Manga x AI Released Japan’s first full-fledged generated AI manga “Nohoho Kitchen”

Manga Tuber Studio Co., Ltd.
[Manga x AI] Released Japan’s first full-fledged generated AI manga “Nohoho Kitchen”
Released the second generated AI manga

3DCG manga production company Manga Tuber Studio Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Shosuke Otsubo) has released Japan’s first
full-fledged original AI manga “Nohoho Kitchen” that utilizes generative AI as part of a manga production tool.
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* Excerpt from the manga “Nohoho Kitchen”

What is Nohoho Kitchen?
“Nohoho Kitchen” is the story of a kingdom where broken and abandoned kitchen animals live.
While the goal is to return to the human world after accumulating 1 million gold, some of the kitchen animals are enjoying their lives in the kingdom.

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[Image 3d47243-2-d63ea232a6258db28ef6-3.jpg&s3=47243-2-398b3adf7166341902409fb82177987b-842x532.jpg
The manga “Nohoho Kitchen” is Japan’s first full-fledged original AI manga that utilizes generative AI as part of the manga production tool. Advanced technology and methods are one step ahead of the manga production environment of the near future.
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About Manga Tuber Studio
Manga Tuber Studio Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 as a manga production company specializing in 3DCG drawing. From 2021, we will start researching methods for drawing images with AI and content production in earnest.
[Image 4d47243-2-c90cb58013fa3ac5e492-4.jpg&s3=47243-2-7f305a3d529a20ccc50d14bae963cd2f-1000x812.jpg
* Excerpt from the vertical screen manga “Nose hair genius”
In May 2022, we will release the first manga work in Japan, “Nose hair genius”, which partially utilizes generative AI images.
“Nose hair genius” won the Manga Senka Award at the 1st Cork Studio “Vertical Screen Manga Award” announced last month, and has been highly evaluated for its manga production ability.
*Nose hair genius

About future development
The business domain of our studio is expressed as “Manga x AI” in an easy-to-understand manner, but in other words, it can be expressed as “Story content x Generation AI”. We plan to release multiple generative AI-related services in the near future.
[Image 5d47243-2-ff05131374ef0cca4882-5.jpg&s3=47243-2-9c2a1db34c7e331dd738db32cd9772e5-1200x1518.jpg
* Excerpt from 3DCG x generated AI under research and development We are working on AI image generation at the earliest stage in Japan in 2021, so at the moment we have overwhelming knowledge and technical capabilities.
However, in the generative AI industry, which is progressing at a different speed, there is a risk of losing its position in an instant. It seems that many businesses will continue to compete in the field of “generative AI × XX” for the next few years, but if it is a layer of story content, Japanese companies can compete globally. I believe it is an area.
In order to prevent the service from becoming obsolete in an instant with the advent of one new technology, we have the top achievements in the business field of “Story Content x Generation AI” with a view to 3, 5, and 10 years from now. We will continue to develop our business so that we can become a presence with

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