Lumine Co., Ltd. Selling limited products from a total of 48 shops and holding a POP UP SHOP for a limited time! Newman Shinjuku “OPENING DAYS 2023SS” Date: February 10th (Friday) to 12th (Sunday)

Lumine Co., Ltd.
We will sell limited products from a total of 48 shops and hold a POP UP SHOP for a limited time! Newman Shinjuku “OPENING DAYS 2023SS” Date: February 10th (Friday) to 12th (Sunday)
A talk show by eri, the representative of DEPT Company, and a chance to experience the world of tanka written by Kan Ito, a poet / Lots of spring content such as flower arrangement workshops and make-up shows
Newman Shinjuku, operated by Lumine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Makoto Takahashi), will hold “OPENING DAYS 2023SS” from February 10th (Friday) to 12th (Sunday).
Based on the theme of Lumine Newman’s SS season, “Explore the Next When opening the door to the next”, “Doors to Discovery” is the event theme for this OPENING DAYS. ” and “Expanding the World” events and content will excite the start of spring.
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At OPENING DAYS 2023SS, pay attention not only to special measures at shops in Newman Shinjuku, but also to collaborations only for this event.
At each Newman Shinjuku shop, we have prepared special measures such as limited POP UP SHOP, brand pre-order event, custom order event, and hands-on workshops that are popular every time. It is an event that you can feel.
Limited to OPENING DAYS, we will be collaborating with the poet Kon Ito, the representative of the magazine GINZA×DEPT Company, eri, and fashion director Etsumi Nagao. The highlights are the 14 works on display in the museum, including new works by Mr. Kon Ito, including new works written for this event, a Valentine gift gift with a limited edition original shopper designed for tanka, and a tanka making learning with Mr. Ito. Conducting a workshop. We will liven up OPENING DAYS with such positive words that take a new step.
We are waiting for you with content that will give you hints to take a new step and find a new world, suitable for “Doors to Discovery”. -Overview-
[Period] February 10 (Friday) to February 12 (Sunday), 2023
[Place] NEWoMan Shinjuku
[Theme] “Doors to Discovery”
1. 48 Shop sells limited products and develops POP UP SHOP, etc. 2. Hold in-house workshops at popular shops
3. Kon Ito x Newman Shinjuku Exhibition Project “Noticing”
14 works, including new works, will be exhibited in the museum. From February 10th (Friday), the first 100 customers will receive an original shopper Valentine’s gift with a tanka poem by Kon Ito. In addition, on Saturday, February 11th, a workshop will be held to learn how to make tanka.
4. Luxurious talk show & makeup event held (DEPT Company
representative, eri x GINZA, Makeup artist KOTO)
5. Site special content by fashion director Etsumi Nagao
“Let’s ‘explore’ NEWoMan SHINJUKU. For new discoveries.”
6. Develop a special POP UP SHOP during the period
7. Styling contest to enjoy spring fashion
[Special site] [Newman Shinjuku Official Instagram] @newoman_shinjuku
* Contents and dates may be changed or canceled due to circumstances. For the latest information, please check the Newman Shinjuku official website
■ Release of limited products by 48 shops and development of POP UP SHOP, etc. At each shop in Newman Shinjuku, 48 shops will sell limited products and POP UP SHOPs, etc. to excite the arrival of the new season. We will introduce the event contents of each shop on the special site. * Excerpt below
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■In-house workshops by popular shops
A popular shop in Newman Shinjuku will hold a special workshop and talk event! It is a project that allows you to discover the charm of the brand even more, as well as for self-improvement.
*Advance reservations required. Please contact each shop for information on how to make a reservation.
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■ Kon Ito × Newman Shinjuku
Kon Ito x Newoman Shinjuku Exhibition Project “Noticing”
14 tanka poems by the poet Kon Ito will be exhibited in Newman Shinjuku. The highlight is the three new works written for OPENING DAYS. We are exhibiting works that make you feel “exploration” and “expanding the world”, which are the themes of OPENING DAYS. Please enjoy looking for works while walking around the museum. If you read the QR code installed near the exhibition, you can also see the “100-character memo on tanka” that unravels the tanka.
[Exhibition period] February 10 (Friday) to March 8 (Wednesday) [Exhibition location] Newman Shinjuku *Please see the special website for details.
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Kon Ito
poet. He is the author of the poetry collections “Transparent Feelings Flowing through the Skin” and “Full Arms” (both published by Tanka Kenkyusha). Mini songbook “hologram”.
In addition to producing tanka for brands such as the OSAJI2022 hair and body care series “Fall bouquet”, he also contributes tanka to magazines such as “BRUTUS” and “Soen”.
Collaboration with poet Kon Ito “Open your heart” tanka shopper gift! [Image 5

We offer a Valentine gift with a tanka poem on chocolate from the popular chocolate shops in Newman Shinjuku (La Maison du Chocolat, Pierre Marcolini). It will be handed over by a special shopper with a tanka design.
[Period] February 10 (Friday) 11: 00 ~
[Details] Customers who present a total purchase receipt of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more at the special counter on the 4th floor at Newman Shinjuku will receive chocolate in a special shopper. * It will end as soon as it runs out, and one of the two types of chocolate will be given.
A workshop to learn how to make a tanka Let’s explore “I” with words Why don’t you try to find out more about the feeling that usually ends with just one word, “I’m happy”?
Where in your body does that happiness, loneliness, or anger come from, and how does it resonate within you?
Let’s explore ourselves through the work of verbalizing our senses and emotions and tanka production with poet Kon Ito.
[Date and time] February 11 (Sat) 1.13: 30-15: 30 2. 16: 00-18: 00 [Venue] M2 workspace
[Capacity] 10 people each time (first-come-first-served basis) [Participation fee] 2,000 yen (including tax and sweets)
[Participation method] Applications are accepted from the Lumine app “ONE LUINE”.
Daily Tanka “Ichigo Isshu”
Only on the special site, tanka will be introduced on a daily basis. We also have new works exclusive to the site that cannot be seen in the museum exhibition.
■ Luxurious talk show & makeup event held
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■ Site special content by fashion director Etsumi Nagao
“Let’s ‘explore’ NEWoMan SHINJUKU. For new discoveries.”
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On the special site, there is a shop cruise article by fashion director Etsumi Nagao, which visited five shops (SUPER a MARKET, Chaos, NOSE SHOP, Drawing Numbers, IENA EDIFICE LA BOUCLE). For.” posted. We will deliver information that will make spring shopping fun, such as recommended SS items and styling techniques selected by Mr. Nagao.

■ Develop a special POP UP SHOP during the period
In conjunction with the event, a special limited-time POP UP SHOP will be opened in the building. During the OPENING DAYS event, special measures are also available for each shop. Please come and visit us. kone
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[Period] February 2nd (Thursday) to February 12th (Sunday)
[Location] 2F event space
Knitting yarns that are carefully wound up at our own factory with our special technology, and deliver high-quality knit items directly to customers with “Factory to Closet”.

[Special measures] Sato Seni’s factory brand “kone”, which aims to create products that are better for both producers and consumers and that do not fade, has adopted a build-to-order system that does not leave unnecessary threads. , bold rebranding. While maintaining our sincere attitude toward manufacturing, we have reborn as a system that delivers products that are full of our thoughts to more customers by making various ingenuity in the factory. We will deliver the Spring Collection 2023 as soon as possible.
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[Period] February 2nd (Thursday) to February 12th (Sunday)
[Location] 2F event space
Fukuoka’s brand AURA, which develops unique pearl accessories and simple and comfortable clothes, enjoy encounters with unique pearls that make your heart dance.
[Special measures] We will hold a semi-order fair for pearl chain necklaces that are perfect for important days and everyday use. Everyday life and the moon
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[Period] February 2nd (Thursday) to February 12th (Sunday)
[Place] M2 event space
Everyday life and moon that create custom-made mobile phone cases and coasters that you can choose your favorite color
[Special measures] We will deliver an order meeting where you can directly consult with the brand director, and Newman Shinjuku limited colors.

Implementing a styling contest to “attract” spring color items This year’s theme is “how to wear attractive people.” The expression of fashion varies greatly depending on who chooses and wears it. A total of 26 staff will propose a unique way of wearing Newman Shinjuku shop staff, focusing on spring trend colors and new items. ONE LUMINE will vote for their favorite styling, and we will draw a lottery from the customers who voted for the styling that came in 1st to 3rd place, and we will present a luxurious shopping experience worth up to 80,000 yen to 3 people. .
[Voting period] February 10 (Friday) to February 24 (Friday) [Voting method] Download ONE LUMINE and register Newman Shinjuku as a “Frequent Lumine”. Vote for your favorite styling by tapping the styling contest banner displayed on the ticket screen.
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-Request to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection- Please cooperate with the following matters when visiting our store. 1. Please cooperate with wearing a mask and cough etiquette when visiting the store.
2. Please help us disinfect your fingers before entering the store. 3. In order to avoid the “three Cs”, we will limit the use of some facilities in the building.
4. Please keep a distance from other customers when using the cash register and facilities in the facility.
5. Please refrain from coming to the store when you are unwell. 6. In order to avoid crowding in the building, please visit the store with a small number of people and use it for a short time.
*We may limit the number of people entering the store when it is crowded. 【Related Links】
・YouTube (NEWoMan Official Newman Official)
・Newman Shinjuku Official Homepage
・Newman Shinjuku Official Instagram
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