Made by Tsubamesanjo A solid and simple wood-chopping hatchet that pursues “beauty of use” “Kurohimori (Kurohimori)” Makuake has achieved the target amount of crowdfunding and decided to commercialize it!

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[Made by Tsubamesanjo] A solid and simple wood-chopping hatchet that pursues “beauty of use” “Kurohimori (Kurohimori)” Makuake has achieved the target amount of crowdfunding and decided to commercialize it!
As a product of its own brand “Col to Col”, CACICA, a limited company, has launched a heavy and simple product that pursues the “beauty of use” from January 12th on the crowdfunding service “Makuake”. A wood-chopping hatchet “Kurohimori” project is being held.
“Kurohimori” is made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, which has a long history of manufacturing knives, and has reliable technology. It is a “just right machete” that combines the “beauty of use”.
[Image 1:] This project achieved the target amount within an hour and a half of the start, and the domestic release was officially decided. As of January 19th (Thursday), the achievement rate has exceeded 208%, and the total amount of support is 691,584 yen. We are still accepting support until 23:59 on Sunday, February 26th.
[Development process]
There is no medium-sized “wood-splitting hatchet” that can split even thick firewood into small pieces.
In the camping scene, it is essential to prepare firewood that is easy to ignite in order to make a bonfire.
In recent years, batoning, which uses small knives and small hatchets, has become a popular way to do this. I couldn’t.
Therefore, we developed a hatchet that combines toughness,
rationality, and beauty as a tool to actively split thick firewood and hard broad-leaved trees.
[Image 2

【Major features】
1. master batoning
Exquisite blade length that does not choose the thickness of firewood [Image 3

In order to split firewood of any thickness with batoning with a single hatchet, it is necessary to have a “protrusion width” that allows the blade to hit the ridge properly when the blade bites into the head of the firewood. Therefore, we set the blade length to 146 mm.
●Tough full-tang structure
[Image 4

It has a full-tang structure cut from a single steel plate from the cutting edge to the grip end, making it extremely impact-resistant. The thickness of the steel plate is 6 mm, so it is not only sturdy, but also has the power to push firewood left and right like a hatchet. ●Two-stage blade that is resistant to chipping and easy to maintain [Image 5

Durability is more important than ease of bushcraft such as making feather sticks, so we intentionally made it a two-stage blade with an obtuse angle (30 degrees). Based on the premise that it will be used for a long time while resharpening, we used durable carbon steel and did not increase the hardness too much when quenching, making it easy to restore sharpness.
2. Swing down powerfully
A machete is also a good tool to accelerate and swing down, but it is not recommended in the actual camping scene because it is dangerous if the hand is out of order, and it is difficult to demonstrate its original ability. Therefore, I devised a structure that can properly control the hatchet.
A grip that fits comfortably in your hand (finger channel)
[Image 6

The hint was the way kendo practitioners hold their bamboo swords. By gently grasping your right hand and weakening it, you can use your arms and wrists flexibly and swing the heavy shinai quickly and accurately. In order to reproduce this mechanism with a machete, a projection “finger channel” that hooks the index finger on the grip is provided. You can grip it firmly with a light force without relying on your grip strength, and you can swing it down on the head of the firewood.
A low center of gravity design where the blade faces downward (R shape and square cross section grip)
[Image 7

Since the whole is a gentle curve, the center of gravity is lowered when you hold it, and the blade always faces downward without you being conscious of it, making it easier to hit the head of the firewood exactly where you aim.
3. “Yo-no-bi” that makes you feel better just by looking at it ●Black dyeing
[Image 8

The carbon steel SK85 used for the material is harder and sharper than the general stainless steel used for kitchen knives and knives, but it tends to rust slightly if left untreated. Therefore, we combined sandblasting and triiron tetraoxide treatment to form a matte black coating that is stronger than plating or painting.
●Delicate and beautiful wood grain wooden grip
The grip is an important part that affects the grip comfort. Also, just looking at the contrast between the black carbon steel blade and the natural wood is exciting.
Therefore, we selected a tree species that combines the beauty of the grain and the precision that is resistant to impact.
[Image 9

[Oak (peony)]
[Image 10

-Product Details-
Weight around 657g (varies depending on the material of the wooden grip) Total length 310mm (excluding protrusions)
Blade length 146mm (not including ferrule)
Sharpening Double-edged
Grip oak (peony) Bubinga
●Price (tax and shipping included)
・Kuro Himori (Black Fire Mamoru)
[Super Early Bird]: ¥33,408 [Early Bird]: ¥34,176 [Special Price]: ¥34,944 [Image 11

[About Col to Col]
“Col” is a French word that means the saddle of a mountain.
It is the starting point for alpinists to attack the summit, It is also the place where you come down after climbing.
From col to col, aiming for the next unseen peak.
Col to Col is driven by curiosity
Made by adults who want to play with nature forever,
An outdoor brand from Fukuoka.

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