MADS Package product sales for consumer goods manufacturers at TikTok and real stores

TikTok × Package product sales for consumer goods manufacturers in real stores Free tie-up with TikTok creators for drugstore signage advertisements
MADS Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Seiichiro Anahara, hereinafter MADS), which operates a digital OOH ad network business and a media monetization business, announces the launch of a TikTok x digital OOH package product.
Based on the data that digital OOH, which is retail media installed in stores such as drugstores, contributes to consumer purchases, this product is intended to increase the marketing efficiency of
manufacturers in the consumer goods field.
The number of SNS users is increasing by approximately 100,000 people per month (*1), and it has become an infrastructure for communication and information gathering.
In terms of information diffusion, companies are increasingly using TikTok as a means of marketing because it can reach an unspecified number of people other than followers just by viewing.
Against this background, we thought that it would be effective to use TikTok creators and digital OOH advertisements as a starting point for information such as product recognition, topics, and reputation, and came to the product release.
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With the start of the service, we will encourage unplanned purchases at stores, which is called “TikTok sales (* 2)”, and in addition to placing digital OOH advertisements, we will provide a tie-up menu with TikTok creators free of charge.
Free of charge will be a tie-up menu worth over 1.5 million yen by creators with a total of about 1 million followers and sampling for micro creators.
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-Product Summary-
[Used media] TikTok (utilization of creators) | Drug store signage advertisement [Fee] Total from 3 million yen (*4)
[Period] From 2 weeks
[Remarks] We can flexibly customize plans such as fees and periods according to the wishes of the advertiser.
[Deadline] Application until the end of March 2023 is eligible [Details] Material DL from below
*1.Source: 2022 ICT Research Institute Survey
*2.Phenomenon in which products introduced on TikTok sell explosively after spreading.
(Nikkei Trendy December 2021 issue “2021 Best 30 Hit Products” Featured 1st place)
*3.User Generated Contents
*4. In addition to drug store signage advertisements of 3 million yen or more, TikTok creator tie-up of 1.5 million yen or more will be provided free of charge.
■ MADS company overview
Company name: MADS Co., Ltd.
Location: Shibuya Infos Tower 13th floor, 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 1, 2013
Representative: Seiichiro Anahara, President and Representative Director Business description: Digital OOH ad network business | Digital OOH media monetization business | Marketing support business

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