Makuake support purchase project started “New revolution in oral care” The target amount was achieved in just 30 minutes!

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The target amount was achieved in just 30 minutes from the release of “New Revolution in Oral Care”!
The power of the water flow thoroughly cleans away the dirt between the teeth that is difficult to reach with just a brush!

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“Project name”
[Remove dirt between teeth] The water flosser cleans areas that cannot be reached with a toothbrush!
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Period: January 13, 2023 (Friday) to February 27, 2023 (Monday) Project URL: Are you ok?
[Image 2d60275-188-54ad7391de18b3917314-1.jpg&s3=60275-188-f84a2e987d928ebbb166c399451243b4-1230x1196.jpg
“I’m worried about food particles getting stuck between my teeth…” “I brushed too hard and didn’t damage my gums.”
“TAKUYO-Water Flosser” delivers beauty every day!
this is different
[Image 3d60275-188-f8da170bf65692b1c2ed-2.jpg&s3=60275-188-c1b296d801a4ec684512e640886e3fe9-1230x840.jpg
Let’s aim for the ideal plaque removal process with the water flosser! [Image 4d60275-188-752fb999d6341c767108-3.jpg&s3=60275-188-2fad8029a4048e757dbed719f23456ee-1230x840.jpg
[Image 5d60275-188-20545462f2cc0f947d62-4.jpg&s3=60275-188-82264dbe2d1239eebbaa64b756d9bbef-1230x840.jpg
In order to aim for healthy and beautiful teeth, please try using an oral irrigator that can remove as much plaque as possible that cannot be removed with a toothbrush.
Why is TAKUYO chosen?
[Image 6d60275-188-311c12fa880bb54577e9-6.jpg&s3=60275-188-7af342cff970bb47ee80dc7729a205dd-1230x900.jpg
Cordless, large capacity type
The large capacity tank of about 900M holds plenty of water, so it can be used for a long time and is convenient. There is no need to replenish water many times, and you can provide effective care with just one refill.
[Image 7d60275-188-e33840d69e87dd06dd3d-7.jpg&s3=60275-188-7e6db937b4ea01196a56f81d33b7596e-1230x900.jpg
Equipped with 2 cleaning modes
Equipped with two modes that allow you to choose the pattern of the water flow that can be used according to the application.
★ Standard mode (Floss): Standard water pressure, gentle cleaning for normal oral care.
★Pulse mode (Massage): Cleans the oral cavity deeper and faster with comfortable stimulation.
[Image 8d60275-188-bc015143bd609ab77a76-8.jpg&s3=60275-188-8a71e46863cfc1afb5d0646ec020baf2-1230x900.jpg
10 levels of water pressure adjustable
The strength of the water pressure can be adjusted in 10 steps, and by more finely controlling the strength of the water pressure, you can care for yourself with your favorite water pressure.
From children to adults, the water pressure can be adjusted according to their preferences, so even beginners, people with weak gums, and children can use it easily.
[Image 9d60275-188-8464808b179ff1a5291b-9.jpg&s3=60275-188-c810b0ca7e131027d5aa09a37b8a3dbe-1230x900.jpg
With 6 attachments of 5 types
It has 5 different nozzles. Replace the nozzle according to the application and care for the oral cavity.
[Image 10d60275-188-cea86247f6799c2eab28-10.jpg&s3=60275-188-2fd21089bdab0db10cc2e3f08f63a3ed-1230x840.jpg
W antibacterial design allows you to clean your mouth cleanly at any time [Image 11d60275-188-d0cda789879de7702f40-11.jpg&s3=60275-188-c139d56c40bfbdfe23434fd0da0a8c84-1230x1300.jpg
UV light with high sterilization effect is irradiated in all directions of 360 °, so you can always keep the nozzle clean. [Image 12d60275-188-bffc238586064fdd87f5-12.jpg&s3=60275-188-e8150283b39553505c0a0ba37d762cf4-1230x1349.jpg
The antibacterial cartridge suppresses the growth of bacteria in the water tank, allowing you to clean your mouth more cleanly.
Focusing on performance as well as ease of use
[Image 13d60275-188-40a212f10b0226c417c0-14.jpg&s3=60275-188-4e358b01e1c8f434585ade94d3388e65-1230x1424.jpg
USB rechargeable for use anywhere
With a built-in 2000mAh large capacity battery, it can be used in places where there is no outlet, and once fully charged, it can be used about 30 times (when used for about 2 minutes each time). [Image 14d60275-188-feda7a689e250594b7d8-13.jpg&s3=60275-188-c3c1bae69024b1713f4a11508f3387ad-1230x1035.jpg
Large LCD display
Equipped with an easy-to-read large screen LCD display, you can check the usage status such as cleaning mode, water pressure level and remaining battery power at a glance.
[Image 15d60275-188-398cac53ff23674294d4-18.jpg&s3=60275-188-d12aab9eadd537327ba5edb7d9599016-1230x837.jpg
Magnet type improves detachability
The magnetic handle that can be attached and detached easily makes it easy to operate, and it can be used quickly and easily.
[Image 16d60275-188-cd4f62b9c19964e1e6f5-19.jpg&s3=60275-188-29113c0ae7dbd134a8f0665c81ce375a-1230x838.jpg
360° rotating nozzle
With a 360-degree rotatable nozzle, you can freely direct the angle of the nozzle according to the area you want to clean, and clean your mouth thoroughly and comfortably!
attention to detail
[Image 17d60275-188-c499d2ffdfda068d495e-16.jpg&s3=60275-188-ac107603c0c98895816872ab0aea26ab-1230x1127.jpg

Smile more every day with more beautiful teeth
[Image 18d60275-188-720aadc924e0f85f827a-17.jpg&s3=60275-188-15b92d40b5205943e31e4f89fe26bc12-1230x840.jpg
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