Luup Co., Ltd. LUUP participates in the demonstration experiment of “ENEOS Multi-Mobility Station”

Luup Co., Ltd.
LUUP Participates in Demonstration Experiment of “ENEOS Multi-Mobility Station” A hub where you can choose the most suitable means of transportation from 5 types of mobility will open in Komazawa, Setagaya-ku from February 2nd (Thursday)

Luup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Daiki Okai; hereinafter referred to as “Luup”) will open the “ENEOS Multi-Mobility Station” (Setagaya, Tokyo) on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Ward), and provide a port that allows you to rent and borrow electric kickboards in the sharing service “LUUP (loop)” that handles “electric micromobility” such as electric kickboards and small electric assist bicycles. .
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The “ENEOS Multi-Mobility Station” (hereafter referred to as “this station”) provides a battery sharing service for micro-mobility and electric motorcycles provided by a mobility company (*1) invested by ENEOS Holdings Co., Ltd. in one place. am. The building of the station uses CLT (*3), which utilizes the town-owned forests of Kumakogen-cho (*2), Ehime Prefecture, with which ENEOS Holdings Co., Ltd. has a tie-up with the aim of forming its own platform for creating carbon credits. It also contributes to the promotion of cyclical use of forests in the town.
*1…Open Street Co., Ltd., Luup Co., Ltd. and Gachaco Co., Ltd. *2…Announced on January 18, 2022 Concerning the Conclusion of a Partnership Agreement for the Realization of a Decarbonized Society
Using Forests ( pdf)
*3: An abbreviation for Cross Laminated Timber (in JAS,
cross-laminated wood), a wood-based material made by arranging sawn boards and then layering them so that the fiber directions are perpendicular to each other. It has excellent heat resistance and high strength.
Equipment outline
[ENEOS multi-mobility station design concept]
A variety of micro-mobility devices are arranged, and as a place where people who use them gather, it has an open structure with no partitions such as roofs or walls. It is intended to be a place of communication for the local community as a “base” for mobility that combines diversity in a simple form.
・ Location: 2-3-1 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
・Available sharing services:
– Electric kickboard
– electric assist bicycle
– electric scooter
– Electric small car
– Electric motorcycle battery changer
・Design and supervision: Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Co., Ltd.
・Construction: NIPPO Co., Ltd.
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LUUP port of ENEOS multi-mobility station
How to board mobility from a multi-mobility station
Before using, please download the app of each company’s sharing service and register as a member. You can make reservations for using and returning each mobility device, and pay fees on the app. The fee can be paid using the payment method registered on the app. Please check the app for details on how to use it.
How to use LUUP
Sharing app for electric kickboards and electric assisted bicycles *Only electric kickboards can be used at this station.
Using the smartphone app “LUUP”, you can ride an electric scooter or electric assist bicycle and move from port to port in the city. Regarding the sharing of electric scooters, we have been certified as a “new business exception system” and are provided under the government’s demonstration experiment.
・Usage fee
Ride basic charge 50 yen (tax included), time charge 15 yen per minute (tax included)
・About the use of electric kickboards
From the application, 1. Driver’s license registration and 2. Passing the traffic rules test with a perfect score are the conditions for using the electric kickboard. If you only use the electric assist bicycle, these measures are not required.
Property damage, bodily injury, and your own injuries are covered by this insurance. %81%A6
Roads with a high number of vehicles are voluntarily prohibited from driving for safety reasons. Prohibited roads are displayed on the map on the app and the user is encouraged to take a detour.
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● How to use the app
1. Download “LUUP” and register as a member. Download link:
2. If you would like to use an electric scooter, please register your driver’s license and take the traffic rules test from the account settings screen.
3. Find the port you want to start your ride from on the map screen. From the port details screen, you can confirm that the port has an electric scooter and a small electric assist bicycle.
When you arrive at the port, press the “unlock” button to activate the camera and scan the QR code of the electric scooter or small electric assist bicycle you want to ride.
4. Select your destination port and reserve your return location. The destination port can be changed later.
5. When the smart lock is unlocked, the aircraft will make a sound and the speed display LCD will turn on. Enjoy your ride safely.
6. When you arrive at the destination port, please return it within the frame. 7. After sending the return photo, the payment will be completed and the ride will end.
Other Usage guide for electric scooters:
Usage guide for electric assist bicycles: AB
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● How to ride an electric kickboard
1. Kick off the ground to gain initial speed and place both feet. 2. Slowly press the accelerator to accelerate.
3. You can bend gently while kicking the ground with your feet. *Under this special measure, when walking with an electric kickboard, it is considered a pedestrian. When turning right on a road with a lot of traffic, get off the electric scooter once at the intersection and push the crosswalk to cross.
4. There is a brake at hand, similar in shape to a bicycle. Apply the brakes slowly when coming to a stop. It is also possible to stop on your feet.
Others Watch a video on how to ride an electric scooter:

Watch the video of electric scooter traffic rules: [Image 6

If you have any trouble during the ride or have any questions about inviting friends, please contact us using the inquiry form in the app. [About Luup Co., Ltd.]
Luup Co., Ltd. will create a new short-distance transportation infrastructure that will “station front” the whole city through a sharing service for electric, small, single-seater micromobility. Currently, we are providing a high-density sharing service for electric scooters and small electric assist bicycles in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, and Tochigi. We will reduce CO2 emissions through the spread of electric micro-mobility, introduce new electric mobility that even the elderly can ride, and create a sustainable society where everyone can move safely and conveniently.
・ Location: 4th floor, AKIHABARA CENTRAL SQUARE, 3-21-24 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Corresponding financial institutions: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank
・Representative: Daiki Okai
・Established: July 2018
・ URL:
・ App download URL:
[Image 7d43250-179-926f294affcc2070077d-3.png&s3=43250-179-72575dd7e3792f77aaa126ab1487f8d4-512x512.png
* The LUUP app can be used on devices with iOS 14 or later, iPhone 6s or later, and Android OS 8.0 or later.

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