Makuake support purchase total exceeds 1500%! Pre-order sales of the new product “NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask”, which is a power-up of Rakuten’s No. 1 popular eye mask, are available until February 15! !

Global Road Co., Ltd.
[Makuake support purchase total exceeds 1500%! ] Pre-order sales of the new product “NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask”, which is a power-up of Rakuten’s No. 1 popular eye mask, are available until February 15! ! Even warmer and more fluffy than the previous model! If you want a comfortable sleeping environment, this is it!

The sleeping guide SleepPrincess, a brand specializing in sleep items operated by Global Road Co., Ltd. (Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture), will start pre-order sales of the sleep eye mask “NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask” at Makuake from December 19, 2022. bottom.
Based on popular customer feedback, the previous model “NEYO eye sleep” has been upgraded to the latest model.
A total of 7,380 yen for a set of 2, but for the first 200 people, we are accepting pre-orders for 6,200 yen (including tax and shipping) with a 15% discount on Makuake!
Don’t miss this opportunity to save 1,180 yen.
[Image 1

The NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask, designed by sleep professionals, is even more powerful than its predecessor, based on feedback from our customers!
Makuake project page is here
As of January 25, 2023, there are over 260 supporters!
And the target amount is also significantly higher than 1500%. Thank you to everyone who purchased and supported us.
“I want to be particular about the material because it touches the skin.” This is one of the reasons why this eye mask is supported.
If you go to “NEYO”, you can find high-quality eye masks!
The more you wear an eye mask, the more comfortable you will feel. Makuake is accepting support purchases until February 15, 2023, so please try it.
Makuake project page is here

■Power-up points from the previous model
[Image 2

[Point 1: Photoelectron recovery from fatigue]
Adopts Kodenshi fiber that is kneaded with ceramics that promotes heat retention.
“What is photoelectron?”
Kodenshi has a “warming function” and a “conditioning function”. [Image 3

The greatest feature of Kodenshi is the natural warmth generated by your own body temperature.
A virtuous cycle is created in which body heat is absorbed,
photoelectrons absorb it, and heat energy is radiated.
In addition, photoelectron has three effects: relaxation effect, reduction and recovery from fatigue, and improvement of sleep quality. Far-infrared and radiant effects gradually warm your eyes, and you can expect a fatigue effect on your whole body while relaxing your eye muscles!
[Point 2: Fluffy material that is gentle on the skin]
Uses high-quality fabric that feels gentle on the skin so you don’t have to worry about it while you sleep.
You can expect to have a comfortable sleep with a sense of security that wraps around your ears and enhances the relaxing effect. [Point 3: A sense of security that is completely wrapped up to the ears] [Image 4

From the previous model, the “comfort of being wrapped” has become addictive, and there are many voices saying that they can’t let go anymore.
People with sensitive skin don’t like having eye mask straps on their ears or quality labels touching their skin.
The NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask, which has never existed before, takes into consideration such discomfort and is devised to gently wrap up to the ears.
You can also ask for a good sleep consultation on LINE
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“Sleep therapist MISA’s sound sleep consultation”, which has supported more than 10,000 sleep refugees, is now available on the official LINE “Sleep guide”!
Click here to register as a friend of the official LINE “Sleeping Guide”
It is said that the working-age Japanese sleep time is now the shortest in the world.
・Are you getting enough sleep?
・Can’t get rid of sleep deprivation
・Fatigue does not go away even after sleeping
Sleep therapist MISA, who has solved sleep problems for more than 10,000 people, offers comfortable sleep consultations on LINE. Our sleep specialists are here to help you find the sleep that’s right for you. Makuake offers [Super Early Discount] “Relaxation Good Sleep Set 3 Types” + “Good Sleep Counseling”, so please take advantage of this opportunity.
Makuake project page is here
Distributing useful sleep information
[Image 6d113451-2-052b3b743ad75f008130-5.jpg&s3=113451-2-796b6c3e4fc84ce23fd74bb17c5477b2-717x657.jpg
“Sleep Guide SleepPrincess” is now distributing useful sleep information for users, such as sleep methods, sleep massage, and sleep recipes, on Instagram and YouTube!
Here are some tips and tricks to improve your sleep quality. We will continue to deliver good sleep information so that you can sleep well every day and spend every day lively.
Official Instagram: sleeper_misa
Official YouTube: Sleep Guide “Let’s Sleep Channel”
Product Summary
[Image 7d113451-2-573db6b4da3b33a58478-6.jpg&s3=113451-2-6598015f41705cf871e0ff634b09ccf0-717x727.jpg
Product Name: NEYO Conditioning Eye Mask
Dimensions: Width about 73cm
Country of manufacture: China
Country of development: Japan
Sales company: Global Road Co., Ltd.
About “SleepPrincess”
[Image 8d113451-2-c9b53be0e3994c3dacd2-7.jpg&s3=113451-2-1e17856f7630987db73a5f2b898dbd57-717x676.jpg
“Sleep well and have a happy day!”
We continue to carry out activities that bring smiles to everyone’s faces through “good sleep” and allow them to live each day more radiantly, both physically and mentally.
Global Road Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Global Road Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shinji Kajikawa
Location: 16-5-B101 Jogaoka, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture Established: September 2, 2015
Capital: 3 million yen
Business: Development of sleep-related products, EC site management and product sales
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