System “Ibachike”
*Registration to the Ibaraki Broadcasting member service “Ibatomo” is required. (Free membership registration)
*The LuckyFes ticket sales page will be displayed in the performance list after 12:00 on Wednesday, February 1.
-Normal Ticket Price-
(1 day ticket)
Adult: 12,000 yen (tax included) / Junior and senior high school students: 6,000 yen (tax included)
(3-day ticket)
Adult: 33,000 yen (tax included) / Junior high and high school students: 16,000 yen (tax included)
LuckyFes2023 management system
[Image 4

General Producer: Yoshito Hori
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, completed the master’s program at Harvard Business School (MBA). Established GLOBIS Co., Ltd. in 1992 after working for Sumitomo Corporation. Established Globis Capital in 1996. In 2006, he opened the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management. In 2008, he established the G1 Summit, the Japanese version of the Davos Conference. In 2011, he launched the reconstruction support project “KIBOW”. In 2016, he became the chairman of the “Mito Central Restoration Project”, the same year Ibaraki Robots, and in 2019 he became the director and owner of Ibaraki Broadcasting. Ambassador Ibaraki and Ambassador Mito.
[Image 5

Operating Producer: Hideki Yazawa
Representative of ADN STATE Co., Ltd. Directed BIG BEACH FESTIVAL and REDBULL AIR RACE as a tour producer and concert promoter. Held DANCE FES SANCTUARY with DJ DRAGON. We are working to support all-in-one events such as play guide business (TICKET FROG) and stage trailers. [Image 6

Planning Producer: DJ DRAGON
Representative director of Jinnan Co., Ltd., representative director of Japan DJ Association, representative director of NPO Machikado Music, and representative of Everest Japan Co., Ltd. Develops a wide range of work that utilizes sensibility, such as DJ, music, design, and event production. In 2017 and 2018, he hosted DANCE FES SANCTUARY in Odaiba and attracted 10,000 people. Born in Ibaraki Prefecture. In charge of personality at LuckyFM.
■LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting
LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting is the only commercial broadcasting station that covers Ibaraki Prefecture with FM94.6MHz/88.1MHz and AM1197kHz/1458kHz. FM Tsukuba station (88.1MHz) opened in July 2021, and radiko’s free distribution area expanded to 1 Tokyo and 6 prefectures (all Kanto areas), making it a radio station that can be listened to in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We focus on the production of original programs based on five concepts: “music full of
diversity,” “local major,” “niche top,” “news,” and “sports.” We are also developing large-scale events and concerts centered on LuckyFes. [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Ibaraki Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Press and Public Relations Department, Person in charge: Yasu Hashida
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