Massigra Okinawa Times Co., Ltd. A great membership campaign has started at howlive, the largest resort-type shared office and co-working space in Okinawa!

Massigra Okinawa Times Co., Ltd.
Okinawa’s largest resort-style shared office/co-working space howlive has started a great membership campaign!
We provide strong support for companies expanding into Okinawa, starting businesses, and opening resort satellite offices.

Massigura Okinawa Times Co., Ltd. (Naha City, President: Tomokazu Kaneko) will start a “Spring Enrollment Campaign” where one month’s monthly usage fee for the resort-style coworking space howlive will be free.
howlive is Okinawa’s largest resort-type co-working space, with 5 stores in good locations in Okinawa such as Naha, Nago, and
Miyakojima. Advanced office design know-how in locations with a resort feel that is typical of Okinawa, such as the “Times Building Store”, which is close to Kokusai Street and is full of tourism and business vigor, the resort island “Miyakojima Store”, and the “Yomitan Zanpamisaki Store” on the beachfront on the west coast of the main island. We are developing a flexible office that introduces
The target plans are desk plan: 22,000 to 38,500 yen, cloud plan: 55,000 yen, virtual (corporate registration) plan: 11,000 to 22,000 yen (both monthly and tax included). If you join during the campaign period, one month’s monthly usage fee will be free.
Corporate registration is also possible at 4 stores except howlive AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom store. It can be used for business expansion, branch office opening, entrepreneurship and founding in Okinawa, which is full of energy due to the recovery of tourism from the corona wreck.
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Campaign overview
Campaign period: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 to Friday, March 31, 2023 Target stores: howlive Times Building store, howlive Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom store, howlive Yomitan Zanpamisaki store, howlive Nagomiyazato store, howlive Miyakojima store
Target plans: Desk plan *1 (22,000-38,500 yen), Cloud plan (55,000 yen) *2, Virtual (corporate registration) plan (11,000-22,000 yen) *3 *Both monthly and tax included
*1 This plan allows unlimited use of the coworking area and lounge of the contracted store.
*2 This plan allows unlimited use of coworking areas and lounges at all howlive stores.
*3 In addition to corporate registration, this plan allows you to use the co-working areas and lounges of all stores up to three times a month.
Free ancillary services: Co-working (common) area, online meeting booth, lounge, drink service, Wifi, rental equipment (monitor, various charging cables, keyboard), parking lot (depending on the store)

Store introduction
[Image 2d56405-11-77500b451f032e88397c-8.jpg&s3=56405-11-fba785d06750821fbb592ac8f74bff05-1808x944.jpg
howlive Times Building store (Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) Facilities: 9 private rooms, 20 coworking desk seats, 40 lounge seats, 4 online meeting booths
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00 (Residents can use it 24 hours a day) Access: Immediate monorail Kenchomae Station
[Image 3d56405-11-689b5923abd5503a1f22-9.jpg&s3=56405-11-13282e22ea504cdd75dfd25191d5143f-1816x942.jpg
howlive AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom store
Facilities: 2 private rooms, 40 coworking desks, 20 lounge seats, 4 online conference booths, 1 meeting room, free parking
Business hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-21:00
Access: About 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport, about 4 km from Okinawa Expressway Kitanakagusuku IC, about 3 km from Okinawa Minami IC
[Image 4d56405-11-7d0c5c5d7637acba0daf-10.jpg&s3=56405-11-a8fe4d84be3c40107b219e8b4286c1a8-1814x938.jpg
howlive Yomitan Zanpamisaki store (Yomitan Village, Chugashira District, Okinawa Prefecture)
Facilities: 2 private rooms, 50 coworking desk seats, 20 lounge seats, 10 tent room seats, 3 online meeting booths, free parking lot Business hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-18:00
Access: Approximately 1 hour (50km) by highway from Naha Airport, approximately 15 minutes by car from the Iramina intersection on Route 58

[Image 5d56405-11-046aad97f8451e025ff5-11.jpg&s3=56405-11-20380895dd8fcb567c3e62fabff1f3e6-1811x941.jpg
howlive Miyakojima store (Nishisato Hirara, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture) Facilities: 10 private rooms, 20 lounge seats, 3 online meeting booths, 2 meeting rooms
Business hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-18:00 (Residents can use it 24 hours a day) Access: 13 minutes by car from Miyako Airport (6 km), 25 minutes by car from Shimojishima Airport (16 km)
[Image 6d56405-11-800c1e977c5812aaf1bf-12.jpg&s3=56405-11-ccf59cd767fc440f1c59ef5351cea6c7-1813x942.jpg

howlive Nago Miyazato store (Miyazato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture) Facilities: 3 private rooms, 40 seats in the lounge, 3 online meeting booths, 2 meeting rooms, free parking
Business hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-21:00
Access: About 1 hour and 20 minutes by highway from Naha Airport (about 80 km), 10 minutes by car from Okinawa Expressway Kyoda Interchange
About howlive
[Image 7d56405-11-5c9f8d79b39fdbccad23-0.jpg&s3=56405-11-fee609d4486904b39fa6284eb1f1789f-3900x2603.jpg
howlive is a resort-style shared office/co-working space in 5 locations in Okinawa Prefecture. A high IT security environment and high productivity are realized in a location where you can fully feel the diverse charms of Okinawa, where economic growth is expected, such as Naha City, which is full of business and tourism, resort island Miyakojima, and main island west coast beach front Yomitan Village. It is characterized by an office space that can be used, and it is widely used by people inside and outside the prefecture as a workation facility as well as a shared office.
At howlive, in addition to supporting business expansion and business establishment in Okinawa, an attractive market, we aim to have business people all over Japan experience remote work and workation.

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