Marui Textile Co., Ltd. You can create only one original goods in the world using stamps drawn by Aoi Matsuyama, a popular idol who is active in multiple fields such as songwriting and songwriting!

Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
You can create only one original goods in the world using stamps drawn by Aoi Matsuyama, a popular idol known as “Creative Song Sister” who is active in multiple fields such as songwriting!
[Creative Goods Shop at Aoi Matsuyama]

The original T-shirt creation service “Up-T” operated by Marui Textile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture, President: Yoshio Miyamoto) is an idol Aoi Matsuyama belonging to Earths Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tetsuya Kumamoto). From January 15, 2023, we will be holding a sales project for original goods using stamps designed by Mr.

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■Original goods just for you with a design drawn by Aoi Matsuyama Up-T’s collaboration shop with Aoi Matsuyama, also known as “Creative Uta no Sister”, has opened♪ You can make original goods using designs drawn by Aoi Matsuyama. You can freely customize the size, angle, placement, etc., so wear only one goods in the world and participate in the live!
Special site:
■ Purchaser gift
From those who purchased a total of 7 items or more,
Signed bib present by lottery!
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■ List of stamps
[Image 3

■ Personal design
We also have T-shirts designed by Aoi Matsuyama herself using stamps. You can purchase this design T-shirt as it is or arrange it a little. [Image 4

[Image 5

Aoi Matsuyama
[Image 6

“Creative Song Onee-san”
My dream is world training!
I want to deliver energy, smiles and excitement to many people, regardless of age or gender. Overall good at making. In addition to writing lyrics and composing, I also create costumes and goods. Date of birth: 1993.10.10
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Height: 156cm
Hobbies & Special Skills: You can also listen to general making ■ Item introduction
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■What is Up-T?
Based on the concept of “everyone is different, the world is fun”, an on-demand service for creating original goods with more than 1,500 items such as T-shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases, nails, and banners. It is an epoch-making service that realizes high quality and short delivery (delivery in as little as 3 days) by a long-established manufacturer that has been in business for over 80 years, and can be sold in the market without having inventory.
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[Product information]
Items handled: T-shirts, smartphone cases, stationery, banners, etc. (2 items added every month!)
Price: From 1,100 yen (tax included) per T-shirt *Printing fee included, discount applied for 100 or more
■Company profile
Company name: Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
Location: 15 Kunokiibe, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: Yoshio Miyamoto, President and Representative Director Established: 1956
Business: Manufacture and sale of various textiles, sales and planning and production using web services

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