Marimekko From Marimekko Kioski, a new item appears in the casual bag series Funny Bag

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[Marimekko] From Marimekko Kioski, a new item appears in the casual bag series Funny Bag

Marimekko, a Finnish design house run by Look Co., Ltd., has released a new casual bag series Funny Bag from Marimekko Kioski, which develops playful basic items. Sold sequentially from January 20, 2023 (Friday) at Marimekko stores nationwide (some stores excluded) and each online store.

[Image 1d95084-159-ddd2ae8a9486497d0ecc-0.jpg&s3=95084-159-471b909430260848369818366bb816b4-2160x1350.jpg
A new product appears in Kioski’s popular fanny bag series. The bag body is a series of bags that are very lightweight and convenient to carry.
This time, a new design featuring Maija Isola’s “Unikko” and Annika Rimala’s “Laine” is printed. Unikko is printed on the flap with boldly sewn “Kioski Marimekko” logo print. All of these flaps are made of canvas leftover from the past, and the flaps are sewn easily with a sewing machine.
There are four types of items, including new models. The 2-way tote bag with handles of different lengths is convenient for small shopping. The 2-way backpack with handle is thin and easy to carry. [Image 2d95084-159-c57e64cd0a835ea19a5a-3.jpg&s3=95084-159-d50ba3b1e90f9c4b4a175a3d7eb37c2e-2160x1350.jpg
2-way tote bag ¥20,900
[Image 3d95084-159-f390db01dd8f637440d0-1.jpg&s3=95084-159-843330e0174dd9f8ed034b60e737a588-2160x1350.jpg
2-way backpack 24,200 yen
A shoulder bag with an adjustable strap for compact storage. The new bottle bag has an adjustable strap and can store a 500ml Marimekko Logo bottle, making it convenient to carry outdoors.
[Image 4d95084-159-7ae68d7b8285b0a3605e-2.jpg&s3=95084-159-d09e379c6b8eae55773133b8042f0161-2160x1350.jpg
Shoulder bag 14,300 yen
[Image 5d95084-159-657b4bbc87f7ae2f4f3b-4.jpg&s3=95084-159-2e6dbf59f102951f3b0c81c2d3ac671b-2160x1350.jpg
Bottle bag ¥9,900


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