Malibu Farm Zushi Marina A lunch buffet for dogs will be held on 1/21! Enjoy your meal to your heart’s content with your dog! At night, you can enjoy your meal while listening to the DJ’s performance while being soothed by the candles floating in t

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[Malibu Farm Zushi Marina] A lunch buffet for dogs will be held on 1/21! Enjoy your meal to your heart’s content with your dog! At night, you can enjoy your meal while listening to the DJ’s performance while being soothed by the candles floating in the basin.
Have an elegant time for lunch and dinner in a safe open-air space. The popular winter-only Kamakura Terrace is also being held at the same time.

Restaurant “Malibu Farm Zushi Marina” (hereinafter “Malibu Farm”), which landed in Japan for the first time in 2020 at “Riviera Zushi Marina” operated by Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Group headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Akio Kobayashi, hereinafter “Riviera”). ” will hold “Wagon service for Doggy (hereinafter referred to as Wagon Buffet for Dogs)” only on January 21st for those who value the time they spend with their dog.
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Riviera Zushi Marina, which is widely recognized as a place for dog lovers to spend their time in luxury, will serve dog meals at the wagon buffet at Malibu Farm only during lunch time on January 21. In addition, on the same night, “DJ & Candle Farm” will be held, where you can enjoy a relaxing meal while surrendering yourself to the monthly DJ performance in a fantastic atmosphere with candles floating on the basin.
At Malibu Farm, the winter-only glamping restaurant “MALIBU FARM Kamakura Terrace” (hereinafter referred to as “Kamakura Terrace”), which is fully heated and can be enjoyed in a private room, is being held. We are receiving The wagon buffet on January 21st can also be enjoyed at Kamakura Terrace.
■ Background
At “Malibu Farm”, which opened as the first restaurant in Japan two years ago at the adult marina resort “Riviera Zushi Marina”, we have aimed to create a comfortable store as a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal with your dog, which is a member of the family. Today, that thought has reached everyone, and it is crowded with customers with their dogs every day, as they can bring their dogs with peace of mind. With the spread of COVID-19, more and more families are welcoming pets into their families, and now that restrictions on movement have been lifted, people are sometimes worried about where to go and where to eat. The event was held with the hope that many people would spend their lunch time and outings with their dogs meaningfully. Event overview
Official name: Wagon service for Doggy
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023
Hours: 11:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
Price: 1,500 yen (tax included) / one pet dog
Reservation: or 0467-23-0087

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■ Example of buffet menu for DOG
・Oyama chicken breast boiled
・Boiled yellowtail from Kagoshima
・Roasted Norwegian mackerel
・Boiled Miura cabbage
・Steamed sweet potatoes from our own garden
・Boiled Miura broccoli
・Boiled cauliflower, a Riviera circulation vegetable
・Various fresh fruits
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■ DJ & Candle Far
We will provide a special space with candles floating on the water basin at night for the monthly event where you can enjoy your meal while surrendering yourself to the soothing beat of the DJ
performance. Kamakura Terrace, which is popular every year, is also recommended to spend a private time in a warm luxury tent even in winter. We also produce a festive space with balloons that are perfect for anniversaries such as birthdays and anniversaries. Please spend a dinner that you can enjoy with your five senses with your loved ones. ■ What are Riviera circulation vegetables?
At Riviera, we have adopted a “recycling farming method” in which vegetable scraps from restaurants are temporarily treated at the composting station in the Riviera Zushi Marina, and then used as compost in our own vegetable gardens and local contracted farmers, and the harvested vegetables are reused. increase. The finished “Riviera circulation vegetables” are reborn as delicious dishes by the hands of the chef.
《About Malibu Farm Zushi Marina》
Based on the concept of “FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL”, the restaurant, which is very popular with overseas celebrities, landed in Japan for the first time in “Riviera Zushi Marina” in March 2020. The dishes provided by the owner-chef Helen Henderson have a reputation for being delicious and good for the body, and the four stores in the United States have long lines.
At “Malibu Farm Zushi Marina”, in addition to local popular menus, we also offer Japanese-only menus using fresh local Shonan vegetables and seafood from Sagami Bay. With a sash that can be fully opened, the terrace seats and the interior are integrated into one. In addition to about 50 indoor seats, the terrace has about 80 seats with a large water basin that looks like it is connected to the sea of ​​the marina. You can use it according to the situation, such as water terrace seats and fire terrace seats surrounding the fireplace. With plenty of terrace seating, this restaurant is ideal for dining with pets.
Store name: Malibu Farm Zushi Marina
Location: 5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Inside the Riviera Zushi Marina
TEL: 0467-23-0087
Business hours: Lunch/11:00-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
    Afternoon tea/14:30-16:00 (L.O.14:30)
     Dinner/16:30-20:30 (L.O.19:30)
No regular holiday
Official website:
Official Instagram: [Image 4d49154-169-58624e1e5c0c5fcf2eeb-5.jpg&s3=49154-169-2f7f64ac13354050fc4fca99ed789576-980x606.jpg
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《About Riviera Zushi Marina》
Established in 1971 as one of Japan’s leading marinas, it was acquired by the Riviera Group in 2001 and has been developed as an “adult marina resort” in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. “Riviera Zushi Marina” is a short distance of about 60 minutes from the city center, with about 900 palm trees and a marina where luxury cruiser yachts are moored, reminiscent of an overseas resort. Mt.Fuji can be seen over there, and it is also famous as a filming location for movies. On the site of 50,000 tsubo, there are facilities such as a yacht harbor, hotel, restaurants (2 stores), event venues, banquet halls, resort apartments (1,266 units in 9 buildings), tennis courts (4), and shops. In 2020, the 11-room small luxury hotel “Malibu Hotel” and the first Japanese restaurant “Malibu Farm” will open. Furthermore, in 2022, the near-future design trailer hotel & ocean sauna “SPACE KEY POINT” will open for the first time in Japan, continuing to evolve as a marina resort.
Riviera started environmental conservation activities in 2001 when it started the marina business. In 2006, we compiled them and launched the “Riviera Future Creation Project”, and all employees have been focusing on sustainability. At the Riviera Zushi Marina, we are working on urban development as a “Sustainability Town / Riviera Zushi Marina” and promoting SDGs through various activities such as recycling farming methods that achieve zero waste and a significant reduction in CO2 and the use of renewable energy.
Official website:
Official Instagram: [Image 6d49154-169-5282de304ffb91e0c569-3.jpg&s3=49154-169-fbd2b07beab306339bf68da2a377f881-980x606.jpg
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