Marie Quant Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Products produced by the official ambassador will be on sale from January 18 (Wednesday)! A total of 8 products packed with attention to detail from the user’s point of view

Mary Quant Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Official ambassador-produced products will be on sale from January 18 (Wednesday)! A total of 8 products packed with attention to detail from the user’s point of view
Trendy items such as T-shirts, mini totes, earrings, key cases, and belts
Marie Quant Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaharu Sue) will launch products produced by Marie Quant official ambassadors from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) at Mary Quant domestic stores and official online shops. We started selling sequentially.
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A product produced by Mary Quant and the official ambassadors that are full of charm!
Mary Quant was a driving force in British street culture and made fashion accessible to everyone. Products produced by Mary Quant Official Ambassador will be on sale from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). This product incorporates the ambassador’s attention to detail and trends, based on the daisy that symbolizes the brand and a retro pop atmosphere. In addition, from the perspective of an official ambassador who loves Marie Quant items, we have prepared items that are easy to use daily, such as “T-shirts” with a particular size and “2WAY mini tote” with a logo plate.
For those who have always used it, the new Marie Quant, which has been produced by the official ambassador, is a product that is easy to pick up even for those who have not tried it yet.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the products produced by Mary Quant Official Ambassador at stores and online shops.

Mary Quant Ambassador Produce Product Information
A mini-sized T-shirt with a photo print by Marie Quant, a fashion designer who led street culture in the 60’s. Around the photo print is the ambassador’s message – Do what you love. Love what you do. Anything is possible. .
[Image 2d52030-61-d022a00e43e532aaba47-14.png&s3=52030-61-2d9fcb91d4d39189b5410ca889ada6b9-1820x950.png

¥6,380 each (body price ¥5,800)

A mini tote with a logo plate on the front pocket and a black line. I made it in the recommended color of each of the three ambassadors. Comes with a shoulder belt that can be adjusted in 5 stages and removed. How about changing the atmosphere completely with a mini tote in a pop color as a fashion focal point?
[Image 3d52030-61-1a0ae02b7f7d81d24091-15.png&s3=52030-61-99273ab370ec17799f6b885c55322a70-2238x1011.png

・2WAY mini tote
¥ 12,100 each (body price ¥ 11,000)

Earrings with an impressive daisy that sparkles with large glitter and gorgeously swaying pearls. I made earrings so that even those who do not have pierced earrings can use it. Great for a wide range of occasions, from office casual to parties.
[Image 4d52030-61-7c09305c75da5517ea5d-16.png&s3=52030-61-e4050631bf996f99f4bf87ca2c3bb8d2-2037x1094.png

¥3,300 each (Body price ¥3,000)

A smartly designed key case with an eye-catching corrugated flap. We paid particular attention to the thickness of the material, realizing a feeling when held and a compact size that is not bulky. It is a must-have item that can be used by people of all ages, from students to adults.
[Image 5d52030-61-0f9b2ec6b94c8fa1576c-18.png&s3=52030-61-6340fce31ca81037fe287c9504e1dbe8-2032x1190.png

·key case
¥7,480 each (body price ¥6,800)

A belt featuring a bold and heavy design with a logo buckle. The buckle logo with a strong presence is a design that has been tried and errored many times.
[Image 6d52030-61-393cf614f2eab2315093-17.png&s3=52030-61-4d2dac25a25fe46846f351aa865a1087-2659x1363.png

¥9,900 each (main unit price ¥9,000)

Introducing Mary Quant Official Ambassadors
She is an official ambassador of Mary Quant who spreads the charm of Mary Quant’s cosmetics and fashion while having fun “freely and in her own way”. In addition to introducing various items, it also appears at events!
[Image 7d52030-61-fa820c2b78f171a82389-12.png&s3=52030-61-07e170a92077854238776fa5711a269f-1080x1080.png
from left
Hina Nakamura
professional student
Rio Adachi
university student
Ayaka Yamamoto
university student
About Mary Quant Cosmetics
[Image 8d52030-61-151c9bc92e3224e25ea1-13.png&s3=52030-61-2d6ba48d6ffa29ab074112749b477a46-697x174.png
“Freedom to be yourself” – Marie Quant, a fashion creator who released miniskirts in the 1950s and created a cultural movement called “Swinging London”. MARY QUANT items are filled with the desire to express yourself as you are and shine. MARY QUANT’s wish is for you to feel the joy of creating a “look” with colorful cosmetics, skincare that beautifies your skin, and exciting fashion items.
Company Profile
Company name: Mary Quant Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Shoji Sue
Head office location: Aoyama Taiyo Building, 1-7-6 Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8336
Business description: Manufacture, sale and export of cosmetics and fashion goods
Official website:
Official EC site:
Official Instagram: Official Twitter:
Official LINE:

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