Mash Holdings Co., Ltd. “gelato pique” online limited kids collection admission goods are now available!

Mash Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kindergarten admission goods are now available in the online limited kids collection of “gelato pique”!
A lineup of 3 popular series of animal, strawberry, and dinosaur that can be selected according to your child’s taste.

The room wear brand “gelato pique” operated by Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President Hiroyuki Kondo) can be used for kindergarten, school, and lessons from January 18 (Wednesday). The kids collection will be on sale at Gelato Pique official online store and EC department store “USAGI ONLINE”. [Image 1

A kids’ collection perfect for this time of year when spring is approaching and you want to start preparing for kindergarten and school entrance.
Tablet PC cases and lunch cloths are new items.
Product introduction
-Lesson bag-
[Image 2

A tote bag made of soft quilted fabric that can securely store notebooks, pencil cases, and a change of clothes.
An embroidered logo is one point. The bottom is a dark color, making dirt less noticeable.
■ Product details
Lesson bag ¥4,290
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H32cm x W42cm x D5cm
-Moving pocket-
[Image 3

The mini pouch that holds tissues and handkerchiefs is spacious enough to fit a security buzzer.
It can be used in 2 ways with a strap that can be adjusted in length and a clip that can be clipped to the waist.
■ Product details
Moving pocket ¥3,080
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H12cm x W13.5cm x D2.5cm
-Tablet PC case-
[Image 4

Tablets and PCs that are worried about damage or screen cracks can be securely protected by putting them in a special case with a handle. It is a specification that contains a cushioned core, so it is safe to carry. It is 11.6 inches in size and can be stored in a school bag. ■ Product details
Tablet PC case ¥4,620
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H32.5cm x W23.5cm x D3cm
-Pouch series-
[Image 5

Drawstring purses, which are indispensable for organizing children’s luggage, are available in three sizes that can be selected according to the belongings and purposes.
It is also recommended to use it in combination with other items and colors. [Image 6

The S size is perfect for cups, lunch cloths, and toothbrush holders. ■ Product details
Purse S ¥ 1,540
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H19cm x W12cm x D8cm
[Image 7

The M size can also store cutlery and a two-tiered lunch box. ■ Product details
Purse M ¥1,980
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H20cm x W19.5cm x D12cm
[Image 8

The loose L size is best for changing clothes and storing gym clothes. ■ Product details
Drawstring bag L ¥2,750
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H38cm x W32.5cm
-Lunch cloth-
[Image 9

A set of 2 pieces with a full pattern and a plain pattern with embroidered motifs.
Not only can it be used as a lunch cloth, but it can also be used for a wide range of occasions, such as wrapping lunch boxes or using it as a triangular bandage.
■ Product details
Lunch cloth ¥1,760
Color: cream/pink/mint
Size: H45cm x W45cm
-Shoe bag-
[Image 10 ・USAGI ONLINE (
[About gelato pique]
Debuted in the fall of 2008 from Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd.
The concept is “adult dessert”. We offer room wear that focuses on the texture and functionality of textiles, while coloring and design that emphasizes originality.
In the fall of 2018, we will open a street store in New York. It is a global brand that is loved by many people both in Japan and overseas. ≪Official SNS≫
Instagram: @gelatopique_official @gelatopique_kids_baby

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